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Jenny Tseng Criticizes G.E.M. for Disrespectful Attitude

By on January 6, 2013

Jenny Tseng Criticizes G.E.M. for Disrespectful Attitude thumbnail

Pop princess, G.E.M. (鄧紫棋), has been slammed for “disrespecting” veteran Hong Kong diva, Jenny Tseng (甄妮), at a previous music festival event that was held in a soccer stadium.

Jenny Tseng is currently on her promotional tour to promote her Love Show World Tour Concert, which will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum from February 18 to 20. Known for having one of Hong Kong’s most powerful and mellifluous voices, Jenny was asked in one of her interviews if she was aware of her young successor, G.E.M.

Jenny admitted did not have a very good first impression. The 59-year-old said, “You know that someone recognizes you, yet that person just continues to walk forward and refuses to acknowledge your presence. With this attitude, there is no point of being popular. You may be talented, but you lack self-cultivation. This is the face of a celebrity that fans are unable to see.”

G.E.M. Apologizes

After the report on Jenny’s interview was published, G.E.M. immediately posted an apology on her Weibo on January 3, explaining that she had once tried inviting Jenny to be a guest performer for her concert three years ago, but she never got a reply from Jenny’s agency. G.E.M. explained that Jenny was conversing with her friends when they met at the soccer stadium. The star-struck G.E.M. did not want to interrupt their conversation, and that all she could do was stare.

About half an hour later, G.E.M. edited her post and added, “I saw the report and realized that I have done something that made you feel disrespected, so I want to make a public apology.”

Jenny’s Rep Responds

A spokesperson from Jenny’s record label said, “The concert organizers notified us of this report, and we read G.E.M.’s apology on her Weibo. First off, I was also there at the soccer field. At the time, Jenny was with three others in a hallway, while G.E.M. was walking with her assistant. It was a very short distance, and it was not like how G.E.M. wrote that she was surrounded by people. A little nod in the head would only take a second.”

Jenny’s spokesperson also clarified about G.E.M.’s unsuccessful attempt to invite Jenny to her concert, “It was not because Jenny did not want to be her guest performer. At the time, Jenny saved a slot from her work schedule in Taiwan so she could come back to support her juniors, but no one ever contacted us again about the concert anymore. We tried to chase for some details, but no one ever followed the case afterwards.”

Asked if Jenny had accepted G.E.M.’s apology, the representative said, “Jenny was just talking about an incident that happened. She rarely goes on Weibo; nothing would change if there was an apology or not.”

Other “Rude” Stars

G.E.M. was not the only newcomer who was criticized by Jenny for their rude behavior. About thirteen years ago, Jenny also blasted Eason Chan (陳奕迅) for his disrespecting and condescending attitude.

At the time, Jenny along with a group of newcomers from the music industry such as Eason, Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), and Daniel Chan (陳曉東), were sitting in the same flight to a music award ceremony. Jenny claimed that Eason, Cecilia, and Daniel were making too much noise. Eason ignored Jenny when she called him out to quiet down. Jenny exclaimed, “A senior is talking to [Eason], but he doesn’t look at you in the eye. He will not look at you no matter how many times you tell him. How is that not condescending?”

Eason explained afterwards, “Maybe it was because I just woke up at the time, so I felt really relaxed, and naturally I would talk in a loud voice. I really did look at her in the eye! Whether or not the person is a senior or someone else, if she has logic, I will listen. I will reflect myself!”

Jenny and Eason met again at RTHK’s studio months later. When it was time for Eason to leave the interview, an uncomfortable Eason bowed and said loudly, “Senior, I am leaving now!”

Sources: Ming Pao Weekly #2304 via ihktv.com, ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (70)

    1. Gar says:

      I am not surprised at all at how Eason treated Jenny, a respected senior in the music industry. He totally thinks he’s the king. I cannot stand him. I’ve never been a fan of him or his music. He and many new singers/actors/actresses nowadays should really take some lessons on respect.

      • RaySimpson says:

        Please be nice and exercise your brain once in a while. I am not a big fan of Eason, but the guy was one heck of a nice guy — He spent an hour or so playing with a kid suffering from brain tumor, and even bought him a box of lego. No reporter was around to report it. The kid passes away late 2011.

        I am simply amazing how people react to these tabloid BS. What a bunch of intelligent readers we have here.

        • Yen says:

          So, Ray, where u get to know bout this??
          Reported in the NEWS right?!
          U are the one that shouldn’t be so naive, yup, he can be a good person and can’t deny the fact that he is indeed a great singer but that doesn’t means that he isn’t rude. That’s the reason why he is so compatible with Hillary, both are the same characters! XD

        • RaySimpson says:

          I know the boy. His mom is still suffering, a year from his death.

          And no, say what you like. I won’t be drawn into a stupid debate with you.

        • HeTieShou says:

          If what you are saying is true, then you know the saying “good things don’t get known by anyone but bad things get spread around very quickly”. Everyone has good and bad to them but it’s just that celebs are judged more closely than normal citizens…

        • HeTieShou says:

          Don’t be shocked that there are posters on here that DO know some people that are personally connected to the celebs. Therefore, it is not always what you hear in the news which may or may not be correct. Also, I bet you just read translated news which means you know even less about things since things are often lost in translation.

        • Gar says:

          If he’s trying to be a role model to the younger generation then he needs to show some respect to the elders first. What goes around will come around.

          Please don’t be criticizing the intelligence of us readers here. You’re no better than us.

        • misssy says:

          Some people can be a nice guy to some and a jerk to others.

        • RaySimpson says:

          @gar. I am no better than you. Just like you, I am sitting hear reading these tabloid like “news” and laughing at every one here, including myself.

    2. Nat says:

      Wow it looks like Jenny has got issues with feeling like people disrespect her.

      • lkv says:

        :) Only 2 – I do not think so

      • sure-lee says:

        Yeah, I feel like that too. Or maybe that was exactly the case and Jenny is just a frank person?

      • looooooooooooooo says:

        jenny is a pure diva

      • :) says:

        Ikr. Jenny seems to be a bit overreacting. Dudee it’s just a greeting. Why can’t she let it go? Sure seniors are to be respected. However, I’m sure there is a reason that people ignored her. If people like her, then people would show some dignity towards her. I think Jenny needs to reflect on herself too and discover the problem why people don’t have respect for her.
        I’m not trying to take sides but here to express my opinion.

    3. akari says:

      I doubt G.E.M is even close to being viewed as a successor to Jenny because most of the young singers these days can barely carry a tune…..they just go on stage and move around and open their mouths like KTV….(other than Joey Yung who can sing pretty much anything well).

      As for the rudeness, I have no doubt guys like Eason or Cecilia are rude. They think they are super-talented and that they rule the industry….can’t wait till they get old and get stepped on by the new up and comers…..never liked Eason’s attitude….such an idiot.

      • Starry says:

        GEM is a hundred times better than Joey. Joey is like Rihanna, manufactured and doesn’t write her own music. GEM has a hand in all of her singles and carries her tunes.

        • Yen says:

          GEM is better than JOEY??
          ARE U SERIOUS??!!
          Honestly, no offend but till now I do not even know who this GEM gal is..
          But the whole universal knows who JOEY is!!

        • Cloud says:

          GEM is more talented than Joey. GEM writes her own music and sings quite well. Joey has been in the music industry for well over a decade, yet she can’t compose a single song. Or has she? I don’t remember any one song which she composed it.

        • Yen says:

          Cloud, can u be 100% sure that GEM REALLY wrote the songs??
          Many singers even Britney Spears once claimed that she wrote a few songs and later discovered that she is just lying and she changed her statement by saying she HELPs in writing the song!

        • RaySimpson says:

          Yeah, Yen, the smartest one here, is right. I sometimes wonder if Mozart, Bach, etc… were real composers. Oh, that John Lennon dude, I bet you someone wrote Imagine for him. And the guys from U2 actually stole their songs from Coldplay.

      • iawnaek says:

        Joey Yung cannot sing no matter how many lessons she had received from the late Roman Tam. And Gem only knows how to scream.

        • unkown says:

          Oh great! now you guys are doubting if mozart, bach wrote their songs. If they do not then who? Please dont be ridiculous. Please repsect those musicians. It’s true that a singer needs to able to write their own songs to be sucessful(especially in the mandarin market). THis is why Joey fail to be popular in overseas. She has no mandarin makret. She’s only popular in HK so the whole world does not know her. She’s not Karen mok, the only hk fmelae singer that has sucess in mainland besdies sandy lam. She writes her own songs and has a style. She’s hitting the interntiaonl market this year as well. So to sum it up, G..EM. is more talented and skilfful comapred to joey.

      • BLing says:

        GEM’s vocals are actually really good. Try listening to her sing. As for song writing though, know one knows if she actually wrote the songs she claims she wrote, right? But I believe those questioning that are being a bit cynical. Meh.

    4. lkv says:

      :) A funny experience with Eason Chan

    5. LUCY says:

      …… um who is jenny tseng?

    6. apple says:

      Veteran Jenny Tse is right GEM & Eason are snob dudes especially GEM I don’t like the way she speaks very snob.

    7. gem should says:

      gem should send jenny tseng the song “good to be bad” for some lols

    8. dd says:

      Jenny Tseng was a singer popular in the 70s and 80s in a time where almost all of the hit songs in HK were composed by Japanese composers and writers, and thus were essentially covers.

      Maybe some of you have heard of this when you were growing up


      • Looooooooooo says:

        She is the first jsg most popular female singer before Anita mui dominates the music industry in the 80s

    9. Funn Lim says:

      Well at least G.E.M knew how to do damage control fast. Point is, do not EVER cross Jenny Tseng if you want to live another day.

    10. c3 says:

      sorry but that is such a diva attitude feeling like she needs to be acknowledged by junior artists whenever they walk by.

      • Funn Lim says:

        That’s not diva, that’s common courtesy and respect and she has paid her dues and she deserves at least some acknowledgement and in true sense of word, yes Jenny Tseng is a diva. Only she and very few can call themselves a diva.

        • dd says:

          I hate the idea that the seniors are owed something, but yes, it’s the way it has to be done. They paved the way so the younger kids like GEM and Eason have lucrative contracts.

          Speaking of Eason, man, what the ferk. He’s short, fat and has weird hair. And he’s ugly. And now he’s rich and famous.

          Is this the status quo, Hong Kong? Is it?

      • c3 says:

        i don’t care what jenny tseng has done. the sense of entitlement that every younger artist should acknowledge her is a condescending attitude. i understand that you should respect your elders if you know them or have a relationship with them, but if they are a complete stranger they why is it necessary. if they do, then that’s a show of respect. if they don’t then it’s a slap in the face? she is up on a high horse.

        • Lol says:

          So your saying if a bunch of disrespectful teenagers curse and scream in front of your elderly parents…you are ok with that? I feel bad for your parents :-(

        • c3 says:

          @Lol: your comparison is invalid. it’s not like a bunch of teenagers came into my house and cursed around. We’re talking about in public here. Say you’re a veteran race car driver at a racetrack, do you expect that all junior race car drivers should acknowledge you as they walk by? If they do then great, sign of respect. If they don’t it automatically means it’s a slap in the face? Absurd.

    11. Cloud says:

      I dislike it too when people talk loudly in public, especially in a library. Jenny Tseng is very traditional, she expects acknowledgement from juniors even when she’s busy shopping or looking at clothes.

    12. Kidd says:

      I think there is just miscommunication and misunderstanding between G.E.M and Jenny’s faction. If I see someone busy talking with friends, I also won’t disturb them. What more, if what G.E.M said is true that Jenny didn’t reply to her invitation, she might think Jenny doesn’t like her. More reason not to disturb Jenny.

      “At the time, Jenny was with three others in a hallway, while G.E.M. was walking with her assistant. It was a very short distance, and it was not like how G.E.M. wrote that she was surrounded by people.”

      G.E.M never said Jenny was surrounded by people. G.E.M only said Jenny was conversion with friends.

      On the invitation issue, we are not sure which side is telling to truth. G.E.M said her side never got a reply from Jenny’s side while Jenny’s side said they did chase for details.

    13. Emma says:

      Jenny and Eason met again at RTHK’s studio months later. When it was time for Eason to leave the interview, an uncomfortable Eason bowed and said loudly, “Senior, I am leaving now!”


    14. asdfjkl; says:

      I feel like it reflects poorly on Jenny Tseng as a person for blasting GEM for not “acknowledging” her. It’s like BOW DOWN PEASANTS, QUEEN COMING THROUGH. If I was in the same situation as GEM, I don’t think I would’ve said hi because first, she probably don’t know/care enough about me. second, it would be rude to interrupt her conversation. third, i’d be a bit intidimated to approach her too.

    15. miriamfanz says:

      Jennys response stemmed from GEM’s online comments about the music awards… Thought she would have learnt from her previous fiasco with online comments.

    16. tika says:

      Wow, someone needs to her off her high-horse!

    17. thewong says:

      Message to Tseng: chillax, grandma. You’re going to stroke out over nothing…

    18. YuFeng Yang says:

      I’m don’t like of any of the artists mentioned, but jenny tseng appears bored. If you want respect go become a nun at a temple or something where everybody bows to you, this is the entertainment industry, and as far as i’m concerned ‘respecting’ isn’t part of an entertainers’ job description

      • Funn Lim says:

        So I suppose if a junior at your place walks past you like you don’t exist, you are perfectly fine with it?

        • YuFeng Yang says:

          i got no friends from 9-5 and none after-hours. i’ve had guys come out to the ring and bow and babble on about honour and respect, and if that’s how they were taught then more power to them, but none of that ever stopped me from walking across the ring and running my fists through their head, and for the record, not one of those clowns have out-struck me. There’s no senior or junior or equal, they’re either kissing the ring or in their corner waiting for me to go slap ‘em around

        • Shame says:

          Try telling jenny tseng, “this is the entertainment industry…” Im pretty sure she knows where she made a living out of..

          Also its only common courtesy to say hello or nod or signal you know the person exists when youre less than 3 feet away.

    19. dd says:

      I’m not even that old but I know how the Chinese “respect your elders thing” works.

      Haven’t your parents taught you anything?

    20. elle says:

      jenny perceives things from a different perspective. she refers to how people should be polite to each other in her time.

      nowadays, it’s sort of normal to not feel comfortable to greet seniors you don’t know personally. some maybe afraid there is no topic to talk about or that people will think that they are after something.

      but she has a point, a simple nod should do.

      • Funn Lim says:

        I think that is how it should be for everyone, not just entertainment industry

        • Lol says:

          Funn, I’m really worry about young kids today. They have no sense of respect…just hope they don’t have to learn it the hard way when they enter the real world.

    21. Selena says:

      Both G.E.M. and Jenny are arrogant. Don’t like any of them.

    22. Michael says:

      A nod goes both ways. Did Jenny nod when GEM walked past her?

    23. chantilly says:

      i dont know both them so have no idea who is more polite but i think i do remember one time when my mom was watching this veteran’s concert, she is also a bit snobbish so it can be true or she made too much of a fuss. in the generation, since when are they NOT LOUD when you see a group together. even if they do nod, that’s probably not good enough for her haha…but it can be eason as well, eason can be a bit snobbish too but GEM i have absoultely no idea who she is but she looks young. Perhaps, they are all a bit snobbish but since she is a veteran she can say anything at this point.

    24. snoopy says:

      “G.E.M. immediately posted an apology on her Weibo on January 3, explaining that she had once tried inviting Jenny to be a guest performer for her concert three years ago, but she never got a reply from Jenny’s agency.”

      If she was sincere about her apology then she should have picked up her mobile and call to apology and not post it on weibo. Probably not even her doing it but her manager getting an assistant to post for damage control purposes.

      And what has not responding to an invite to be a guest performer has anything to being ‘polite’? She (G.E.M.) being in the entertainment industry should know that sometimes timetable clashes or unexpected things comes up. Why hold a grudge?

      • clamine says:

        Snoopy: Right on. An apology needs to be sincere to be accepted.

        No matter how nervous one was, a slight nod would have sufficed as a courtesy of acknowledgement or greeting.

      • Kidd says:

        Not accepting the invite is not impolite. But, not replying at all is impolite. Jenny’s side could have just reply to GEM’s side informing them that they couldn’t attend.

        Jenny’s side’s respond is also fishy.

        ” but no one ever contacted us again about the concert anymore”

        If you don’t reply the first time, how would GEM’s side know you are still interested? If they think you are not interested, why would they contact you again?

        • clamine says:

          @Kidd: You did not post the rest of Jenny’s manager response.

          Here’s the rest:”but no one contacted us again. Instead we had to go after them for details, until finally nobody follow up at all anymore, so that’s why (Jenny)did not become her guest performer.”


          So Jenny’s manager did reply the first time and even went after them for further details but looks like GEM camp dropped the ball when no one bothered to follow-up.

          Anyway, that incident is in the past, and in a way it is good that it is now being brought up so that the misunderstanding can be cleared. I believe GEM was ignorant of that incident and that indeed she might have felt awkward in Jenny’s presence but like snoopy said what does that whole incident got to do with being ‘polite’?

          Also, if GEM wants to apologize then do it right and with sincerity. Pick up the phone and call Jenny to explain and apologize, especially to a senior who is not into the whole social networking thingy like weibo. Just a click on Jenny’s weibo will show that her weibo has not been updated for eons.

    25. TVBFanatic says:

      So which is it?

      GEM is a bit arrogant? Or Jenny is a DIVA?

      I think maybe a bit of both?

    26. Cleo says:

      wow, blast from the past – this German Taiwanese woman used to both frighten and bore me when she appeared on the screen – she just seemed like a very loud singer with aggressive ways who always had to dominate television conversations on the stage – ick

    27. Jane says:

      Old Cake wants attention

    28. Eunice says:

      Remember the news about GEM bashing Myolie and some other artistes on her blog when she was 14/15? I started to dislike her a little since then. I agree that she is very talented in creating music, but she probably has some attitude problem behind her bubbly image. A lot of people are starting to question GEM’s personality after that incident & this new one with veteran Jenny Tseng.

      • Kidd says:

        Really? I remember GEM and Myolie sand a duet on JSG. I wonder if it’s before or after the blog posting.

        • Eunice says:

          Oh maybe I didn’t make it clear, but GEM made that blog posting before she became a singer, when she was around 15. She also bashed Ron Ng and Stephy Tang. Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0it5lBenWPU

          I’m Myolie’s fan, so I might be a bit bias and therefore, I find it harder to forgive GEM for her immature comments. Here’s Myolie’s response to the incident: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N652Y7tHxIU

          So together with this new incident regarding GEM and Jenny Tseng, I can’t help but question GEM for her attitude.

    29. Tin tin says:

      My friend works in a Advertising company,few years back, One of their Client’s spokewoman was Jenny. This woman would shout/scold at everyone during the meeting… so whenever there is a meeting with her, nobody want to be involved…

    30. cocosayhi says:

      Gem also recently uploaded a video of how she felt of this award ceremony. I think she trying to say that it was unfair that other people won or something. Can anyone please translate what she said


    31. rei says:

      Just sayHi and show some common respect that Jenny deserved or just be social…it’s part of the job anyway. But if someone apologize diva Jenny should accept and show some class and not abuse her star power.

    32. sau says:

      think most big headed ppl dont know how to RESPECT seniors and elders now. shame on them and hopefully the next generations wont have that sort of attitude.

    33. Mightysnoopus says:

      Eason is really stupid and arrogant. No wonder he always have his crown jewels knocked.

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