Jackson Wang Responds to Prostitution Claims

Arrested last week for soliciting prostitution, actor Li Yifeng’s (李易峰) career has taken a steep nosedive. Although not constituted as a crime in China and offenders would not be charged, China’s extreme cancel culture could mean the end of Yifeng’s career.

With reports claiming that Yifeng is only one of several male stars on the offenders’ list, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) was  dragged into the scandal as well. Perhaps the rumors started since both stars are suspected to be involved with the same influencer, Hu Wan (胡灣). Yifeng allegedly met Hu Wan at former Big Bang member Seung Ri’s nightclub, Burning Sun. The actor was accompanied by Hu Wan on a trip to Thailand. Meanwhile, Jackson was sighted frequenting Burning Sun as well, and may have met Hu Wan there. Jackson has been seen wearing a shirt designed by Hu Wan, and she had attended all of his endorsement activities in Shanghai in 2018.

After Yifeng’s arrest, Hu Wan posted on social media that there were 17 male celebrities who had solicited sex services. Without directly exposing their identities, she said their last names start with L, W, C, H, and Z. As a result, both Wang Yibo (王一博) and Jackson Wang were speculated to be involved in the scandal.

Responding to the rumors, Jackson posted on his social media, “Maybe one day people might know. I do it for the artistry. I do it for my people. I do it for history. I don’t have time to do anything else. That’s all I have.” Perhaps as a reminder for himself and to his fans, Jackson later added to his post, “Focus. Everything else is just noise. Work hard, play even harder. That’s the logic. Analysis is different from different people. They see what they want to see. That’s part of entertainment. Remember. It’s all good.”

While some fans interpreted his post as an emphasis to his innocence in the matter, others felt that the ambiguous post may hint at something more. When Jackson was spotted at the airport recently, fans urged him to keep his head up in the face of rumors and difficultly. One fan even pieced together Jackson’s schedule for 2022, which involved flying across multiple continents, and deduced that he was indeed too busy to “do anything else.”

Sources: HK01, New Monday

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The post about 17 male celebrities was posted by a fake account, not by the real Hu Wan lol… That account has already been suspended after she reported it

  2. It was fake news… Someone posted as Hu wan who have reported the account to police to investigate.
    Fans dont want their idols to have partners and they dont want them to sleep with anyone…Goodness, how do they expect their idols to release their frustration? DIY!!! These idols are hot bodied young men/women.
    I can understand why some turn to paid service… It would not be fair to date someone just for s*x when they are not interested in a committed relationship.
    I guess many need to turn to meditation.

  3. L, W, C, H, and Z. Li, Wang, Chen, Huang, Zhang. Literally the most popular surnames in China. Could also be Lin, Wei, Cao, He, Zhao, Zhou. Literally anybody. Speculating that it’s Jackson Wang or Wang Yibo is stupid. And like others said the account was fake. Leave the celebs alone and let law enforcers do the investigations. Outsiders only know the surface details.

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