Kevin Cheng and Ruco Chan Team Up in TVB’s “Eye in the Sky”

Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) are confirmed to be starring in the upcoming TVB crime thriller Eye in the Sky <天眼>, produced by Fong Chun Chiu (方駿釗). Production will begin this May. The drama was first introduced at TVB’s 2014 Sales Presentation last November in the format of a pre-filmed trailer.

One of the station’s highest-earning actors in mainland China, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) immediately called back Kevin to return to Hong Kong to help TVB hold the fort as the station battles with the Hong Kong television competition against HKTV. Kevin reportedly had to turn down two mainland Chinese drama offers worth 25 million RMB in order to film the drama.

After starring in the hit series Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> in 2011, Kevin immediately shot to unprecedentedly popularity levels and changed his career focus to shooting mainland Chinese dramas, in which he earned at least 500,000 RMB per episode. According to reports, Kevin was scheduled to film a mainland Chinese martial arts drama in the first half of 2014, and then film another mainland Chinese drama in July, but the TVB-managed actor had to clear his schedule in order to make room for Eye in the Sky, reportedly losing 25 million RMB in the process.

The 44-year-old actor, however, does not seem it is a loss. Currently suffering from a knee injury, Kevin said his return to Hong Kong has allowed him sufficient time to recuperate. Kevin confirmed his casting in the new TVB drama in a phone interview several days ago, and said, “Money is not the most important, but health and happiness. Recently I have time to do physical therapy for my right leg.”

Eye in the Sky will be Kevin and Ruco’s first collaboration together as lead stars. Their last dramas together was in 2009’s Burning Flame 3 <烈火雄心3> and 2011’s Only You <Only You只有您>.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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  1. Wow, two handsome guys collaborating as lead looking forward for this new drama yes .yes. what about lead actress ? Didn’t mention ?

  2. Ahhhh excited for this!! Hope tavia is the female lead, it seems unlikely unless she signs with tvb again since her contract is up in April!

    Crossing my fingers for it to be Kevin tavia and Ruco!?

  3. I want fala back! actually, it would be great to see Aliza Sam too

  4. No hot chance that it will be Ada? I would like to see Ada and Kevin pair up.

  5. OMG, two eye candies in one show! Yes, who is good enough to be the female lead? How about Myolie? They might put one of the recent Miss HK. Can’t wait to find out more!

  6. I’d like to see Joey Meng casted as the female lead or Kristal Tin is a good choice too.

      1. Kristal is possible. Joey has an upcoming drama with Bobby (not sure when that will be).

      2. Kristal is an auntie? I guess Ruco is an uncle as well since they are the same age. But it’s fair to say Kevin is an uncle because of his age. Joey does not look like she’s 44, I’m so jealous of her youthful looks.

      3. Oh No. No Kristal Tin for the two handsome guys. She looks C9 and auntie though she ages the same as Ruco. Her pairing with Ruco in NGEW was awkward. Joey can match KC in age but not Ruco who’s her younger brother.

      4. Joey acted as Ruco’s love interest before. That was so many years ago.

      5. Joey and Ruco were a good pairing. But too bad you all didn’t watch the show.

  7. if this news is truth, it will be amazing. hope the Ledad Female would be Myolie Wu. Since Kevin Cheng and Myolie has sparks always as couple and partner.

    And with Ruco maybe Too, they say once again in a hong kong fashion show, that if they has the oportunity to colaborate together, will be amazing. So this is the chance and the time.


  8. Rumors has it Selena may be joining this series but not sure if she’ll be the first female lead. Kevin and Ruco both had chemistry with her, it could work out if she was cast since she’s not signed on for any series right now.

  9. Tavia tavia !!!!!

    I wanna see tavia and myolie in another series together it’s been so so long

  10. Definitely looking forward to this drama. Who is the female lead? That is the question.

  11. I hope the female lead is strong because the main actors are strong. I hope Tavia is the female lead because I’ve been waiting for Kevin and Tavia pairing again.

    1. Agree the male leads are strong but if the female leads are weak the series might just be anther series with average of like 26 points which is quite bad.

    2. Yes, I agreed. Tavia and Kevin or Ruco. I love them.

  12. Among the lead fadans at the moment:
    -Charmaine (not sure if she will film another drama for tvb after The Apostle for this year)
    -Myolie (out because she will be filming with Moses starting in March and supposedly will head to mainland for a drama afterwards)
    -Tavia (depends on if she renews her contract)
    -Kate (should be free then)
    -Kristal (should also be free)
    -Linda (out because will be filming the blockbuster drama with Alex)
    -Nancy (out because will be filming Commercial Wars with Wayne)
    -Selena (should be free)
    -Mandy (might be free)

  13. I bet they are going to cast some female lead that’ll make us go…”what?!” and spoil the whole series…

    1. That might also be the case. Rumor has it that Virginia Lok is recruiting Jennifer Tse to be female lead.

  14. Taviaaaaa!! the only actress i want to see paired up with both/either Kevin and Ruco!

    1. Me too. They both give off the similar semi-good-semi-evil vibe.

    2. Me too I want Kate Tsui or Nancy Wu to pair up with Ruco! Although Joey Meng would be awesome too!

  15. Wait! I read lead stars meaning co-lead. But 620 personally asked her most beloved to come back for this, so I am sure it will be quite one sided. So… who is the female lead? Will this be Tavia’s contract trump card?

  16. Both are Amy’s favs. Surprised it’s not her production.

  17. Ruco Chan looks good in the above photo, even without eyeglasses.

  18. I hope lead is not Aimee or Tavia. Maybe some1 fresh.

  19. The TVB series, Sky Eye, with Kevin and Ruco, promises to be a most interesting one. It is one that many are waiting for as Kevin has not been in a TVB series for quite some time. We want to hear him speak Cantonese again and in his own voice! The yet unchosen female lead makes the waiting more interesting. WHO is she going to be??

  20. Tavia confirmed for the series. (I guess they worked out the contract?)

    1. She renewed her contract? Guess she aint going anywhere.

      1. So excited that tavia is confirmed!!!!!! Exactly what I hoped for. Cannot wait for this drama! Excited for more info 🙂

    2. Where did you read the news that Tavia signed the contract with TVB? I want to know too?

  21. Not sure what the story for the female lead is but if it is about some expert or some tech savvy sexy woman, why not give the role to Ankie Belkie?

      1. Likewise. The fadans are so overused. I was hoping for someone different.

      2. This is just a second time for Tavia and Kevin or Tavia and Ruco.

      3. I like that Tavia’s lead, but I wouldnt mind someone new/different- BUT PLEASE…if new/different, don’t cast a fresh-out-of-the-oven Miss HK/International without any acting experience or knowledge o_o””

    1. For Ankie Belkie, it would depend on when this drama is filming and when The Apostle is done filming (The blessing ceremony for the Apostle was 2 days ago). I heard that she is acting as Ray and Char’s third party.

      1. If she does take part, I doubt it’ll be some significant role. It’ll probably be another third party role in one of the main leads’ relationship.

    2. Agreed, then Ankie can have steamy scenes with both Kevin and Ruco. haha 🙂

  22. Can’t please everyone!

    Glad it’s tavia. Every fadan has their fair share of series filmed. I’m glad their not bringing in someone else like Jennifer tse (first rumored)

    Also this is a pretty nice pairing! It’s been too long for Kevia series! And have been waiting so long for another Ruta pairing. Bonus for me 🙂

    So quit the complaining people! Just be happy it’s someone that can act and can speak proper Cantonese haha

    1. Yes, I am waiting so long to see Tavia and Ruco since “真相” . Also Tavia and Kevin since “鉄馬尋橋”. If it is true, I will be very happy.

      1. It’s true. Good news for fans of both pairings.

    2. Loved TAvia and Ruco’s chemistry in The Other Truth! Awesoming pairing, and excited to see Kevin back for filming 🙂

  23. just came back from Brother’s Keeper Concert at Genting (Malaysia) … it was a very nice performance yesterday night =) … in fact the crowd was quite big yesterday, even Kristal Tin expressed that she was surprise that so many people attended the event … the luckiest are those who bought VIP Tickets (mainly fans from Hong Kong, they got to shake hands with Kristal, Edwin, Ruco … now i regret not buying VIP ticket =(, but anyway lucky enough to win tickets to watch this special concert =) … their first attempt to hold a concert and it was quite successful.

    1. the concert ended so quickly, 2 hours passed by just like in a blink of an eye … no encore segment =(, sigh why did the crowd leave so quickly, maybe because there were many older audience, i think definitely if there are more young people they will shout for encore.

    2. there are also many funny conversations at the concert =D, quite entertaining =) … Ruco’s “cincai” and “saya cinta pada mu” also was recited at the concert, haha =D

      somebody ask edwin for something (not sure what is it but i think is something like a sweet) … he replied “i dont have that, but i only have peanut candies” … some audience also ask him why didnt he bring the peanut candies … oh yah, also the malaysian element … so he talk about his “Ah Yap” character from Daddy Good Deeds … and mention about the “cicak (lizard)” which he pronounced more like a cantonese slang of “Chik Chak”

    3. Both Edwin & Ruco singing performance was very very very good =)… both fast and slow songs were very nice, loved it ^ ^

      after watching the concert, i felt edwin is actually nicer to watch at live shows than on tv … he is actually very friendly and lively, his segment is very happy and cheerful … maybe he was really happy yesterday at the concert because the respond was good and he get to successfully hold his singing concert

      edwin & ruco duets are also really nice … i think both their voice merge together sound really good … they sang 2 songs, one song from the “Young & Dangerous (Ekin Cheng + Jordan Chan)” movie … and of course, the Brother’s Keeper song “Gui Lun”

      of course, there are so many more interesting things at the concert … will write if i remember =P

  24. i didnt take any photos that night, since the ticket say cameras are not allowed … but Edwin & Ruco openly allowed their photos to be taken at the concert, should have brought my camera =/ … anyway just share some photos that are updated on local magazine.

    1. Ruco’s photo … he wore spectacles and a coat on top of this shirt in the next few songs … and said, hopefully the clothes doesnt look like a pyjamas … later in the duet segment, Edwin also wore a shirt with the same type of stripe and color, they really look like brothers.

      1. Seem like Ruco gain a bit of weight eh? On screen his face seem so thin and skinny. In photos his face seem fuller. Must be true when they said you gain 10 lbs when taking photos, LOL!

    2. Edwin’s photo, he gave really good fan service to all the audience at the VIP section and front row of the upper seats … he slowly shake hands with so many people and take photo with quite alot of fans while singing … he said one aunty from the front row of the upper seats grab his hand so tight that even he felt himself being lifted up.

      edwin’s mother also attended the concert, she was sitting at the VIP section.

    3. Kristal’s photo … she sang many songs, mainly in the jazz style … mainly mandarin songs … i wonder why she want to sing so many mandarin songs, she also sang a few cantonese songs … maybe she thought the malaysian audience prefer mandarin songs because she ask the crowd whether they are more use to mandarin or cantonese … but of course audience who attend a tvb concert will definitely listen to cantonese songs isnt it? if we wanted to listen to mandarin songs we could have just went to a taiwanese singer concert … but anyway she sang all her songs well =), but it was more to jazzy style.

    4. Louise Lee also sang quite alot of songs, many oldies songs from Paula Tsui (if i remember correctly), Teresa Teng & Bai Guang.

      Louise Lee is quite funny, some stage show elements from Brother’s Keeper in the concert … Edwin ask Louise Lee “mother … what are you doing here? and why are you wearing red” … Louise Lee said “i just argued with your father so i decided to come out and perform singing” … later Louise Lee said “the reason i am here is to fill up the time for my children to change their clothes backstage” … but she was more on a pessimistic mode like her character in Brother’s Keeper, she also said “many people will say, an elderly lady at 60 over years old, why do you still want to sing … she said she has a method, she will stick to evergreen songs like those from Teresa Teng” … also she mention about people who mistaken her for Fong Yee Kei … her singing is very good for golden oldies, especially the Bai Guang song.

  25. Tavia, Charmaine, Myolie, Joey Meng, Annie Liu, or Hu Jinh.

    1. Joey Meng exterior doesnt really suit the character imo. Although I personally think her acting is good, appearance wise she doesnt pull off a convincing assassin in my eyes.

  26. Kevin, Ruco and Tavia, lovely threesome and this certainly promises to be an exciting series in all aspects.

  27. yayyyy tavia will be filming it sky eyes!!!! i’m so excited to see her pair with kevin and ruco! would’t know who to root for! hahaha

  28. charmaine please 🙁 wishing for charvin to collaborate again 🙂

  29. Hope Ruco won’t play second fiddle to Kevin. He’s a way better actor than Kevin; as can be seen in his previous collaboration with Kevin in BF3 and Only You, Ruco outshone Kevin even in his supporting roles.

    1. I am afraid on paper he may be second fiddle. But he is a far better actor so in the end it doesn’t matter as long as hopefully the entire story is well written. Hopefully not the nice guy turned misunderstood hero again.

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