Jackson Wang Announces New Music Group, PANTHEPACK

After Korean boyband GOT7’s contract expired in January, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) did not renew his contract and chose to focus on his own record label Team Wang instead. On August 26, Team Wang announced the formation of new music group, PANTHEPACK, featuring Jackson, Chinese rapper ICE, Chinese American singer Karencici, and Taiwanese rapper J. Sheon

They group chose the name PANTHEPACK because it sounds like the word “panda,” and the animal is representative of China. The four have all excelled individually with their own demeanor, so fans are excited to see what chemistry they can bring to the stage.

Jackson’s mature and creative style has always been a welcome presence on the stage, while ICE’s rhythmic style and keen ear for sound can be useful on the technical note. As for J. Sheon, he is great at incorporating emotions into his R&B music. Lastly, Karencici is the only female member of the group, and she adds an American influence into this combination. 

Karencici’s team shared that the singer is ecstatic to be joining the Team Wang group, but she will still stay under the management of HIM International Music Inc. Her agency is thrilled to hear that Jackson has taken such an interest in the young singer’s charm and musical talent. Aside from working with PANTHEPACK, Karencici will also be releasing a solo album before the end of the year.  

Source: World Journal      

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jackson Wang moves between SK and China actively… I do wonder if that will change.. As SK relationship with China is becoming so hostile… would Jackson be pushed to let SK market weaken? Just a thought, I personally dont have a opinion on this matter… As I always feel Music/Dance etc should not be restricted by Race, Religion, Politics etc…

    What do you think?

  2. I’ve always wanted to like Jackson Wang because he seems like a good and talented guy but his music is just unappealing to me. I love the other 3 members a lot so I’m hoping he won’t drag the group down for me.

      1. yeah… it’s good but awful… meaning it’s good for what it is but I don’t really like pop music so I would 100% skip it after a minute.

        I prefer Jackson’s hiphop/rnb stuff but even then I still think he is B-tier in that genre, while the other 3 are A/S tier. The only song I actually like from him is “Alone”.

        I’ve listened to PANTHEPACK – Transmit which was actually good but I thought Jacksons parts were the weakest in the song.

  3. Panthepack does not sound like “panda.”
    Jackson, it would have been better if you said “pan” stands for earth or global.
    You got Chinese American, Taiwanese, and you fluctuate between SK and China, so pan really should have been earth or global……

  4. Really awful name. But dang J. Sheon is good! Karencici is very Cali-swag vibe. Ice’s voice sounds a little whiney, but overall, yes, good rhythm. I wished they chose Jin instead as the rapper – he’s amazing.

    1. I think all of them will do well together since they all have swagger and a very laid-back Cali vibe going for them…

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