Jackson Wang Kneels Before Fans in Thailand

Gaining widespread recognition after joining JYP Entertainment’s K-pop boy group, Got7, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) continues to enjoy immense popularity since going solo. Earlier this month, Jackson was invited to Thailand to open for the Manchester United vs. Liverpool soccer match. Upon arrival at the airport in Thailand, Jackson was greeted by a crowd of fans both inside and outside of the airport. Despite the early morning flight and onset of several projects and activities to attend to, Jackson smiled and waved and thanked his fans warmly.

In a circulating video of the event, Jackson was seen walking to the parking lot accompanied by his staff and bodyguards. With fans screaming enthusiastically at seeing their idol, Jackson motioned for his bodyguards to step aside and make room. Jackson then knelt on the ground and bowed his head for over 10 seconds, saying to his fans, “Thank you! Thank you! I love you guys!”

Jackson’s actions caused heated discussion and controversy. Some fans expressed aversion to his actions and lamented that he has not thanked Chinese fans with the same level of appreciation, while others supported Jackson for his respect and practice of local Thai customs.

“The fans waited a long time in the heavy wind and rain for him. Jackson used the highest form of local etiquette to thank his fans,” one netizen reasoned. Praising him for his sincerity, another pointed out, “I heard that the Thai fans knelt down to him first, so he returned their courtesy by local custom.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He is one of the smartest entertainer I know… I dont find his action odd as he is giving respect to his fans as they did to him… he is telling them, he is equal to them…

    1. @Hohliu , I totally agree with you. The fans are the ones who keep him relevant, famous and rich. If he decides to pay homage to his fans, good on him. That was such a powerful, yet respectful and humble gesture to make. More of the celebrities need to fo this. My respectful for him is rising fast.

  2. If his Thai fans are doing that to him, why couldn’t he return the respect and gratitude?
    C netizens need to relax and stop jumping at everything.

  3. I see no controversy, It is thai custom to kneel as thanks, same like koreans. for Chinese and Japanese, it is more for apology. So the chinese fans can loosen up a bit and let him be. And since he did nothing wrong, why should he kneel before chinese fans? Unless chinese fans kneel before him, see his reaction.

  4. I am Ok with it. He is just expecting gratitude to his fans who stuck by to greet him even though the weather was horrendous. But the way it happened was a bit strange. I thought he wasn’t feeling well when he dropped to the floor, then I realised he was kneeling.

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