“Storm in a Cocoon” Premieres at 26 Ratings Points

Tavia Yeung’s (楊怡) new costume drama Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> only premiered at 26 ratings points. Despite the low ratings, Tavia did not feel discouraged and appeared with cast members to promote the drama yesterday.

Tavia and Cilla Kung (樂曈) took a ferry to Cheung Chau to attend TVB Chairman Norman Leung’s (梁乃鵬) promotional luncheon for the series. Tavia and Cilla did not hesitate to promote on the streets while they were on their way to Cheung Chau either. The pair handed out traditional peace buns and Storm in a Cocoon posters to the public. Unfortunately, Tavia was rather seasick during her ferry ride, and ended up feeling dizzy when she got off. She stated that she has to take motion sickness pills whenever she boards a boat, after experiencing an extreme case of vomiting due to travelling for work.

“Storm in a Cocoon” is Too Old School?

Storm in a Cocoon is Steven Ma’s (馬浚偉) comeback drama. Revolving around the murder of Steven’s sister, each family member and employee at the silk factory becomes a suspect. Although there are suspenseful elements featured in the story, some viewers claimed the family bickering is too old school.

Tavia defended the production and stated that the show is considerably modern for that era. “I believe the series will become more interesting as the plot develops, because a lot of viewers will want to know who the murderer is.”

Steven Excited to Sing Theme Song

Despite the slow start in its ratings, Steven hopes that the finale will achieve 30 ratings points. Steven said, “I’m very happy to be able to sing the theme song. TVB also invited me to appear on Jade Solid Gold <勁歌金曲>. It’s been three to four years since my last appearance on the show. I’m very nervous.”

At the luncheon gathering, a cake was prepared for Maggie Shiu (邵美琪) and Matt Yeung (楊明), whose birthdays are in February.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. awww i wish the ratings are higher, i really enjoy the show, not old school at all! hahah love the mystery aspect.

    and so excited to hear Steven appearing on JSG!! 🙂 love his singing and his voice!

  2. Personally I like Storm in a cocoon, especially the chemistry between Steven and Tavia. I also like Maggie Shiu’s performance. It’s been a while since I like a TVB series so much that I eagerly look forward to the next episode. Don’t understand what HK viewers are looking for as I don’t think this is too old school, not at all.

  3. The show is pretty good! Don’t understand why this ratings aren’t doing well…this is much better then some of the drama that are being shown or was shown….

    Hong Kong viewers taste different….

  4. Whilst the storyline sounds promising, i think viewers are sick of the “family members-scheming-to-do-each-other-in” type of heavy melodramas. Very tedious to watch. On the other hand, i think light dramas like Gilded Chopsticks and Outbound Love fare better.

    1. Gilded Chopsticks is not light drama. In fact it is even more bickering and fighting than storm in a cocoon with very very heavy drama going on.

      And I’d rather storm in a cocoon than a roundabout story like Outbound love that does not justify 10 episodes, more so 22 episodes.

      1. To each his own. Didn’t watch GC, just read the synopsis but I believe there’s a fair share of comedy with WCL helming the drama.
        I love OL; so what if you dont like it. Doesnt matter to me or anyone else. What I like is my biz, thx for trying to impose yr opinion on me.

      2. I personally quite like this type of drama- it’s been a while since the family/business dramas have come up. I also liked Outbound Love- it was cute and relaxing which was a nice break from the usual intense dramas.

      3. I don’t get why most seems to think OL is relaxing, etc when the story is every bit as dramatic. A father hates his daughter for causing his wife’s death, a fiance cheating with BFF right under her nose, GF sleeping her way to the top right under his nose, etc etc. Just because it is not wrapped in some palace conspiracy or some big business at the turn of the century doesn’t mean it is relaxing and easy going and what not.

        Choco-bunny, you’re right about to each his own. More so to each who has yet to watch the series so commented making a sweeping statement representing the viewers. I did not impose my opinion on you, I am merely explaining why I think so.

      4. ” More so to each who has yet to watch the series so commented making a sweeping statement representing the viewers. ”

        Ms Funn, what i said merely represented my thoughts, i did not at any point say that my comments represented the HK audience or any other viewers, don’t put words in my mouth. Why the need to go all defensive over a drama that you like? I did not say anything bad about the drama, sorry if it offended you. There’s no need to come at me, guns all ablaze to shoot down my comments and make it seem like your taste is superior to mine. I do not appreciate being told what is good drama or not. Same advice to you, to each his own. I like OL, nothing wrong with liking it; lots of people do even if you don’t. Your taste is just different, it’s in no way superior nor are you smarter than the rest of us who happen to like OL.

      5. I’ll venture a guess that Outbound Love is considered light becos it’s supposed to be a love story which you can expect a happily-ever-after ending, notwithstanding the “darker” elements mentioned. No scheming or plotting which is the hallmark of heavy dramas. All’s well ends well.

    2. Outbound love was a bad series, and as Funn said should have been compressed into 10 episodes. Even then might have been bad because Aimee Chan’s portrayal was not good.

      Gilded chopsticks started promisingly but I was hoping that it’ll be funnier. All I see now is the stupidly repetitive “ham yui fan sang” saying and the comedic element is missing. Funn is right the fighting and bickering is more, but it should be more comedic.

      Whereas storm in a cocoon you know from the promo that it’s a drama, not a light hearted comedic show. Nothing wrong with a good drama, with good storyline and good acting, good Cantonese (as picklehead said).

      1. I am really liking Gilded Chopsticks right now. Although it is not extremely funny for some, it is enough to make me laugh. It’s not super exaggerated. It’s a Qing Dynasty drama, centering on 8th brother and them vs. 4th brother…

        And let me ask you this, which Chinese TV drama which had Qing Dynasty related didn’t show the bickering and fighting between the brothers? Are TV producers suppose to make it all cheery, light, comedic and happy when it’s not in actual Chinese history? Even for a light drama, especially for a Qing Dynasty drama, there will be some level of bickering and fighting going on. One shouldn’t expect a Qing Dynasty drama to be too too comedic..

      2. And I do think the “ham yui fan sang” expression is overused, but I think it has something to do with Wong Cho Lam’s character, since he used to be wealthy but now going through poor lifestyle and his family members were accused of something.

      3. So far I find the drama element heavier than the comedy element in GC but it is ok. I mean how can anyone make Yongzheng’s rise to power and rule funny? It is not Kangxi or Qianlung. He is bound to kill his brothers, as popularised in every depiction.

      4. “ham yu fan sang” is simply because he was a former rich man’s son now down on his luck selling salted fish buns and on his way back to rebuilding his family fortune and that nothing can get him down.

      5. ““ham yu fan sang” is simply because he was a former rich man’s son now down on his luck selling salted fish buns and on his way back to rebuilding his family fortune and that nothing can get him down.”

        ^ Yeah, that’s what I am saying.. That it’s related to WCL’s character. 😐

    3. Actually, the main siblings are not really bickering at each other. It’s more the uncle and cousin that are doing it. And it would not surprise me if those two were the culprit, or it might turn out to be an accidental death, whatever it might, currently, the drama might give a vibe that there is brick earring in the family. But the siblings are very close to each other, I like Steven relationship with his sister, too sad, she die young. And I was a bit disappointed that she die in the first episode, but as you watch on, you get to see more of her, which is nice 🙂 all in all, it’s quite good 🙂 and I’m watching :p and can’t wait for next episode, that said something :p because I generally don’t like a lot of drama lately.

      1. There will bound to be ppl like u who dislike & ppl who like OL….truly depend on their taste….for me, I enjoy OL & Storm in a cocoon…no problem at all…

  5. The show is old school hence the old school bickering. Seriously HK viewers complain about every little thing. This series is actually really good so far in fact it’s the best one to air so far this year. Steven’s acting is great as always.

  6. Old school? Every TVB story is old school, even the purportedly modern ones! I’d rather old school with good storyline and good acting than new school with bad storyline and bad acting. So far Storm In A Cocoon is enjoyable, not the best or most imaginative but so far pretty engaging with nice scenery and nice costumes.

    1. Yup, agree with you there. Would I want more? Absolutely! However, considering the drama that have been release this year, up till now, this is one of the best, if not best. The Chinese drama I got is a bunch of rubbish. The latest chinese drama is another remake of Mulan -.- and a stretch story of one of the main story of justice Bao, talk about unimaginative mainland production.

      So it’s best till ruby’s new drama come out hahaha 😀 the one with yuan hong 😉

  7. Yeah, it is old school because it’s actually a good series. It’s been a looong time since we watched a series that was captivating, didn’t have Kate or Myolie, or the new comers that aren’t fluent in cantonese. Based on what I saw anyways, everyone’s cantonese seems decent.

    It sort of reminds me of the Wine one with Charmaine and Gordon but this is still good.

    I’m not a fan of outbound love and same thing with gilded chopsticks. The New year one was good, I can’t remember but it had 15 eps.

    1. Well said picklehead. Indeed, agree that “been a looong time since we watched a series that was captivating, didn’t have Kate or Myolie, or the new comers that aren’t fluent in cantonese. Based on what I saw anyways, everyone’s cantonese seems decent.”

    2. This is the old school tvb I missed lol! Just wish I can get the whole series in 1 day hahaha

      1. I agree with you! I get addicted to dramas too easily and I just wanna finish the whole thing in a day! LOL
        Even though I like most of the newer actors, I don’t fail to agree with you with the older ones.

        When I first heard and saw the candids and promos for Storm in a Cocoon, I didn’t want to start watching it because I thought that it would’ve been boring or too sad. However, I was very surprisingly enjoying the first episode and then the next, and then the next, until I reached the 5 now! LOL Now, I’m hooked on this drama! I personally really like Steven, I grew up watching him in fact, and Tavia is always great; their chemistry is so captivating too! I’m praying that they FINALLY have their happy ending, it’s been a long time coming…Since Cupid Stupid, actually! I can’t wait for more of this!

      2. Haha same, growing up watching steven, louis and chilam lol! Though i dont like cupid stupid >_> maybe thats the reason why i dont like michael tse >_> like i would love it more the series end differently >_>

      3. Agree with you guys. Storm in a Cocoon is a pretty good series and one of the few that I’ve actually been ‘chasing’ recently. And honestly, who cares if it’s old school — as long as the story/script and the acting are both good (which so far both are), that’s all that really matters in my opinion.

        @Jen — I’m also hoping for a happy ending too for Steven and Tavia (and based on what Tavia said during her interview promo clip for the series recently, looks like we might actually get a ‘good’ ending for these 2 this time around….)

    3. I agree- criticizing it to be so-called ‘old-school’, well than in other words it’s a great drama. I am really enjoying the series so far, most if not all actors performances are great so far and the setting/scenery is great too. Whatever they try to complain about, let them complain, because it’s not constructive criticism anyway and just their habit of punching holes in things for the sake of it.

      Complaining the storyline to be oldschool, I say it’s a lot better than the recent series that I’ve watched over the years even with its common family feud kind of plot line…it still draws my interest with the plot’s unpredictable nature imo being part mystery/investigation kind of drama.

      Definitely going to continue watching, my interest for Storm in A Cocoon is here to stay.

      1. Im also watching gilded chopsticks so far…most scenes are more than overly exaggerated and whilst they are meant to cause some kind of humour, I don’t find the scenes funny at all, just makes me raise an eyebrow everytime…

    4. You guys are making me excited because I have not seen a good series from TVB in a very very long time.

  8. I wonder who is the real murderer. I think it is the cousin or the older brother

    1. I think it’s the cousin and uncle, hope it’s not the older brother.

    2. I think the kid brother must accidentally hurt his sister? Then left, then the cousin & uncle took the opportunity to kill her 😉

      1. I don’t think the youngest killed her per say, I think the reason why he’s so traumatized is because I think he witnessed something he shouldn’t have! I honestly feel like it’s the Cousin, because in the theme song that plays in the beginning of every episode, there was a scene with the sister and him, so I think he’s highly suspicious. Or, I’ll be more impressed and surprised with TVB, if they made it someone that was totally unpredictable. That’s what TVB lacks when it comes to murderers… They’re so easy to identify most of the time! LOL

      2. Youngest? I think it is the eldest! But why would he kill her anyway? Loverboy seems the easiest to accuse though.

      3. Didnt say the kid brother kill her. I said he hurt her, then run away. He thought he killed her, but in actual fact, it is the cousin lol

    3. on the surface it looks like the uncle and his son are the most suspected,but i dont think its the oldest brother because he looks very honest,who ever it is i think it has certainty something to deal with their silk company.

    4. I have a feeling it’s the older brother…after the family somewhat found out about Steven and Tavia’s investigation into the sister’s death after Tavia’s character made a huge scene in accusing the ex-husband, I think the brother is trying to appear to or subtly convince Steven that he’s not one of the suspects.

      I doubt it’s the cousin. While down the track audiences would soon find out they had some sort of romantic relationship going on between each other, that would simply be far too easy to guess him as the murderer…I mean, in almost every single promo video, they clearly show that the sister and cousin were having an affair, so obviously it would make the audiences link him to her murder…don;;t think they’d be that stupid to give away such a hint/clue as to who the real murderer would be.

    5. My guess is the elder brother (Evergreen), since it looks like from the previews and other stuff I’ve read that he will likely “turn evil” later on in the series. I’m thinking the younger brother probably witnessed what happened (or some part of it) which is why he gave the reaction he did when he saw his sister died as a result.

      1. @ilwy,as you said if the elder brother turns evil later,means he is still a good guy now so i dont think he isnt the one that kill his sister.i guess its a mysterious person that doesnt appear yet.

      2. I think so too! I mean why on earth the kid brother so traumatised? He must have seen something very terrible? Or maybe that is just to throw us off? That in the end it doesn’t matter because it will become a war-love-class-business rivalry story.

      3. Though the kid brother did not afraid of the eldest brother, so if he saw something ralated to his sister’s death, it would probably something small lol

  9. Seriously wondering how to make HK viewers appreciate a good meaningful drama, with good cast, good setting. But so far they only appreciate “shallow” storylines like OL? Very disappointed with the low ratings for SIAC. Stevia, i will continue to support you cos you both and all others are great in this drama. Maybe low ratings also due to timeslot, and more people watching online. I will ignore ratings for now cos it sure does not reflect on the true quality of a drama, sigh.

  10. Enjoyed Storm in cocoon so far but I am sorry to say this and I know it has been discuss again and again in this site but Tavia yeung nose and her thick make up is really get in the way..I really wish she didn’t do anything to her nose, she look quite pretty in her old dramas. Even Maggie Siu look away prettier than her.
    Maggie Siu doesn’t change much after all these years..She looks very natural in this drama..

    1. What done is done, move on. There are many worse actress in this department than tavia. Take yuan Shan Shan for example. Her face is bloody ugly, and annoyed to look at. If you think Tania’s nose is annoying, try rewatch scheme of beauty and count how many ducklips you can see in that series. I’ll take 1 nose over 20 ducklips >_>

      1. I’m so sorry but do you need to bash Yuan Shan Shan for that sake? Someone is annoyed at the nose more than the ducklips while you are annoyed at the ducklips than the nose. I myself find ducklips (natural or PS) are easy to watch than botox face. So just protect your actress and let others out.

      2. Lol, so touchy. I listed her name because i dont go and remember other actress’s name lol. And yuan shan shan is constantly being thrown at my face :p i dont need to protect tavia, i found these ‘nose complaints getting old. It has been over a year, every time her new drama come out, ppls are like im so tired of watching her nose. Why dont you do what i do? Turn off tv if i see yuan shan shan lol.

      3. What you’ve said is a protection and it’s kinda over-protective. And you drag someone you don’t like in irrelevant situation. Nobody is talking about YSS here. If you are tired of the nose, you can choose to shut the windows and stop reading any comment about the nose. Why don’t you do?

      4. I must have hurt your idol, huh. Like I said example. But whatever. I could shut it off, and generally I did. But after a year + of this silly comment, I finally had enough and speak up once? And gosh, I’m sorry my knowledge of plastic surgery babes not as much as you to bring in more than just 1 name. You are taking everything so defensively, it’s a comment box, don’t get so work up lol

      5. Also, I’m reading window about her new drama, yet ppl hell bend on bringing up the nose. Why don’t they stop infecting every article about her with nose comment? I like her, but I don’t need to defense her, I just think those sort of comments are getting old and overuse, I’m sorry I got sick of the broken record and speak my mind lol.

        You think I’m protective? Lol, who is the one acting all protective ATM? Hint: it ain’t me

      6. Look like you are one of changing avatar users. It means you are using several usernames here. Well, we all know the multi-usernames are scary and you are one.

        You deny that you don’t defense her? Lolz, look at what you are doing.

        I’m not a fan of Yuan Shan Shan or even like her, but you are doing the same way you are bashing, so I’m telling you to do what you’ve suggested.

      7. I have 2 iPad, I’m using same name on both but couldn’t remember which email, so I just use new one. If I could be bother to make several user names to defend myself, and make my point, I wouldn’t bother using the same name. And I’m too lazy to change. So that’s that.

        You can say what you want, fox. I explained my reason, if you continue to be unreasonable, so be it. If you can’t understand my reason to speak up, you are just prejudice. Should my liking of the actress meanI can’t voice my frustration against ppls who constantly use the same boring line? It is just so happen that it is the ‘I’m bored of her nose’.

        On other forum, I voiced my frustration with the line’ you can’t speak English”, ” go check your grammar before you try to argue”.

        And I’m not the one who used defensive tone like you do, so seriously, you are the one doing the protecting here. Be it protecting YSS, or the anti fan.

        Again, you are prejudice to think ppls who speak up against an anti fan is a fan, trying to protect their idol. When in fact, I still voice it if I don’t like her -.- I’m sorry but growing up with a bunch of broken records around me, I tend to get fed up quickly with broken record lines. I think I’ve done enough explaining, if you want to continue acting so bitterly, go ahead 🙂

      8. Also, I never really bother to figure out how to change icon, so that’s just me being lazy. But I don’t tend to jump to conclusion and think of ppls badly straight off. Whereas you seem to like to clump up ppls to be the same, without actually trying to see and understand them.

      9. No, it means you can’t say something like “Why dont you do what i do? Turn off tv if i see yuan shan shan lol.” because you can choose to shut the windows instead of talking about those “nose complaints”.

        If you still can’t get it, then you should check for your own problems. You sound surly with your comments.

      10. BTW, I don’t have to guest, you are showing yourself as a diehard fan here. Unless you are the type that even don’t dare to accept you are a fan, I’ll pretend to accept you as a non-fan but protect like a fan. Done.

      11. As long as she still have the nose people will keep discussing it. The frustration of hearing the discussion again and again same as the frustation have to see her nose everytime she turn side way.

    2. Forget the makeup! She looks like she’s Maggie’s age when she is a decade younger. It’s distracting to see a 40 year old looking woman TRYING to act cute and bickering with Steven. They should cast fala or Samantha in this character.

      1. negative. obviously they didn’t cast fala or Samantha for a reason. because they can’t act duh.

      2. Agreed with Funn, Tavia is too loud and noisy at the same time. .and her makeup but her acting is good.

      3. I do find her loud and noisy in this drama, hope it get toned down as we go deeper into the storyline?

      4. But Tavia is the better actress and have more chemistry with Steven, so that’s good enough for me.

      5. guys,tavia speaks loud because her personality of her character in the drama is loud,and speaking loud can emphasise her straightforward character more i think.

      6. Yea, I know her loud and noisy is her character, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true lol. That’s why i said hopefully, it tone down as the story progress, as the character grow, as ATM, her character is slightly immature 🙂

    3. ” but I am sorry to say this and I know it has been discuss again and again in this site but ..”

      lol, really, if you are sorry than don’t talk /mention it again and be the head of another discussion of something that is talked over and over again.

      It’s like when people say “No offense/I don’t mean to offend but…” o_O well, if people don’t want to offend, then just don’t say it.

  11. As a tavia fan, I think she can also tone it down on her makeup especially the super distracting lip gloss she’s always sporting :/

    However yes i agree theres a difference to her look since she debuted but i still think shes gorgues. And have to disagree that maggie is prettier than her.

    Maggie looks quite beautiful for her age, but i think tavia is alot prettier.

  12. There is a good cast, good storyline (I really want to know who the murderer is), good chemistry and good scenery. What else can people ask for? As for it being old school, didn’t many people say that they miss the old TVB dramas because they were actually good back then? Now this drama comes out and people complain? I don’t know about you guys but this is actually one of the dramas that I come home looking forward to watch. HK people need to stop being picky. LOL.

    1. Haha…being the ‘old-school’ TVB junkie that I am (I grew up in the 80s), of course I totally agree with you! I honestly don’t see too much to complain about with SIAC so far…true, Tavia’s character is too loud and she has too much makeup on and there are a few minor details in some of the scenes that could have been done better, but to me, that stuff can be overlooked when the overall story is good and the acting from the entire cast is great. Watch some of the dramas from the 80s and 90s and I’m sure people will spot similar flaws (in fact, there are quite a few classic series where I can point out exactly where the flaws are), but it won’t matter as much if the series itself is good.

      In this particular instance with SIAC, I feel as though people are complaining just for the sake of complaining…

  13. I am enjoying this serie and looking forward to watch it everyday. I also like the performances from Tavia, Steven, Maggie Siu, Evergreen, and etc. I like the bickering scenes between Steven and Tavia and the beautiful scenery in this serie.

  14. I think people just have a fixation on Tavia’s nose. She still look beautiful, and the quality of her acting hasnt changed. People want pretty actress who can’t act? well there are lots. Tavia shd be given due recognition for her acting, instead of just focusing on her looks. Tavia gives us quality acting, sadly people don’t appreciate. Her role will unfold further and has greater depth in later episodes if you watch the trailer. Maggie is 49 and she does look her age. Anyway, i am sure nonHK viewers are appreciating every bit of SIAC in other countries. The drama is unfolding nicely, look toward to Episode 6 & onwards…love the theme song too.

    1. I think the fixation is inevitable. Her nose seems bigger than in Friendly Fire. Everyone is giving her recognition in acting, no one is denying that and even her fans are angry why she is doing this to herself. Everytime she turns sideways, I see nothing but the darn long huge nose that made me shake my head. Why a pretty button nosed girl (or something like that) would want to do this to herself that makes her acting quality dip low. Maggie is 49, she looks her age due to lack of make up but she looks far more natural. Tavia is piling too much make up on her face to look makeup-less.

      Her nose has been the subject of speculations and discussion amongst viewers. YEs her acting is good, yes she can act but seriously, how can anyone not look at the darn unnatural nose? Doesn’t mean no one is appreciating her acting but I am baffled by her own insecurity, like the nose is her defense system, her wall. And now her make up, and her chin and everywhere else.

      1. i enjoy her acting and i like her nose,its just a question of taste,her nose fits to her long face,its not that unnatural,moreover i dont think she has really did that much on her nose,since the begin of her career she already has a long nose.if you dont like it doesnt mean its not beautiful,a lot of western beauties have such nose.most important is that she feels good with her nose then its fine.there will always ppl that dislike,agree with says me, you simply cant please everyone.

      2. I can’t say I like her new nose, I don’t think I even notice it until ppls pointed it out. And then repeatedly comment about the nose for a good year. After that, it’s hard not to noticed and starting to feel annoyed at the nose, too.

        I do agree with funn, her old nose was much better, but what’s done is done, no point in dwelling on it, it is not helping anyone, or make your case any better. Continually dwelling on past mistake isn’t going to make the future better, and it’s her choice, if she likes it, she is going to stick with that nose -.-

      3. Everytime she turns sideways, I see nothing but the darn long huge nose that made me shake my head.
        I agree with you, Funn. Tavia looks okay as long as she does not turn sideway. I also see nothing but her long huge nose.

      4. My parents are both huge nose fans and always noticed Tavia’s nose. My mom asked me if she had a nose job since her nose looks so unnatural. I liked her old and real nose more too. I still wonder why she went for those injections to make it look the way it does now??? But I guess if she likes it, then it is her choice.

      5. Personally I think Tavia likes to have a nicer nose, but did not expect that the plastic surgery would make her nose so long and huge. It does not suit Chinese, especially in ancient drama series.

      6. HTS, “my parents are huge nose fans”…couldn’t stop laughing when i read it………you mean they like huge noses? Just teasing…..of cos i know what you mean. I thought Tavia’s nose was really distracting since the first time i saw her in Heart Of Greed (i think that’s the title, the abalone show that her character is called Jackie or something), then it just keeps getting longer and longer! Hope she’ll stop messing with it.

      7. @rofl,
        Oh no,you misunderstood me. My parents like small and high noses. They hate big noses. What I meant by saying they are nose fans is that they keep track of the nose and feel that in order to look attractive,you need to have a good looking nose which means a small and high nose. They always say for example ” this guy/girl are handsome or beautiful since they have a nice high and small nose”. My dad for example used to always tell me that you can have a good looking mouth and eyes and even facial structure,but if you do not have a nice nose then you cannot be attractive. Therefore,I can conclude that my parents are fans of small and high noses.

      8. It’s probably the camera angle. In that China drama she acted, it wasn’t that obvious. Its a difference case in TVB dramas.

    2. One cant please everyone. People who want to criticise will always find fault with anything. True fans will continue to support her no matter what. Those who focus,on the storyline have no complaints, just sit back and enjoy the drama and respect all the effort put into this production.

  15. I also really enjoy this drama! Definitely love the chemistry between tavia and steven!! I hope the ratings will go up!!

  16. I doubted this series as apart from Tavistock and Steven there weren’t any big stars but I am impressed so far by the plot and acting from everyone. This series is probably one of the very few that gets me wanting to know who is the killer. Besides, 26 is not that bad considering most series were around the 26 point ratings last year.

  17. I have been following both gilded chopsticks and storm in a cocoon. sad to say, storm in a cocoon is really boring and old school indeed and really tiring to see the scheming bla bla.
    gilded chopsticks also has drama but it has a lot of comedy in between so it doesn’t feel so heavy.

  18. And I do think Maggie looks amazing, tavia’s heavy makeup is really unbelievable for a female worker of her status and in that era.

    1. Maggie is always amazing. Wish that TVB gives her more leading roles in the future.

    2. Maybe Tong BB/唐冰冰 wears more makeup because her father owns/runs a TCM shop? So, she can afford more than the other factory workers.

      Also, do female workers speak like Tong BB/唐冰冰 to their bosses? No one complains except for the cousin/彭國良, who I don’t think is the killer. I suspect the ultimate killer may be _____e (the first five letters are missing). Well, I don’t want to spoil it too much yet. haha 🙂

      BTW, is Yu Zi Ming/餘子明 the actor playing Tong BaBa/唐爸爸 (Tong BB/唐冰冰’s non-biological father)?

      And, Tavia’s nose looked better in “Food for Life” (around 2005).

      1. Kinda obvious who is the killer, the question is does 3rd master know? Because I swear I saw some side eye thing.

      2. “Because I swear I saw some side eye thing.”


        Operative word is “some”. Which one of the “some” suspicious looks is the “obvious” one? haha 🙂

        I don’t think it’s the eldest son/大少爷 either. But, he knows something.

        I don’t think the third son/三少爷 knows yet.

      3. Don’t know, some told me it is bad acting. Can;t be THAT bad.

        Definitely not loverboy. Baby brother probably saw something and suppressed it. I will say it is eldest one because he too looked mighty suspiscious, especially asking questions which should not be asked. If not him, can’t be the uncle OR the father OR the women. So must be eldest who feels sister has been immoral? Quite a mystery.

      4. “So must be eldest who feels sister has been immoral?”

        Then, isn’t pregnant factory worker/Yin Hoon/燕歡 (who he accepts) also immoral?

        Agreed, baby brother suppressed some bad memories, which may be making eldest brother nervous. But, I still don’t think eldest brother is the killer.

        Okay, maybe we need to watch the next episode for more information.

      5. She was young and cheated so I think that is a different category.

        Let’s take bets;

        I say eldest brother.

        What say you?! WHAT SAY YOU?!?!??!

      6. Bet what? How we collect? What if they have two different versions with two different killers? Then what? haha 🙂

      7. Bet what?

        Maybe easier for you than me.

        Loser = absolute silence in Jaynestars for errrr 1 week?

        If 2 different killers, winner belongs to the one who actually killed her. Let’s say 1 knifed her, the other strangled her, the eventual act which killed her is strangling. So whoever bet the one who did the strangling wins.

      8. “Loser = absolute silence in Jaynestars for errrr 1 week?”

        Hmmm … let me think about that.

        BTW, by two different versions, I meant two different endings with two different primary killers (not counting any secondary wounders). Primary killer is the one who delivers the final blow.

        Dramas, especially mysteries, sometimes have multiple endings that the actors/actresses themselves do not know which ending will be aired.

  19. Happy birthday Maggie! You are and always will be my favorite actress.

  20. Cilla looks like Tavias daughter beside her ._.
    anyone feels the same

    1. I think Cilla looks super young and cute for her age. And yes I can see why you feel so.

      1. Yup Cilla looks very young and brimming with youth vitality in the picture

    2. I was surprised to learn that Katy Kung is only 23-yo while Cilla Kung is 27-yo. Cilla often looks younger than Katy.

      1. WOAH WTH, Cilla is 27?!?!!!!?! … O_O this comes as a huge shock to me. She looks 20 or even younger!

    3. Cilia is always cast in the bratty girl turns good roles. She hasn’t had any breakthrough performance since the superb one as the autistic girl in FH3.

  21. The story is pretty good… People are so hard to please….

  22. HK viewers definitely have different taste to overseas viewers. I’ve been looking forward to this series since they first announced it and with tavia & Steven being the mains. We’ve seen 6 episodes so far and it hasn’t disappointed us, it’s been awhile since a show has got us complaining the episode finished too quickly and the next one couldn’t come soon enough! Hope there’s a good ending for Stevia x x x

  23. Started the first episode because I am waiting for the latest episodes of Gilded Chopsticks but I have gotta say quite boring for me. After trying 15 mins I turned it off, will try again after more episodes have been aired. Kinda excited Steven is making a comeback after DGD.

  24. I am enjoying this drama so far. The only thing that bothered me was Tavia’s acting. It was like watching an adult try to act like she’s 13.

    1. i think this is because her character is just so, she is frank and talking with her heart rather than with her brains.


    1. There are lots of drama in China such as War and Spy. Go search and watch the one you like.

  26. SIAC isn’t for me either and I am one of those who think that it is indeed feel old school, but not as mesmerizing as the real old school series such as Country Spirit with Charmaine back then. There is also something out of place about Tavia’s acting, I think Maggie fares better.

  27. looks boring from the trailer already, so i didnt bother watching it lol

  28. aww nothing wrong with a little bit of old school here and there, i love how the theme song, the intro , and text, brings out what tvb series use to be.

    <3 love it.

  29. Seen up to ep 4 and like it so far. Though it has flaws but guess that is usual in TVB’s standard.

  30. People love comparing, so I’m not surprised. HK audiences taste are unpredictable so next time TVB should do some market research. Overall this drama is not old school at all, HK audience just don’t love heavy drama 😀

    1. I love SIAC but so far the drama is not all that ‘heavy’ at all, lots of light moments.

  31. Oh dear, nobody seems to like Tavia’s nose though, on the other hand, I find it pert and rather cute. Nowadays she tends to dress better and has nicer hairdos and looks every inch a fa Dan. Re the series mentioned above, it may be ‘old school’ and sometimes melodramatic but it has it’s place in dramas, etc, as it makes a change from those modern and fast and many times violent shows. Besides, Steven and Tavia do make it worth watching.

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