Wallace Chung’s “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” TV Drama to Air in December

After the unexpected ratings success of last year’s The Magic Blade <天涯明月刀>, production company Huace Media aims to recapitalize on the wuxia craze with their drama adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils <天龍八部>. Starring Wallace Chung (鍾漢良), Demi-Gods and Semi Devils will air on Hunan Satellite TV in December and on Zhejiang Satellite TV in January.

Since Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is based on one of writer Jin Yong’s (金庸) most critically acclaimed novels, much care was taken to ensure that the drama was as faithful to the original work as possible. Director Samson Lai (賴水清), who has helmed four Jin Yong television adaptations to date, including two versions of Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber <倚天屠龍記>, assured viewers that his team would respect the original work, though there would be some changes for the sake of younger audiences, such as the integration of magical, more fantastical elements.

According to Zhao Yifang (趙依芳), Huace Media’s general manager, every generation has a different way of looking at Jin Yong’s wuxia tales. “The ‘new world of wuxia’ is meant to create works based on the creative thinking and aesthetic tastes of those born after 1990,” she said. “Huace’s version of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is intended to develop a new classic for this new age.”

At the drama’s forefront is Wallace Chung, who stars as Qiao Feng, the head of the Beggar Sect. For this role, Wallace was forced to become tanner and grow out a beard, but his dedication has won over netizens who initially thought he was too good-looking for the part.

Although he feels he and his character are completely different, both in terms of looks and personality, Wallace welcomed the challenge and even stated that his version of Qiao Feng is closer to the character in the original novel. However, he acknowledged that everyone will view Qiao Feng differently, so his goal is to express his interpretation to the best of his abilities.

“Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” Extended Trailer

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Source: Sohu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com

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  1. I am so tired of remakes. I winder if a China will ever ban JY adaptions?

  2. He calls this “classic” I call it “cheesy” production. It’s all about the popularity of the actors to attract viewers’attention. That’s why they invited Kim Ki Bum to take role of Duan Yu.

  3. im not against remakes but couldnt they do a better casting? come on kim bun totaly destroy the image of dun yu,he looks like a joker,and i would prefer wallace huo above wallace chung as kiu fung,because he looks much cooler and tougher.

    1. I personally thnk Wallace Chung is a better choice for Qiao Feng than Wallace Huo. I like both of them but do not feel that Wallace Huo has the type of look for Qiao Feng, Wallace Chung is more suitable in my opinion.

      Kim Qi Bun is not a bad choice for Duan Yu but maybe many are bias against him because he us not Chinese? I wonder what they think of Han Dong as Xu Zhu then?

      1. to me the only reason why wallace chung is a better choice than wallace huo is that he has more that beggar feel,hihi and kim bung i didnt even know he isnt a chinese,hang dong and xu zhu?sorry but im not so familiar with mainland actors.the best dun yu i have seen is kent tong.

      2. I thought you said you liked Walkace Huo as Qiao Feng more? Kim QiBun is Korean. Some said Han Dong is too handsome to play Xu Zhu but I think he can pull it off. If you saw Bu Bu Jing Xin, Han Dong played the 9th prince.

      3. I also think Kent is the best Duan Yu. I still feel the 80s version has the best cast, although they changed the storyline towards the end.

      4. Look like I’m the only one who can’t feel for Kent Tong as Duan Yu. But the worst version in my opinion was the one with Eddie Kwan as Duan Yu.

      5. Oh gosh that version of Tian Long Ba Bu was terrible. I wonder if you can even call that an adaption. The only thing I liked about that version was the theme song and that was it.

      6. Its only impression in me was Duan Yu’s see-through yellow coat. I laughed so hard at it.

      7. Didn’t read the book. So, don’t know which actor played Duan Yu closest to the book. But, base on series alone, I like Benny Chan’s Duan Yu best.

      8. Same here. Although Benny Chan isn’t really close to the look of the character (a handsome nerdy wangzi) but I can feel that he acted out the character. He made me believe he is Duan Yu. As for Qiao Feng’s case, the best actor for that role is Hu Zun although I don’t really like that version.

      9. Same here. Although Benny Chan isn’t really close to the look of the character (a handsome nerdy wang zi) but I can feel that he acted out the character. He made me believe he is Duan Yu. As for Qiao Feng’s case, the best actor for that role is H u Z u n although I don’t really like that version.

      10. My mom and brothers read the novel and they like Kent Tong the most. They thought Benny made Duan Yu too funny.

    2. Wallace Huo would make a great Mu Rong Fu though! He has that classic elegant gentlemen feel to his ancient look he looked pretty hot as the rough-shaven Li Ge Xiao. I really don’t know what to think of Wallace Chung as Qiao Feng. I like his acting and his looks are fine. He doesn’t look weak or flimsy yet he does not look dominating Khitan either. I am not happy with it yet I can’t say what is really stopping me from liking him as my fav male character in the JY wuxia universe. I really want to se an ep to see how he fares.

      1. Oh yea, Wallace Huo would make a good Mu Rong Fu. Too bad he is not in this adaption.

      2. @Charbydis

        You are right. Wallace Huo would make a great Murong Fu with his gentleman look. Too bad they didn’t cast him. Wallace against Wallace. 😀

  4. It does like a decent adaptation (cant say the same for the other Condor Heroes remake!)
    I do think Duan Yu is not good looking enough and omg Wallace Chung as Qiao Feng is just wrong. He’s nowhere near manly enough. Just getting a tan and growing a beard is barely going to help ><

    1. I think Kim Ki Bun is good looking enough, but many seem to bias against him because he is not Chinese. I do not think Benny Chan was that great looking either but he was fine as Duan Yu.

      In regards to Qiao Feng,well many thought way towards Felix Wong too. But in the end, many loved him as Qiao Feng. Wallace may surprise us all, who knows?

      1. I can’t believe anyone ever doubted Felix Wong as any character.

      2. My mom and family members love Felix as an actor but were a bit doubtful of him being Qiao Feng at first too until she finally gave it a chance. Then my mom saw that Felux was good as Qiao Feng as well. Since we all saw him as Xu Zhu before we did not think he can be suitable as Qiao Feng. But with his beard and the costume and all, we were all convinced that he was Qiao Feng.

  5. How come no one focus on Wang Yue Yin. One of the famous beautiful and elegant JY’s novel female character. Do you think this one could top Carmen or Crystal?

    1. Maybe because the actress that plays Wang Yu Yan is not famous?

      1. Zhang Meng has a fairly good popularity. She is a very pretty girl however her outfits and makeup are terrible in this version (not any better on Ki Bum) and it made her down.

        For acting, I think highly or Zhang Meng than Crystal but no doubt that Crystal is pretty – the angelic prettiness.

      2. Oh Zhang Meng plays her. I nearly forgot who played WYY. Yea, Zhang Meng is pretty popular.

  6. The worst thing of this series is the outfits. Too colorful. Well, other than Zhang Meng I’m not particularly interested in anyone as I think Wallace Chung is a miscast and Ki Bum is too Korean-ish, too modern for an ancient series.

  7. too much GCI and it’s a remake…so i know what will happen to the end…i’ll passsss

  8. Wallace doesnt have the body type but i think his facial features is right for Qiao Feng, many new features but I’ll enjoy this new version for the New years, something new is always entertaining to watch,
    Am definitetly collecting all wu xia series from Jin Yong

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