Sarah Song and Jason Chan Want to Own Property

In an interview with MingPao, Sarah Song (宋熙年) revealed she recently filmed real estate program Immigration <宜居住遊行> in Japan for Hong Kong Open TV. On the topic of real estate, Sarah expressed interest in purchasing a property in Australia or England as an investment. “[My husband Jason Chan (陳智燊) and I] want to invest in property in Hong Kong, but it’s too expensive,” Sarah shared. “We’re still renting right now – we’ve been renting for a long time.”

She added they thought about buying a small unit for investment purposes. “But for ourselves, we want to rent a bigger place. I’m not even thinking about buying my dream house in Hong Kong, but maybe in Australia or England,” Sarah said.

The mother of one also mentioned each place has its challenges when it comes to raising a child. “It’s something we have to face as parents,” Sarah expressed. “But I’ll do my best to give my child the best.”

If her son Damon were interested in going to boarding school or studying abroad in Australia or England, she wouldn’t mind sending him or accompanying him. “I’ll let him decide because my parents allowed me to make my own decision, and I’m grateful for that. I’m going to let my kid do what he enjoys as long as I’m capable.”

Sarah admitted she has plans to have more children with Jason. Hearing this, the interviewer commented a lot of people are reluctant to have kids due to the current social atmosphere. “I think [a child] is a gift from heaven,” Sarah said. “Even if I say I want another baby, I might not be able to. We’ll just go with the flow and let fate decide.”

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