Yang Mi’s “Legend of the Ancient Sword” TV Drama Begins Filming

Following the popularity of Chinese Paladin <仙劍奇俠傳> and Xuan Yuan Sword <軒轅劍之天之痕> comes Legend of the Ancient Sword <古劍奇譚>, a mainland Chinese fantasy-wuxia series that recently began filming at Hengdian World Studios. Based off the role-playing game of the same name, Legend of the Ancient Sword features a star-studded cast that includes Yang Mi (楊冪), Li Yifeng (李易峰), Qiao Zhenyu (喬振宇), Zheng Shuang (鄭爽), Ma Tianyu (馬天宇), and William Chan (陳偉霆).

In Legend of the Ancient Sword, which takes place during the Tang Dynasty, young martial artist Baili Tusu (Li Yifeng) feels a mysterious aura in him that can be suppressed only with the Sword of Burning Solitude. When fighting bandits, he meets Ouyang Shaogong (Qiao Zhenyu) and Fang Lansheng (Ma Tianyu), who are on a quest to find a jade ornament that will help them create a resurrection elixir. Tusu decides to join them on their adventure, hoping that the elixir will be able to awaken his slumbering mother. During their trip, he meets Feng Qingxue (Yang Mi), an immortal who has come to earth to look for her brother. After Shaogong’s elixir proves to be a success, Tusu discovers that his mother is in danger and that he must fight with the power-hungry Shaogong to save the world.

Although much attention is being showered on female lead Yang Mi, who found fame through similar wuxia and fantasy roles, and male lead Li Yifeng, who makes his first foray into wuxia with Legend of the Ancient Sword, it is Qiao Zhenyu who portrays what is arguably the most challenging character. Despite being the villain, Ouyang Shaogong defies the stereotypes of “good” and “bad,” because his every action stems from his unwillingness to surrender to fate. Zhenyu, who previously played the male lead in the 2009 adaptation of the wuxia novel, The Book and the Sword <書劍恩仇錄> is sure to delight fans with his depiction of this complicated character.

Legend of the Ancient Sword is expected to air in summer 2014 and will also feature special appearances from mainland Chinese actresses Zhang Meng (張檬) and Chen Zihan (陳紫函).

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Sources: QQ.com; Baidu.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. What is wrong with the costumes?? I think they look nice. The costumes for Xian Jian 3 looked even worse,especially for the 2 leads.

      1. If you think they look cheap, you have not seen some of the costumes for a number of other series since they look even worse.

      2. Plus, this series is based on a video game so of course the costumes should not look like the typical costumes that you would usually see in a typical ancient series.

      3. but i’m not talking about other series, i’m commenting on this series costumes. And yes, i’ve seen other fantasy game series costumes.

      4. I personally think the costumes are fine, but that’s just my opinion…

    2. costume design department should have done a better job

      1. They remind me of old TVB period costumes. Lots of bright colors and thin looking. I agree they don’t really fit.

  1. Gillian Chung is also part of the cast. She is set to start filming at the end of this month.

  2. Is that Yang Mi in the pics above? She looks…umm…different.

    1. I’m thinking the same!!!
      Is it her hairstyle that got her look different?
      Or because its a poster thus she looks that way?

    2. Yang Mi does not look at pretty as before…losing way too much weight that her face is starting to look weird

      1. I agree, I think a combo of the haristyle with costume is very unflattering.

        All in all, quite an attractive cast though lol

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