Dayo Wong to Film and Script “War of the Genders 2”

TVB hopes to create another ratings miracle by inviting Dayo Wong (黃子華) and Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) to film War of the Genders 2 <男親女愛 2>. Dayo will partially be helming the script and given the freedom to choose a supporting cast of his choice.

The 100-episode sitcom, War of the Genders, was a phenomenal hit when it was aired in 2000. Ratings peaked at 50 points, as Hong Kong audiences tuned in every night to follow the hilarious exchanges between Dayo Wong and Carol Cheng.

Switching from the original’s law office setting, War of the Genders 2 will find humor at the Hong Kong police station instead. Leaked details of the drama claim that Carol Cheng will portray a police chief and crack cases together with subordinate, Dayo Wong. Ram Chiang (蔣志光) will also return, although many of the supporting cast will be fresh faces. Invited by Dayo to play his berated “floor mat,” Jazz Lam (林子善) noted, “Dayo said that confirmed details will be available in April!”

Making a TVB comeback this year to battle the threat of new rival stations, War of the Genders producer, Tsui Ching Hong (徐正康), admitted that he is seeking a Dayo and Carol onscreen reunification. “This pair is extremely difficult to match up! Many people want to see them act together again! However, Carol’s schedule is a little more difficult to manage.”

Although Carol wished to partner again with Dayo, whom she has remained in touch with over the last decade, she was hesitant to commit. “Producer Tsui contacted me in November, before the TVB Anniversary celebrations. It is not a matter of money, but there are many factors to consider.” Carol added, “Of course I want to act with Dayo Wong again, but I have to see how my health situation is.”

Dayo and Carol were reportedly offered $60,000 HKD and $50,000 HKD respectively to film War of the Genders 2. Their daily filming hours will be capped at a maximum of ten hours to allow the stars adequate rest.

Due to Dayo’s creative humor and ability to draw high ratings, it was reported that producer Tommy Leung (梁家樹) also wished to cast him and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) in You’re Hired 2 <絕代商驕 2>. Since Dayo only has time to film one drama, he chose War of Genders 2 instead. The gifted 52-year-old comedian is reportedly now busy finding the perfect supporting cast for the new drama.

However, Dayo’s manager declined to comment on the leaked news reports. “We cannot reveal anything. It is best to ask TVB!”

Source: Sudden Weekly #910 via

Jayne: This is my most highly-anticipated drama for 2013! It’s a smart thing for TVB to give Dayo Wong creative freedom in writing the script of War of the Genders 2. Carol Cheng is likely waiting for a more finalized script to emerge before she commits to the project. Since she has met with Dayo and has not outright said no, there is still hope for an onscreen reunification. 

Aside from Ram Chiang, Kingdom Yuen, and Wu Fung, the original cast of War of the Genders was quite weak. I hope they cast more talented stars with good comic-timing skills this time.

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  1. wow if this happens, i really hope it’ll be successful, tvb needs all the help it can get these days hahaha. if dayo is able to take part in the script, i have no doubt it’ll be of good quality. excited to hear more about this

  2. I really hope it happens! I personally didn’t like You’re Hired and his pairing with Charmaine… so War & Genders II please!
    I wonder if Ram will resume his “gay” character again

    1. Rsy,
      Burberry is the high end solution if you’re looking for a trench coat. Many designers/ labels often have their trench coat designs released in Spring.

      I recommend Banana Republic or J. Crew. 🙂

  3. I’m fine with either. Both You’re Hired and War of the Genders were extremely funny! 😀

  4. Sounds good if this actually makes it to production. TVB is pulling out all stops in face of pending competition from Ricky Wong.

    1. tvb is trying everything to prevent cti can settle its roots on the ground,if cti can develop their plans it will get a huge impact on tvb ratings i think.

    2. Whether getting Dayo’s help is to face off Ricky Wong or not, I’m happy with this.

  5. This is a must watch. I can’t remember when was the last time I saw Dayo probably the series with Ada Choi.

    1. Man, To Catch the Uncatchable was brilliant, almost as gd as War of Genders. I also didn’t really like Your Hired so if they wanna do sequels it should be just WoG and TCTU. It would be a good excuse to get Ada back on our screens. Might have to wait till she has her 2nd bub though!

      1. Yes, one of the best series ever – To Catch The Uncatchable!! Love the pairing and their falling in love process…and the sad ending 🙁

  6. Yeah!!! Can’t wait. 50 points is a lot folks watching it. Please continue bringing the old ppl back. I would love to see Kindred Spirit 2. Nancy Sit haven’t act for awhile.

  7. This will be the must-watch series of 2013!!! Really love the first War of Genders!

  8. This is exciting, even though I’m probably one of the few that has not seen the original War of the Genders. I wouldn’t mind if it was a You’re Hired sequel either since I thought he made a nice pair with Charmaine.

    Too bad Myolie is busy at this time because she would have made a good addition to the cast since I think she does a great job in comedies. She could have played his little sister or something.

  9. OMG, I cannot wait to watch Dayo and Dodo. I love their chemistry and also Dayo’s ideas /creativity in each of his drama. If the drama has high rating, he might consider filming You’re Hired 2 if he has time in his schedule.

  10. Yeah to Dayo but Dodo… I mean no offense but her face.. can she still act and look human?

  11. Yeah! I want to see Dodo act again. She is a really talented actress, to bad she hardly does any series. This series had high ratings before so Im sure there is still alot of fan out there that wants to watch this.

    1. I want Dodo too. TVB should pair up Dayo and Dodo again.

  12. I don’t care whatever they do, I simply want to see these two on screen again!

  13. Finally a series worth watching from TVB! All the series in TVB sales presentation didn’t look good. Dayo is a blast!

  14. Dayo will partially be helming the script and given the freedom to choose a supporting cast of his choice.

    This makes it even better!

  15. Will this be a 100+ episode drama too? Either way looking forward to it

  16. Wow, didn’t know Dayo is already in his 50s!
    Back to topic, I’m also very excited for this if it’s confirmed! 😀

  17. I just read that Dodo denies there is a sequel to War of the Genders 2 and that she will not film it. So maybe they will have a sequel without Dodo. But I hope the producers and Dayo can persuade her to change her mind.

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