Competition Heats Up in “Street Dance of China 3”

The third season of Chinese dance competition Street Dance of China <这!就是街舞> is heating up like fire! 52 professional dancers were to split into four teams, each led by captains Wallace Chung (钟汉良), Lay Zhang (张艺兴), Jackson Wang (王嘉尔), and Wang Yibo (王一博).

While each team can be equally split into 13 members, team captains had to compete against each other to recruit the best members for their team. To attract suitable members, team captains create a plan on what their dance focus would be—Lay, for example, selected electric, wacking and jazz, while Wang Yibo selected locking, hip hop, breaking, and urban. Team members had to maintain their competitiveness even after selecting their teams, as members are eligible for trade.

In the latest episode, popular member Bubu immediately expressed he wanted to join Wang Yibo’s team, even after hearing Lay hard-selling his concept. Yibo—also the youngest captain among the four—seem to be on a winning edge with all the best members.

Check out a snippet from the episode below:


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  1. Wang Yibo (王一博), has permanent “rbf” & “I don’t give a f” vibe, I love it!

  2. Amazing show. I watched for yibo but ended up loving all 4 captains with their antics. I think jackson is my new favourite with his goodness. Competition is intense, all contestants are capable and professionals. Yibo didnt choose locking dancers by the way. His team is strong but not group dancers. But he will win the battles. By the way the name is bouboo. Jackson’s team are young dancers and he deliberately chose them. Lay’s team is more on the group dance, very strong dancers whilst wallace chung, who was a surprise for me probably has 2nd best team. Some amazing dancers are in there. Great show. Anyone interested can watch astro 308 in malaysia or in twitter search for jiaersubs they are doing fantastic eng subs, right now until episode 4 so technically about 1 episode behind. Episode 5 was very very funny and enlightening. 3 captain s are fantastic dancers and I kinda realise kpop produces fantastic dancers who are very capable in learning choreography. Jackson did say the classroom is tough, he had to learn the steps by 2nd attempt or is failed in class. Very tough.

    1. @funnlim I meant goofiness not goodness altho jackson seems like a great person. In ep 5 you see the captains selling themselves to dancers, trying to convince them to join their team. Lay was the worst seller. Wallace was more like a persistent salesman, talked a lot. Yibo was surprisingly the strategist. Walked into a room and then talked about strategy. Convinced quite a few to join. Jackson was most unexpected. He chose others wont choose and his entry into each room is like an unexpected lover walking into the room to surprise his beloved and he even serenaded a contestant who was actually praying it was him who opens the door. Seriously great show.

      1. @funnlim
        I haven’t watched it, but you made it sound really good. I’ll check it out. Thanks! It’s amazing that Wallace Chung is 45 year-old. He looks so young. Wang Yibo is 23 – almost like 1/2 his age.

      2. @dramas4me 1st 15 min of ep 1 may be quite testing. Once audition begins the show is amazing. The atmosphere is electric and you can see all 4 captains are passionate. This is yibo at his most animated. Wallace is not the best dancer, I dont think hes good. But he loves the dancers and his passion for them is really quite something. For me I love the atmosphere. It’s a competition but people aren’t even competing. It’s like one big party.

    2. @funnlim

      I like Jackson Wang too. I’m watching Idol Producer now and his classes are the most fun to watch because he often uses ingenious ways to teach his students.

  3. Now I remember. Yibo did not choose urban or locking. He chose hip hop, breaking and popping, all old school. Lay chose more urban.

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