Jason Chan Treads on Safe Grounds

Above: Jason Chan stars as “Ming”, a lawyer in TVB drama, “Will Power”.

Possessing the qualities of a London-bred gentleman, Jason Chan’s (陳智燊) healthy, well-behaved, and professional image sits well with the audience. With nine years of industry experience already behind his back, it is about time for the British-born Jason Chan (陳智燊) to try something new in his career, but Jason does not think he’s ready for an image makeover.

“I do not have much experience when it comes to acting. I am still in the process of learning. Let’s not talk about Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), but I even have a lot of things to learn from Kenneth Ma (馬國明)! He’s always been marked with that positive and well-behaved image, and look at how successful he is with that today!”

Of course, a competent actor is one who is skilled to portray any kind of role convincingly, whether it is a doctor, a CEO, or a triad member. Jason has his goals marked, and though he aims to be a multifaceted artist like Wayne Lai, he does not think changing his acting track is necessarily a good thing at this stage of his career. “You can’t hope for a change if you can’t even handle a character that is similar to yourself. Right now, everyone sees Jason Chan is a good boy with a healthy image, that I am suitable to play professional people like lawyers. I will not suddenly demand to portray a triad role.”

He said he does not mind getting stereotyped to play goody-two-shoes roles, because actors who play villains can get stereotyped as well. He explained that even critically-successful actors like Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) had to go through a period of portraying idealized roles before gaining enough experience and familiarity the audience before branching out to try different roles. Jason is in no hurry to change.

As Ming in “Will Power”

In the anniversary drama Will Power <法外風雲>, Jason portrays the rookie lawyer Ming. When reading the script to prepare for his role, Jason expected Ming to turn into a villain, but although he never did in the end, Ming still went through life-changing obstacles that were just as challenging to portray if he was a villain.

“He’s very righteous and filial. Halfway into the story his personality turns really aggressive, which I can understand, because he is trying to protect his mother.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “Possessing the qualities of a London-bred gentleman, Jason Chan’s (陳智燊) healthy, well-behaved, and professional image sits well with the audience. ”

    Yeah, if only he can act. Dear lord, he is a truly awful actor. He needs intensive training in speech and expression and body language. Even Moses can teach him a bit about acting.

    1. Funn, I wish he’ll sink in deep waters so he’ll never have to be on screen again!!!!!! he is that terrible!!!

    2. Totally agree. After 9 years in the industry, the guy still can’t act “sheeet” and his Cantonese is still mediocre after all these years of practicing……..he should give up the entertainment business and go back to being a “British Bred Gentleman”……ha!

  2. cannot stand him at all. He makes his character worse than it already is.

  3. i am not his fans…but don’t hate him…he is new…give him some chance la…most people learn and grow then become a good actor/actress…if people keep compliant that TVB only has a less people can act, but not encourage new people…that does not make sense!

  4. OMG, after nine years in the business and he still claims he is not experienced yet? Does he have a learning disability or something?

  5. yea i never liked his acting either; i cant watch his drama with linda chung because hes in it =(

  6. His acting is not THAT bad. I think you guys are all being too hard on him. Even my mom who is usually very critical said that his acting is not too bad, but then again acting is subjective because many of those big stars are even hated and critiqued for their acting.

  7. I also can’t stand watching him. His acting is so unnatural. He does a lot of hand/arm gestures that look so awkward.

  8. His acting CMI -cannot make it – like Selena Li and Aimee Chan.

  9. i don’t think jason is so bad. i find him bearable acting-wise (the female newbies are a lot worse IMHO). it’s teh way he speaks that comes off a little insincere when acting his roles …his british-tinged cantonese accent. but then again, he can’t really help it, it’s the way he’s spoken his whole life. so instead of saying there’s s/t wrong with his acting, it’s more like what is natural for him, comes off unnatural to the public….(same issue with Ankie Beilke in Brother’s Keeper…if u’ve seen any interviews/Super Trio show, that’s how she speaks, accented, monotonous…she can’t help it if that’s her range of emotion in real life). With that said, yes, i am bias (everyone is) and i think Jason is adorable and want to c more of him!

    1. Nothing to do with accent. I dislike his fidgety sort of acting style; nothing seems sincere. He is a terrible actor because of that.

    2. Jason and Vincent should combine. Jason has the looks for a lead actor but he can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Vincent acts much better in comparison but lacks that in your face leading actor looks.

      1. I personally find Vincent very attractive. I bet with his clothes off he looks much better than Jason.

      2. He’s not conventionally handsome, but, I find him memorable. He already caught my attention in ‘War of the In-Law 2’. I think that was his first TVB series.

  10. Good looks isn’t enough to get main role in TVB drama, that’s why Jason Chan couldn’t produce breakthrough although he has 9 years with TVB. I believe if he’s Korean, maybe he would get chance to become famous 😀 Looking at Hyeon Bin, Lee Min-Ho, Kim Hyun-Joong, etc. all of them are handsome actors but still lack of quality in acting skill.

  11. I personally liked his acting in his other tvb dramas. I haven’t watched Will Power (so I will reserve my judgment for that series).

  12. I kinda like him actually. Better than Sire Ma, at least.

  13. His acting skill is so 123! Can’t stand him. >_< Just do show host job!

  14. I like him! Fresh face to tvb dramas and find him entertaining! Don’t find anything wrong w his acting. stop being such terrible critics, unless you can do better.

    1. I know one actor in the same series can do better than him.

  15. Ahaha 9yrs in the industry and still he is pretty shit in his skills. I don’t particular like him nor do I have a hate for him. But his role with Linda was done extremely poor! And it’s the same for will power

  16. Should give him a chance. He’s always being casted as extras and small supporting role that I doubt he will even have chances to learn to act. Plus imo he is doing ok, not great but not too bad as well.

    1. Agree. Previously he was only given very small roles, so learning experience is very limited.
      I would definitely like to see more of him, he’s cute !

  17. He was absolutely abysmal during those scenes where he found his goddess got raped. Terrible terrible performance. Vincent should trump him in awards.

  18. Jason Chan’s innocent good boy next door image is the kind of thing TVB likes…. too bad he lacks acting skill atm…. The scene of him trying to even convincingly PLAY the freaking piano in Will Power? abysmal.

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