Cecilia Liu Unhappy that Ruby Lin Stole Lead Role in “The Patriot Yue Fei”?

With the much anticipated historical drama, The Patriot Yue Fei <精忠岳飛>, nearing its airing date of July 4, its star-studded cast has been busy with the final, frenzied stages of promotions. However, one of the main actors, Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), has been conspicuously absent from many of the promotional events. It is rumored that she is deliberately avoiding the events in order to express her discontent with the drama’s female lead, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin (林心如).

According to the well-known mainland Chinese blog, Changchun International Trade <長春國貿>, Cecilia was originally tapped to play the female lead in The Patriot Yue Fei, opposite mainland Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明). However, one of the drama’s investors, Huaxing Media, was on friendly terms with Ruby, and pushed for the drama’s production team to switch to the Taiwanese actress instead, citing the ratings as a primary reason.

Although Cecilia won over the hearts of viewers as the main female character, Maertai Ruoxi, in the wildly successful period drama Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, Ruby is undeniably more of a household name and has been beloved by many since her appearance in the original version of Princess Returning Pearl <還珠格格>. Moreover, The Patriot Yue Fei’s executive producer, Stanley Tong (唐季禮), is Ruby’s ex-boyfriend.

As a result, Cecilia lost the coveted female lead role. Since then, rumors have also arisen about feelings of discord between her, Ruby, and the rest of the cast and crew. The news has given rise to much heated discussion by netizens, with Cecilia and Ruby’s fans staunchly defending their idols. Regardless of the outcome, viewers will nevertheless see Ruby playing the part of Yue Fei’s wife when the series begins airing on Thursday.

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why would they be upset. This is audition, and if Ruby is better fit, then it’s ok. I like both ruby and liu shi shi. I just hope they play the part well. Either one is great.

    1. You don’t seriously think that roles like these are actually given to the people best suited for them? It’s all about popularity in the ratings game.

      1. Obviously, Ruby is a gem and Cecilia just a little pebble.
        Cecilia is very much in the shadow of her cousin Crystal.
        Cecilia is barely noticable and boring.
        Theres to much tv series with immature irritating girls who continueously nag on-and-on in tv episodes which are pathetic and pointless gestures that of no value.
        Go Ruby Red Red Wine.

      2. Too much cheap series and gestures of no importance or no value to audiences.

      3. Which series was Ruby in that was so notable? Most of her series were just as you said—boring–boring—boring.

      4. ruby was fantastic in beauty scheme which hive her breakthrough and also make the feminine sammuel get more jobs in mainland after pairinf with her

      5. Oh, that is a good one. I had forgotten about that. But I don’t remember anything else, aside from her earlier HZGG. In Patriot Yue Fei, she looks very old.

      6. I saw Beauty Scheme from beginning to end and it was the typical palace series and it became really redundant during the second half of the series. The plot completely repeated itself during the second half. Ruby’s acting was not great in there and she was her typical self and I still do not get why that series was so popular.

        Even if you want to state your opinion, you need to do so in a more constructive way. Honestly,if you compare Cecilia to Ruby when they were around the same age, Cecilia is definitely a lot more successful than Ruby was. Cecilia has played the lead in a number of series even at such a young age, but I would not say the same for Ruby. I have seen Ruby act many times and her acting in my opinion is the same thing over and over again… But Cecilia has played a variety of roles. Your comment is not acceptable and you should not say that there are many immature or irritating girls that nag. If you say that, then they will say that Ruby is old and is nagging on and on… Ruby actually looks her age if not older.

    2. who is liu shi shi? never heard of her before. ruby is more famous in both china/taiwan/hongkong/asia. of course she will be the lead.

      1. oh never mind. she was in chinese paladin 3. that blue dress girl. i dunnoe, she seems like a baby girl type. like crystal fei~

      2. I guess you did not watch Bu Bu Jing Xin since she was the lead in there. She played Mu NianCi in the 2008 remake with Hu Ge and Ariel Lin as well.

      3. Meant to say the remake of the Legend of the Condor Heroes.

      4. so that’s probably why the promotion for badges mostly mention only jet li and michelle chen to attract who are famous to attract their fans when the lead actually is liu shi shi.

      5. love liu shi shi in bbjx. she’s younger prettier and act better than tvb actressea such as tavia, kate, aimee.

      6. @sel_fi_wu

        LOL, I think you were underestimating the power of Liu Shi Shi’s fans. Also, Liu Shi Shi actually have tons of news on TV and web about the promotion (depending on which news you saw), and she’s there EVERYDAY in the week of promotion while Michelle Chen and Jet Li were MIA toward the end.

      7. just so you know, jet li and michelle chen are more popular than liu shi shi overseas and in movie industry

      8. @at sel_fi_wu
        Oh I’m not doubting that, obviously their names were used to market in the movie industries, but in terms of this movie in particular…Jet Li is actually just a bystander in the movie. If you see the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Wen Zhang is actually the male lead.

  2. Liu Shi Shi shouldn’t be so upset considering the drama itself is so male-centric and she’s got a long career ahead of her unlike Ruby Lin.

  3. how does ruby get to be paired up with so many hot, young guys? i actually like ruby but she is seriously getting on a bit and is no longer convincing in innocent, maiden roles.

    1. Isn’t she the same age as Huang Xiao Ming? She can pair herself with whoever she likes but you’d think she’d try to do something genuinely adventurous instead of more flower vase roles as her career draws to a close.

      1. Ruby is born in 1976 and Xiao Ming is born in 1977 so she is one year older than him. Ruby plays the same old roles over and over again. She once tried to play an assassin and swordswoman and it did not work out for her, so I think she is sticking to these flower vase type roles because they seem to be the only ones that can play.

  4. LOL…this is RUBBISH news folks! Liu Shi Shi is not a main character in this series, she is only appearing in the series as a guest and filmed for the series in 3 days. Why would they need her to attend the promotions? She was also filming for other series and a movie.

    Also, there were never news of her vieing for female lead for this series before production began.

    So trust me, she is NOT upset with Ruby being the female lead.

  5. Why do some of you think Ruby’s career is drawing to a close?

    1. I think it’s cause of her “age” factor! Though I don’t care how old she is, cause she looks amazing for her age 🙂

    2. It is because she is reaching her late 30s and that is why she chose to take up producing. An actresses lifespan is short as they age unless they are willing to play motherly roles as they get older. Otherwise, they will have to do something else.

  6. Ruby’s career is not drawing to a close. The only way this would be is if she decides to focus on her production studio instead of being an actress. She still has plenty of commercial value and attracts ratings even though she is not the best actress.

  7. I like Ruby don’t get me wrong.. but she played similar roles over and over…

  8. Lol.. I cant help but think that this is some promotional tactic… Liu shi shu has a movie with jet li and she has been doing promotional activity with that cast for the past few weeks now. She literally traveled with them everywhere and shes the lead in there. It would make more sense to me if she do promo for that movie than the series with ruby bc she is only a guest in the drama.. Lol…

    1. liu shi shi is the lead in jet li movie? sorry but most posters and short clips i’ve seen only show michelle chen. not even a mention of liu shi shi’s name or face.

      1. The movie is on YT, I saw it. She’s the lead from what I’ve seen b/c the movie centers around her character and her character also have many boyfriends. Raymond Lam is one of them.

      2. really? that’s a little funny because most promotion and news talk about michelle chen and jet li and maybe the mainland guy

    2. I also think this is to promote the drama. How could Ruby Lin steal the role? First, Cecilia Liu has another role in movies for her to lead, so why does Cecilia Liu want to get this role in the first place. Second, Ruby Lin can’t act, so it is impossible for her to successfully steal any role from other people.

      1. Ruby can act and her fame is larger than Liu ShiShi.Did I mention that Ruby is much better looking than Liu ShiShi Eventhough Ruby is like 10 years older.

      2. @HuiHui
        Have you seen the series? Ruby’s age is catching up on her and she looks OLD when she’s supposingly at her young age meeting Yue Fei. Acting wise? Its wasn’t a difficult role to play. Of course Ruby is more popular, she have 10 years on Liu Shi Shi!!!

  9. Anhui TV starts showing this drama tomorrow,on the 4th July. Can’t wait.

  10. I love u Ruby! You look so beautiful and never age. You’re way prettier than that girl next to you whatever her name is.

  11. LSS is busy promoting her movie with Jet Li, maybe that’s why she is missing, and like someone said she is only a guest star so why would she be at the promotion, when she be promoting her movie instead.

  12. Ruby ages well and I like her behind the scenes as a producer for The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. The costume, sets, depiction of characters, etc were intricately, delicately and beautifully portrayed.

    I also remember that her ex flames e.g. Alex Su, Stanley Tong and Wallace Huo had many good things to say about her after they parted.

    I think Ruby must be a talented and vivacious career woman. I don’t find her very deep as an actress, portraying usually innocent, cute, pretty, wide eyed ingenue, but I think she can explore further her producing skills.

    It is not relevant to compare Liu Shi Shi and Ruby because they are different generations. Ruby is more like a respected Da Jie with a good reputation and connections in the entertainment world, and Shi Shi has just started her career, currently the most profitable star with her company, maybe over-utilised.

    1. I agree that Ruby is a better career woman but her acting is not very good and is very limited. She plays the same old roles over and over again… LSS and Ruby are different so it is not fair to compare them.

  13. there are just so many Chinese actors I honestly don’t know any of them…and probably will never know them! 🙂

  14. If Ruby plays Yue Fei’s wife, then her role should not be that big if I remember correctly. I remember my mom telling me the story about Yue Fei as written in the books and it should be a male dominated type of story so the women should not play that big of a role. Therefore, I don’t see what the big deal is, unless they completely changed the story which is not a good sign.

  15. Ruby acting is better than Liu Shi Shi lol i think liu shi shi acting is very boring >< thats my opinion

    1. I personally think Ruby’s acting is boring because if you have been watching her throughout her career, she has been playing the same old roles over and over again. When Ruby tries to play a different role, she fails…LSS has had a shorter career, but I feel she has played more types of characters and she does better than Ruby. However, that is just my opinion and acting is subjective.

      1. i know, LSS played more characters, but its not about the characters lol her acting is really stiff and boring >< I thought her acting in BBXJ was horrible. i only continued for for nicky

      2. Liu ShiShi’s face is just boring.It seems like she’s miserable all the time and that serie BBJX is just too boring and soap opera for me.Sorry if you are LSS’s fan.

      3. Everyone has different opinions so you are free to say what you think as long as it is constructive. Not everyone liked BBJX since my mom does not either. She thought it was too love related and boring, especially towards the end. She wondered where all of the politics were and thought it was sad and pathetic for the brothers to fight over a girl… I thought LSS’s acting was not bad, but the story of BBJX was a bit boring, especially towards the end…

  16. Cecelia would look too young to the middle-aged mum towards the end. Whereas Ruby can do a large range in age from teenage to middle0aged when Yue Fei dies.

    I think Ruby looks great for her age.

    1. Even if Ruby looks ok for her age, it would not be appropriate for her to play teenage roles for example. She is simply too old for those roles. I agree that Ruby is more suitable as Yue Fei’s wife since LSS is too young.

  17. i like Ruby Lin. Its just something about her face and her smile still attracting people.

    1. I think she looks way better when she does not smile. She scares me when she smiles since all of the lines and wrinkles set in when she smiles.

  18. I can never understand the hype of BBXJ. Imo, LSS acting is quite stiff. Although, I still think she’s better than most TVB fandans. lol

    As for Ruby, I used to think she can’t act but somehow, in her most recent drama, she have some improvements and I am actually fine with her now. Actually, there ain’t that many actresses I like.

    1. you should watch bbjx carefully. if’s a great series and kevin’s breakthrough and best performance ever! liu shi shi was good in bbjx and shot her to stardom. no tvb fadans her age can act as good and be like her now. niki and kevin are at their most awesomeness in bbjx. lin geng xin got his brrakthrough and so was the 13th prince yuan hong i think his name is. bbjx made tvb series look like craps.

  19. BBJX was written by Tong Hua. I prefer Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert) and Yun Zhong Ge (Song of the Clouds) by Tong Hua. The written novel was extremely touching, even though I only read the English translation. The TV adaptions bring out a different flavour from the original novel. And of course you have a very creative Yu Zheng commercializing them to the max.

  20. I just find BBJX overrated and boring. LSS acting was not bad but the series itself was just too draggy. I lost interest half way through it.

    1. Aren’t most series overrated these days???


    1. Its your opinion .In my opinion Ruby is way more beautiful at the first glance but LSS is very plan looking that you can find the girls with that look on every street of China

  22. Both ruby and shishi denied this nonsense rumor. That blogger really suck. Dont make bad rumors to make ur blog popular.

    Go ruby. Always support u.

  23. ruby is old already, give the young ppl a chance larr… shishi acting is the best !

  24. Ruby is always the best to me.
    Her beauty, talents, personality…..can’t wait her next TV drama. She is great actress and producer:)

  25. Please delete this post/news. This was only a rumour and has now been proven false.

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