Jason Chan’s Wife Had an Ectopic Pregnancy

Pulling themselves together, the couple will continue to try for another child.

Hong Kong singer Jason Chan’s (陳柏宇) wife, Leanne Fu (符曉薇), had announced news of her second pregnancy in May. However, the couple recently shared that she had an ectopic pregnancy which caused her fallopian tube to burst.

Suffering from stomach pains and bleeding about a week after her pregnancy was confirmed, Leanne initially suspected appendicitis, but was later informed about heavy uterine bleeding and told that she had to undergo an emergency operation to terminate the pregnancy.

Admitting the ectopic pregnancy had been devastating for both of them, Jason reassured Leanne that the matter was something not within their control. Even though Jason was just as devastated, he would not continue being depressed and knew he had to be a strong and supportive husband by trying his best to cheer up Leanne.

Hit with sadness, Leanne was encouraged by others who had similar experiences. Not shying away from sharing about her operation wounds, Leanne found comfort in a friend who had also experienced an ectopic pregnancy but successfully delivered a baby girl afterward.

Their daughter, Abi, also helped the couple to lighten their unhappiness and move forward with their lives.

Source: East Week

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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