Jackson Wang Appears on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

After debuting in South Korean boyband GOT7 in 2014, Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) has been unstoppable. Spreading his fame to China and across Asia, Jackson is now making waves in the United States as well.

Having released his new song “BLOW” in March, Jackson’s music video reached 21 million views on YouTube and topped music charts on iTunes.

In April, Jackson became the first Chinese artiste to perform at the Coachella music festival. The hashtag #JacksonWangCoachella was the number one trend on Twitter. With a huge popularity surge, he gained 300,000 new Instagram fans in just two weeks.

Jackson was also invited to appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show as a guest alongside Natasha Leggero and Jake Johnson. Eight hours after sharing a group photo on his Instagram, Jackson’s post garnered over 830,000 likes. The episode will be aired on May 4 in the United States.

While promoting his new album Magic Man, Jackson admitted that he has been suffering mental stress and feeling burnt out and lost because of overworking in the past nine years. In his new album, he embraced his true and raw self which was rarely seen before as a Kpop idol.

Jackson Wang’s “Blow” 

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is it raw cus he insinuates he smokes or that he is intoxicated by someone in his life? Lol I’m not sure what’s the rawness he’s referring to. His new music video is gritty and smoky, and not clean cut like his other videos, but idk if I would use raw to describe it? It sounds more like hot word of the day than anything, has the stamp of PR all over it.

    But I do like his Venetian costume, very nice

  2. He has been so active between SKorea and China… Not surprised he suffers from exhaustion. It is very tough to maintain a balance between working in SK and China….. He seem to have found a balance.

    I dont know if he can really break into US market…. but time will tell. He is a well spoken man…that help alot. There is not communication barrier at all.

  3. I get the analogy, but I hate smoking so the song doesn’t really appeal. The screeching at the beginning was annoying.
    I got distracted by the mention of Jake Johnson. Loved him on New Girl. Now I am wondering what he has coming up to be on this talk show.

  4. Never heard of this guy but I just clicked on the video and the song was catchy. The choreo and his English pronunciation were on point.

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