Jackson Wang Dozes Off During Livestream

Wearing multiple hats as GOT7 member, rapper, producer and fashion designer, Jackson Wang (王嘉尔) has a crazy schedule and often jet-sets around the world on work assignments. It is no wonder that the popular idol recently fell asleep during a livestream while sharing about his restrictive diet, evoking concern from fans!

Tells Fans Not to Follow His Extreme Lifestyle

Appearing on Instagram Live recently – a platform where he has 33 million followers, Jackson shared in English that he was preparing to fly to the city of New York, and also told his fans, “I’m really hungry, but I can’t eat anything,” Explaining the restrictive diet, the singer said, “I know this is not good, but I want to maintain my physique, I can only have one meal a day,” To prevent fans from emulating him, the 29-year-old added, “I don’t advise you to do this,”

Although Jackson thoughtfully interacted with fans as per usual, the star apparently caved in to fatigue, and dozed off to slumberland on the livestream – accidentally giving his massive fanbase a “girlfriend’s perspective” of how the star looks like when asleep.

Drawing in a high of 34k viewership ratings, concerned fans expressed their heart ache in the comments, “Really worried about him”, “I’m on the verge of tears seeing him like this” and “He really works too hard!”

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Is it interesting to know how he handled the “Fan raping scandal exposed by Malaysian DJ” … We never heard more about this news….. hashed up very neatly. Not even news of suing the accuser…

    1. Agreed. I noticed that ever since that accusation popped up, JW laid low and didn’t surface on mainstream news again until Coachella. He didn’t deny, didn’t counter, didn’t defend. Is he hoping for that situation to cool off and then brush it off? I am a fan of his, but I’m not gonna blindly follow a dbag if the news are true.

      1. Yes, this news surprised me as his image always seem so clean….but I am in the position of believing this. I am not his fan thus I am not disappointed as I am shocked. I really wanted to see a outcome but it is really down to how the victim wants to deal with it.
        If this happened in China with a local, this may blow up…

  2. While I like some of his short clips on YouTube with Eric Nam, the guy comes across as high strung. High energy, doing crazy stuffs, I feel like he’s the type that would do drugs and whatever to maintain his facade, and sooner or later, it would come crushing down. He also does not look clean to me lol, the oily hair is not my thing lol. I want to like him, love his funny interview, but at the same time, he’s too lovey dovey, which feels like one of those fake ppl in high school, appears friendly and wants to be your friends but doesn’t really care about having a sincere relationship. If I’m wrong, good, otherwise, he’s one of the celebrities that I wouldn’t follow/fan girl over

    1. I agree. I think he is doing drugs. I also felt he s trying soo hard to get into the American market… that he seems a bit fake now…trying to be friends and liked by everyone….

    2. I suspect he was lowly moving away from China market for good reasons that is untold since end 2021. He then started to break into US market instead and also be more active in Thailand etc… His investors, management company, himself is spending alot of money marketing and promoting his reinvented “Bad Boy” image for the US market.
      Him doing drugs does not surprise me at all… I bet he rather be himself for US market then force to be goody two shoes for China market anymore. He must be so sick of wearing that fake mask…

  3. If he does that to a fan then is really shocking and I am disappointed in him. I had seen him in his debut days and he has good character and good upbringing. He respected women and in one occasion he even stand up for them when one of his female fans got pushed by a guy. He told off the guy sternly for pushing the lady. Well I guess ppl can change. Or he had let alcohol or maybe drugs taking control over him? But I hope he is not the celebrity that was mentioned

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