Jackson Wang Lambasts Western Media at London Concert

Jackson used the ‘f’ word multiple times

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) set tongues wagging during the London stop of his Magic Man World Tour recently, when he declared his “love for China” in a rousing speech!

Berates Media for “Propaganda Game”

Besides impressing fans with his performance and showing off his well-toned physique in a see-through top, he angrily lambasted foreign media for smearing China. The 28-year-old Hong Kong-born singer started introducing himself to fans in London with, “This is Jackson Wang from China” and took a 90-degree bow.

Starting his tirade against Western media, Jackson said, “Listen! Listen! There’s so much f*** media talking about bulls***…propaganda b***, it’s not that China,”

Cautioning his fans to be wary of media messages, he said, “If you travel to China one time, you’ll feel like damn this is a dope place,” He continued, “I don’t know the game they’re trying to play, I don’t f*** know hey I’m just an artist I’m an entertainer I’m a citizen I’m a person I don’t know that s*** I don’t give a f***…there’s a lot of filter, about all these media things. that’s why you guys gonna be careful about media stuff,”

Rousing the audience’s emotions to an all-time high, a short video of his patriotic expressions at the London concert has gone viral on the Chinese internet. Responding enthusiastically, Chinese netizens have heaped praise on Jackson with comments the likes of “Admire that he is a real man”, “We should spend on these kind of artistes”, calling him a true Chinese compatriot.

Upcoming stops in the singer’s first solo world tour include Paris and a headline show in Dubai.

Watch Jackson Wang’s patriotic message at London concert:

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Clever guy… he is clearly doing great PR for his image in China!!! Did not know he is in London, would have gone..

  2. I think this guy overdoes it. He is talented but that’s not what I am talking about. I think JW is emotionally unstable and there’s no shame in that either. He admitted he’s an alcoholic on live television. What I mean is he is overdoing his emotions and reactions. I would bend and bow to fans in Thailand too and hats off to that, but there’s something about his temperament that makes his highs very high and his lows very low. This performance in London is not the sensible JW you would expect. He could have conveyed his message without profanity nor shouting it, so his intro while in London and directly calling out London is gimmicky. Perhaps because he exaggerates he almost doesn’t seem genuine? Did y’all see his James Corden interview? He overdid it there too with his touching and James reacted awkwardly

  3. What a total moronic entertainer……….The stage is for you to perform, and not for someone to promote their own country………If he doesn’t like the Western world so much, stay home and perform back in China………..No one will miss you!

    1. One can also say that to the many western performers who use their influence for political causes, as well as politicians who use Hollywood award shows to push their agendas.

  4. I am surprise and somewhat disappointed with so much profanity he is using on stage. I always thought he is someone with good attitude, never expected he will turn out this way. Plus his alcohol problem, what is going on with him?

    1. I too was surprised by his speech…His image is well and truly exposed now. But he did say last year, he wants to build his image true to the real him.

  5. Was he drunk when he was saying this? He always seems so nice and respectful, it’s weird seeing him act like this. But he seems like the patriotic-type, you can see by the way he introduces himself.

  6. Nothing wrong with being patriotic, but thd way he chose to be is distasteful. I guess Jackson Wang will not be performing in the Wssf anytime soon. He knows how to win over the Chinese fans , as he can obtain millions of fans from China alone. That is where the money is.
    JW is an alcoholic. It is a miracle he has not let his guard drop when drunk, and reveal certain things about himself, just saying.

  7. He and other rich artists will love china, until they restrict their earnings or take freedom away such as non chinese passports etc. Lets all be realistic, he is has been told to do this so that he can pave the way to break into china. With his history I doubt he has the brains to think all this up.

    1. well that did not happen. His fandom is deeply rooted in kpop (across SK, China and South East Asia and internationally). They’ll stick to him

  8. Nothing to do with profanity…, hear so much of it on tv that it stops triggering any bad association.
    In general a good idea to stay away from the political stuff. I admire him for being patriotic, it’s great but what if someone asks him a sensible topic like Xing Jiang and the Uyghurs? Regardless how he answers, he’s going to lose. Seriously, this is not a good move and doubt that or was consulted.

  9. Was he drunk? Is that liquor?I’m surprised at his foul mouthed rant. Disappointing. On the plus side his fans seem not to care. He does love his country tho. But politics and entertainment doesn’t mix well.

  10. Is he spiraling into dangerous place? yes he is. Intervention is long due. Does he love his country? yes he does, we know that. Did he do it for more support in China? Probably. Is it smart to mix politics and entertainment? Dangerous zone. Are western media objective towards China? Not really.

    I really really would like everyone to go to China and stay there traveling from North to South at least a month. It is so amazingly diverse country with warmhearted people to the extent of being shocking. So many things we’ll see in future in the west you experience there, so much legacy of past and outdated things/experiences, so many things people in the west cannot understand and do not approve of,’ so many things you wanna bring back home. It is gigantic mixture of so much, impossible even to comprehend from the outside. Before you form unified opinion on China based on what you have read in western media (those with an agenda in particular) or saw in movies and dramas please go there at least once with open eyes and heart. It is deeply beautiful experience. Do I want CCP to change, improve and evolve? yes, as well as probably 1bn of Chinese people but they will not discuss it with you as it would be only ranting and it is not productive way to actually change things. They keep things home and change differently than western countries. Do I approve of their policy towards Taiwan, HK or Uighurs? No. Do I approve of US involvement in most of the conflicts around the globe or towards Mexicans? No. Still I think US is amazing country. Give China chance as well. It might speed up change in China itself and bring it closer to the rest of the world in many things you disapprove.

    1. @Dee one thing I must say is that while the west is clearly the innovative champion, they fall way far behind the East in terms of adoption of such innovations. When the East sees something being useful, they waste no time in upgrading. The West, on the other hand, is sorely lacking in that area.

      What cities would you reco visiting in China? I’ve been to Taiwan and I loved it and would go back in a heartbeat but I’m very hesitant about visiting China. My cousin went and he saw some really unsavory things while traveling.

      1. I can understand how you feel. China is truly huge and can be scary. You can see everything there, future past, amazing things and unsavory things. One is certain it is transformative. I am personally very much city girl and love seeing lot of layers in one place. Hence, my heart goes to Beijing, with interesting art scene and lots of young artists worth seeing. If you loved Taiwan you should def see Xiamen. If you like history you should not mis Xi An. Guilin, Lljiang are usually on the list and worth seeing. Guangzhou I would skip, Chongqing is one of my favorites, Chengdu is also fun. To be honest it is so diverse that it has something for everyone.

  11. That outfit with those crazy eyes really works the impression that he’s high AF. I wonder what triggered his tirade.

    I didn’t know he’s an alcoholic – you guys have proof? I did see him mention he likes alcohol and drinks a bit to mellow out at night, but idk about alcoholic.

    I don’t think this speech about hate-on-China was necessary, but it’s refreshing to see for a change. Most discourse is about how crappy China is, so it’s nice to see a dose of patriotic respect. Think of all the mainlanders who traverse into Western territory – who among them ever talks about China? Most of them hide the association or they minimize their origins. Nobody wants to discuss it because it’s career suicide, but he’s ballsy (or stupid?) enough to do it. Either way, his career is going to be fine without Western support, but it’s going to be difficult to break into the Western media with his flag bearing love for China.

    1. Part of the reason I liked him back when he was on GOT7 was because he always talked back when he was offended and shamed those who offended him. And he also made his identity very clear – he’s Chinese all the way. I appreciate his candor and his nonchalance about being on the offensive.

      1. You can be Chinese but it doesn’t mean you can berate everybody else. There is a time and place to do everything and his ignorance just shows lack of good upbringing.

      2. @afan202 that’s why I wondered what triggered him to say stuff like that out the blue.

        Valid point about being to say $hit if he was in China, that won’t be possible. But you gotta admit, we hear so much trash about China in the Western media and hardly ever anything good. That’s real BS.

    2. re alcoholism, he talked about it a lot recently. He did some candid interviews and opened up uncharacteristically. Stories how lonely he is are rather genuine and heartbreaking. Plus he is rarely seen without the bottle these days, even on stage.

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