Jason Chan and Sarah Song Reflect on Their Growing Family

Since leaving TVB three years ago, Jason Chan (陳智燊) and Sarah Song (宋熙年) have seen big changes in their lives. The couple became YouTube lifestyle vloggers, and also welcomed the births of their sons Damon and Jamie. Reflecting the changes, Sarah and Jason gave an update of their growing family.

Being a parent is often a balancing act, wit the pandemic giving parents with young children extra stress due to so much time at home. “When parents are working, they need to consider their children’s daily routines. When I gave birth [to Jamie], I spent the first half of the year taking care of him. At work, I got a new project while continuing to manage the existing work. I have never been so busy,” Sarah said.

Spending More Time with Children During the Pandemic

While the pandemic forced the family to make lifestyle changes, the family has more time together than ever before. When Sarah breastfeeds Jamie, Jason plays with Damon.

“Most men are kids at heart. Sometimes I would turn a storage box into a car to push the kids around. I am stronger than my wife, so I would lift them up to play airplanes,” Jason laughed.

As the couple watches their sons grow and their family bond become stronger, they feel emotional. Jason revealed, “During Christmas, Damon wanted to buy a fire truck for me, his mother, his younger brother, and the house helper. My eyes got teary when he told me that.”

When asked if Sarah will try for a daughter in the future, she responded, “I won’t reject the idea, but I have to consider if we have the extra time to take care of her. Right now, it’s already hard to care for two children. We need to consider the living environment and finances. I talked to my friends, and we concluded that having one child is not a problem. When you have two, your workload doesn’t just double–it triples.”

Finding Ways to Maintain Their Marriage

While their lives now revolve around their sons, Sarah admits their marriage has lost some of the sparks as everyday necessities take priority. “Before we would go out for movies or dinner dates. Because of the pandemic, it’s been reduced. Now getting groceries is already a big deal.”

Jason believes in turning time together with Sarah into fun moments whenever possible. “After giving birth to Jamie, the sparks come from taking care of the family and the kids, or watching TV. Our relationship is still growing. When we are working together, we come up with creative ideas and it helps improve our relationship. For example, when we are filming [vlogs], my wife would film me and I would film her. We will end up playing for a whole afternoon, because we both like taking pictures. In fact, couples can find interesting things. It doesn’t need to create sparks, as long as it makes the relationship better.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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