Competition Heats Up for TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014

Competition has been heating up for the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014, a voting-based awards ceremony for TVB artistes to be held in Malaysia on November 23. Widely regarded as the prelude to TVB’s annual Anniversary celebrations, the Malaysia-based awards has intensified as votes pour in from fans eager to support their favorite artistes.

Currently in the running for “My Favorite Actor” are: Raymond Lam (林峯) for his role in the crime thriller Line Walker <使徒行者>; Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) for his role in the romantic comedy Outbound Love <單戀雙城> which filmed part of its scenes in Malaysia; and Roger Kwok (郭晉安) for his role in the critically acclaimed comedy series Come On, Cousin! <老表,你好hea!>. It is a tough fight between the three for the top spot, although pundits believe Roger might have a good chance, as his surge in popularity this year was exponential due to the popularity of Come On, Cousin! 

As for “My Favorite Actress”, apart from Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), who is a perennial audience favorite, the other top contenders this year are Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), who was awarded the title last year, and Kate Tsui (徐子珊), who won support due to her role in prison drama Tomorrow is Another Day <再戰明天>. Although Nancy Wu (胡定欣) was recently edged out of the top three, she may still put up a strong fight as the currently broadcast Overachievers <名門暗戰> will be reaching its critical parts soon. Fans impressed by her performance then may be inspired to put in more votes.


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    1. How can Roger Kwok be nominated for ‘Come on, cousin? He’s so ordinary and run of the mill there.

      He should be nominated for that villain role instead. Did the writer got it mixed up??

      And as for Linda Chung, was she ever awarded the title last year? I was surprised at this.

      i hope Nancy wu can come sin second, Charmaine is still the best.

    1. Yes i voted all along for Ruco , Pray he will win this year as he is one of the upcoming male lead , Chairmaine too i hope she re gain her crown !~!!

      1. Ruco is the worst actor? lol. I think you misspelled “worst” as it should be “worth”, otherwise you should get your eyes check up.

      2. Rita’s attempt at word play is kind of pathetic, and it’s made more prominent by the error in her sentence. ‘Check up’ should really be ‘checked’. The point is, there’s no need to be nasty to John. He think’s Ruco is a bad actor, there’s no crime in that. If you, Rita, disagree, then provide reasons as to why you think his opinion is inaccurate or flawed. Telling him that he should get his eyes checked is an underhanded insult, which really is unnecessary.

      3. Agree with Mt.

        There is no need to bash others who don’t think highly of your idol. It’s like I start criticising you for being blind because you like Ruco. It’ll just pick up an unnecessary fan war and make both fandoms look bad.

      4. Mt, thanks for the correction as my English is not as good as yours. John insults Ruco’s acting as well as Ruco’s fans when he says that Ruco may be the worst actor. Yes, there’s no crime but unnecessary to say so if he does not like Ruco. John just asks people to treat him the way he wants to be treated. Btw, I don’t need to provide reasons that I disagree because obviously Ruco is a talented actor.

      5. Why should Rita provide reasons why she thinks John’s opinion is inaccurate or flawed? Shouldn’t John also provide reasons why he thinks Ruco is the worst actor going by same reasoning?

    2. Agree that Ruco should win. I believe Malaysian viewers truly love him. There were 5 times more HK ppl departing for Penang after airing of OL, same should happen in other parts of the world. His refined acting as the role of LKT well deserves the title-favourite actor in a leading role.

      1. *5 times more HK ppl
        Tour co.’s group, not counting individual visitors.

  1. Why no nominations for Steven Ma & Tavia Yeung for their acting in Storm in a Cocoon? I though the storyline and acting were good too.

    1. It was probably aired waaay to early for anyone to remember, just like how Food for Slaves is completely ignored despite getting one of the highest ratings this year.

      1. Guess you are right… So, might as well call these awards Best 2H2014 Awards or Best Most Recent Awards if they don’t take all drama series for the year into account.

    2. TY is nominated for BA for SIAC and both she and Steven are nominated for fave characters from the same drama. Gilded Chopsticks is nominated for Best drama. This article is talking about the top 3 nominees to-date.

      1. Good to hear then. Based on this article and the pics, one would think that the awards are only focus on the most recent drama series. May the best man & woman win!

  2. I got two tickets as Astro’s subscriber and look forward to seeing Ruco in live. Any one knows if Ruco will attend? I will not attend if he will not attend.

    1. Alice wow so lucky , how do you managed to get the tickets? Sure Ruco will attend , and hope he win this year

      1. I also got two tickets as a subscriber of astro Malaysia. The only reason for subscribing astro is to watch Ruco’s series. So, if Astro is not going to show Ruco’s series, I will unsubscribe astro until for the year that his series will be shown. Same to me, I will only attend if Ruco will attend since I have no interest in other artists and those singers (Fred Cheng… really tired to them 星夢.. )

      2. should be tired of them those 星夢and 巨聲. I love to see and listen Ruco singing 差半步。

    2. alice, how lucky you are that you can see Ruco in live. Crossing my fingers for Ruco, he totally deserves it. I really enjoy watching “Outbound Love” (just not with Aimee) and the rating was good too.

    3. alice, I am not sure. Is he still filming? If not, then yes he will attend. My feeling is he will attend because he has a good chance at winning.

  3. I can’t stand roger kwok/lam choi yeh’s hair anymore. When will the episode come when he chops his stupid hair?

  4. Roger should really be nominated for BHWS. there’s nothing special in Come On Cousin

    1. Some people even said he looked like a supporting actor in the first 13 or 14 episodes.

  5. I think charmaine and Nancy deserves to win best actress this year. But i think Most likely charmaine will win because she did a really good job in line walker. but if nancy makes it to top 5 i would also be really happy because she worked really hard and came a long way 🙂

  6. Seriously. Linda as a hot contender for her bitter sweet role. Joey in come on cousin is way better. Rogers role in the Black soul drama should get nominated not this drama. The TVB Star Awards Malaysia is BS. This is not tv king/queen award, as the votes are from audiences with no knowledge of acting,this is a popular award or who have more fans award. Ridiculous

    1. At least this is 100% fan vote rather than HKTVB’s supposed fan vote and in the end all are popularity award.

    2. Actually I’m not even sure if this is indeed 100% fans votes. TVB could have the final say.

      1. Sure there’s a poll but no one knows for sure they play it fair and square

    3. Heck, I liked Natalie Tong more than Linda Chung in bitter sweet.

    1. Enough. My aunt in JB votes for Raymond Lam everyday and asks her sons to help her too. You can do the same.

      1. this award is really useless & nonsense, as it comes to fans voting.

  7. Diligently voting for Ruco everyday and do hope he will got the best/most welcomed actor this year which he definitely deserves.

  8. hope charmaine wins 🙂 she deserves it, she did an amazing job in line walker <3

  9. Yes! Vote for Ruco! He deserves it! I hope Charmaine sweeps clean all three Best Actress award!

      1. for female best actress, it is a no brainer…it is only Charmaine.
        for the guy, RUCO!!!

  10. Errhhhh… It’s not hard to pick if the supposedly top three are Charmaine , Linda and Kate. I would definitely choose Charmaine without even thinking. Linda and Kate’s performance this year does not even compare to Charmaine imo D: I don’t even think any of their performances in the past has. I honestly not a following fan for any of the three actresses, but I did watch their series this year and only Charmaine’s character in Line Walker left a pen impression. I can even say that Elena Kong in Line walker would be a good contender over Linda.
    It felt like Linda was just being Linda in her bitter Sweet role.

  11. I voted for Charmaine and Raymond Lam everyday. Hope Charmaine will win again and another victory for her in 2014.

  12. “critically acclaimed comedy series Come On, Cousin! ”

    ….hohohohohaha, critically acclaimed….NOT!

  13. I hope Roger will win this year cause he did a superb job on BHWS!!! I also do hope Charmaine wins as well she did good in LW!!!

    Why is Kate on the list anyways her acting is not good and she talks like she’s whinning and Arrrgghh those fake lashes and duck lip

    1. I did a double take and yeah Roger did good for BHWS not for Come on Cousin thats not going to be fair if they rate it that way

      1. There’s an error in translation cos he’s nominated for BHWS. Don’t worry, if TVB wants to give it to Roger, he’ll get it whether for this or the other drama. I think it’s more a fight between Ruco and Raymond. Both were in top 3 since voting began. Roger only got into Top 3 in the second week.

    1. So happy to see Ruco is loved by so many people out here. RUCO ALL THE WAY.

      1. Ya.. coco i agreed with you. RUCO ALL THE WAY. Voted for him everyday.

  14. I’d go with roger and Charmaine this year. Rogers role in bhws was brilliant, I always think he does better portraying evil characters Lol

  15. I think we should have a poll on this site for fave BA or drama instead of debate over it.

  16. Ruco should win last year instead of Chilam, his performance in BK was far better than Chilam in TITS2!

    Raymond Lam performs better than Ruco this year.

    I bet on Ray and Charmaine, they are true winners in 2014!

    Ruco won the Best Actor award for his BK role and Charmaine won the Best Actress award in Line Walker from Singapore recently. Ray was not nominated by TVB as he had left the station…unfair to him!

    1. For the Starhub Award, Ruco won BA for ROE not Bk. He was robbed of BA last year when he was nominated for BK. He was excellent in both roles. Hope he will not be robbed a second time.

    2. Ruco should have won last year and should win this year too. His role in BK is totally different from OL and he handled both very well. I may be biased when i say this but my hubby who’s not a fan said that Ruco was a totally different person in both dramas. He looked and acted differently. In other words Ruco is very versatile and is able to give a different feel to each character. That is good acting.

      1. Agree with you totally, omg. Whether a fan or hater of Ruco, if one is unbiased, one would be able to recognise that he is a very talented and exceptional actor. He is a rare gem that tvb should treasure.

      2. Totally agree. Ruco should have won BA for his role as Sam in BK last year. His acting was emotional and his chemistry with Linda was so real that they looked like a genuine couple (considering they are paired for the very 1st time). To me, Chilam’s role in TITS2 was a no brainer and quite forgetable. Last year’s BA award was more like a popularity contest and Chilam was obviously the more popular actor with his boyish good looks. In OL, Ruco agained delivered a really good performance as LKT…not too over the top but just emoting the right feelings and playfulness each time. I believed he was the main reason why many viewers tuned in to watch this drama. He was the saving grace of this drama as the storyline wasn’t exactly fantastic and there were no big names cast alongside him. TVB always cast him alongside or pairs him with 2nd/3rd line actresses/actors (to me, Aimee Chan is not a very good actress). Comparing Ruco’s acting in both BK and OL, one would easily think they are 2 different actors as he gave the audience a very different feel. He’s really versatile and talented and truly truly deserves the BA award this year!!

    3. Ruco’s acting in OL was awesome. LKT-the onion-was not an easy role to play. No heavy taste emotional scenes, but Ruco managed to brighten and hold the whole series which might otherwise be boring, and don’t forget he lacked a good lady co-star like Charmaine. Aimee can’t act.

      1. Agree with you. OL may be a small production and TVB didn’t give it a good timeslot, airing it during the quiet Lunar New Year period. Not surprisingly, the first couple weeks ratings were not very encouraging. However, ratings picked up after people warmed up to the drama and I think it was the LKT character which got people hooked. No heavy taste, no action scenes, blistering gun fights and what not but it managed to hold its own. LKT’s such a fascinating character, funny and kind of “hea” king in first half but in the second half, we see that he was just hiding behind his mask. Ruco portrayed the change of character very well. Not an easy role.

  17. I have never bothered with artistes but ever since I watched Ruco in his first lead role in TOT, I started to read up on him and listen to his interviews. I am totslly hooked on him now. I am most impressed by his personality.

    1. @coco, me too. I noticed Ruco even before TOT. To me, his acting stood out above even the lead actors during those times he played supporting roles only. Though hubby gets a little jealous sometimes, he’s ok with me liking Ruco cos he knows that I’m not the type to idolise just any good looking actor; he must have substance as well and Ruco fits the bill perfectly. I really admire his character too.

    2. I did notice him in TOT but he truly caught my eye in ROE. Ever since, there’s no turning back for me. Im obsessed with him now (LOL)…for his excellant acting, good voice and great personality. He’s really humble too. I hope TVB really treasures him and treat him well. TVB is aware of his drawing power which explains why he is never cast in big productions alongside big cast. I think his biggest production to date is probably Captain of Destiny but still he is cast alongside newbies and 2nd line actors.

      1. RC, i wish too that Tvb would properly utilise and develop his talents and potential. He should get better roles, scripts and co-stars. I want to hear him sing more theme songs for his dramas too.

  18. I can’t vote but kate FTW xD I’m pretty sure Charmaine will win bc of her amazing performance in line walker though, she’s definitely the best in terms of acting & has also gained a lot of popularity because of Line Walker. no complaints, I like Charmaine too. supporting kate for the other categories maybe? go madam yiu !!!

  19. ruco started out as a singer and now into acting. not many can do both equally well.

    1. The first time i heard him sing the TOT theme song i was blown away. I was initially rather skeptical that he could sing. Boy was i wrong!

  20. It’s all about business! Viewership and advertisement revenue. So the whole event can be manipulated to please the important people. Its never about about acting, so many good actors and actresses have been sidelined before!Btw, everyone have the right and freedom to choose their favourite stars.

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