Life After TVB: Jason Chan and Sarah Song Make More Money as YouTubers

After leaving TVB last year, celebrity couple Jason Chan (陳智燊) and Sarah Song’s (宋熙年) YouTube careers are thriving. Each artiste is reportedly bringing in $150,000 to $200,000 HKD a month, which is higher than their previous TVB earnings.

The couple’s lifestyle channel on YouTube, Sarah & Jason, has managed to garner over 110,000 subscribers. With the couple speaking fluent English and Cantonese, the videos are a mixture of both languages. On their channel, they share daily vlogs of their life together along with their one-year-old child Damon, as well as product, food, and travel recommendations.

Besides their YouTube careers, both are also sought-after MC hosts at events. When asked if his current income is indeed higher than his previous TVB earnings, Jason didn’t directly confirm the numbers, but admitted that their earnings were in the ball park of the reported figures.

Although Jason was initially worried about work opportunities after leaving TVB, he feels very fortunate to have YouTube, hosting jobs, as well as musical performances as multi-revenue opportunities. Jason revealed that Sarah is currently a host on a Hong Kong television program, while he is now in talks with ViuTV for future job opportunities.

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  1. 110,000 ? That’s nothing yet they are making money? Wow, no wonder ppl are just utubing and no real jobs needed. lol

  2. I think this article is a little misleading in that it implies the two are each making $150000 to $200000 HKD a month from Youtube. Their channel kinda sucks to be honest and their views are quite low. On average, it takes approx. 1 million views to make approx. $7000 USD from Youtube ad revenue. Doesn’t seem like the two have a lot of sponsored posts either so I’m not sure how they’re raking in that much. I suspect most of their earnings are from hosting gigs?

    1. @chena Kinda suck? hahah.. Yeah big time, I came upon it one time and I can never understand why people subscribe. haha Lol..One speaks Singlish even thou she’s Australian or something & the other was it British accent? They are kinda annoying so I stopped after a few mins. I usually watch food channels so I have no clue why I came upon it one time probably cuz I watch some TVB clips here and there and the guy is an ex tvb actor. haha Even more mind boggling was that they made that much 200K? That # of subscribers is nothing to be making that much. My BIL has a website that you can check all the youtubers approx earnings but I forgot the name of that website now. :0/

      1. @wm2017 lol so true, don’t understand why Sarah’s English is so bad when she’s form Australia, especially since she does hosting. Jason is kinda cute tho.

    2. @chena yup, agreed that their channel is kinda boring. Watched a couple videos and then didn’t watch anymore (though YouTube often recommends their new ones). They’re just not that interesting….

  3. I don’t get why you guys are dissing her English, I’m from Australia too and I don’t find anything wrong with her English, just because it’s a different accent doesn’t mean it’s bad English.

  4. Having watched afew of the videos, her English is not a issue at all. She articulate herself well.
    Their content on the other hand is not as good. Really not very engaging and enjoyable.
    Lots of good choices on Youtube that is better.
    Will not subscribe to their channel.

  5. After reading the above comments, I searched and watched 3 of their videos (English versions) on YouTube. They are like their very casual conversations, too casual and not of any substance. If they want to make a living on them, they should make their videos more interesting and of substance. Otherwise, they will not be able to survive long. People watch their videos now only because of their celebrity status, not because of the contents of their videos.

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