Jackson Wang’s Drinking Habit Fans Discussions

Without idol baggage, GOT7 member Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) has always been open about his alcoholism. Recently, a video of Jackson drinking Baijiu (Chinese White Liquor) while partying at a Shanghai pub went viral on the internet.


In the video, 29-year-old Jackson is dressed in a black singlet with shades while swirling a bottle of Baijiu and happily drinking from it. When he discovered that the bottle could not produce any more contents, he started shaking it wildly with knitted brows, clearly not having had enough.  

Arousing a slew of responses, some netizens questioned if the Baijiu bottle contained mineral water instead, given how furiously Jackson was drinking, while others commented that as public figures, artistes should not portray a unhealthy images of themselves as alcoholics. In his defence, Jackson’s fans naturally commended their idol for being genuine.

Jackson had previously expressed that he suffered a nervous breakdown, and had to depend on alcohol daily for a duration spanning a year and a half. He had also been spotted by fans drinking Maotai (Chinese liquor) at the beach with his good friend and actor, Ryan Cheng (鄭愷). The artiste had also revealed that he needed alcohol before hitting the sack, and would always bring along a bottle of whiskey while performing onstage.

Source: HK.On.CC

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  1. Sounds like he is definitely alcohol dependent and an alcoholic. I understand alcohol could be a coping mechanism and it could also be addicting but it is a very unhealthy habit and could really damage your health. Hopefully he can get himself into rehab or something before he puts his life at risk.

  2. If he has an addiction, shouldn’t his fans be worried and try to persuade him to seek treatment rather then commending him for being genuine?

  3. No wonder he left China to expand his career… he was tired of his clean image in China. Of course, now he can be who he really wants to be.

    1. I beg to differs, he is trying to warm his way to the Chinese market by spewing patriotism to ‘One China’ and moral values is the furthest from his mind and for most of the Chinese citizens. They learn to worshipped money, power and connections from a young age.

      1. I am unsure if you noticed. Jackson Wang had been extremely active in China the last few year till he left last year. He had even said he want to be himself when he released his Single ” Blow” in US last year. He is a very smart artiste, he will not burn bridges with China thus his spew of patriotism in onme of his concert does not surprise me. I am sure he does embrace where he comes from.
        But currently he is focusing his attention in US, whilst keeping his toes in Thailand and South Korea. He was subject to a s*xual rumours early in the year.. I did wonder if that might be one of the reasons he decided to focus his career towards the West more.

    2. @Hohliu did he leave China, really? I always thought he dabbles and focuses in different countries all the time, so he’ll come back to China for half a year, and then the states for another half a year

      1. Not left entirely but I dont think he will return to China anytime soon… Will be interesting to see.

  4. This guy needs therapy to deal with whatever underlying issues he is facing; not alcohol.

  5. So Jackson Wang has admitted to drinking excessively and his fans are in awe of him for being real, for being genuine. Okay that is alright, but as genuine as he might be, he needs some genuine AA help cause he is a genuine alcoholic. They need to tell him that too. He seems to be taking light of his addiction, but liver damage from excessive drinking is a big problem, not to mention other health issues he will suffer if he continues down this path. Truth is he is an alcoholic and he needs to stop the excuses and get himself some psychological help.

    1. @Renren we have similar view on this. If they are really his fans, they should persuade him to get treatment and not defending his possible addiction as genuine. They are focusing on the wrong issue.

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