The Four Girls of “Raising the Bar” Become Netizen Favorites

The four young female leads of TVB’s Raising the Bar <四個女仔三個BAR> have become popular since the airing of the legal drama. Grace Chan (陳凱琳), Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), Stephanie Ho(何雁詩), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥) star as young trainee barristers and solicitors.

To promote the series, the four girls made a parody of the K-pop hit “Bar Bar Bar”, originally performed by the South Korean girl group Crayon Pop. Calling it the “brainwashing song”, the parody was of the girls singing and dancing to “Bar Bar Bar”. The girls slightly altered the addictive lyrics, which urged viewers to continue to support Raising the Bar.

Like Crayon Pop, the four girls wore helmets and skirts, dancing with a cute style. To complement the legal theme of the drama, the four girls also danced wearing office attire. The parody left a positive impression on netizens, who praised the girls for being cute and funny. Some even suggested that their mentors in the series—portrayed by lead actors Ben Wong (黃智賢), Ram Chiang (蔣志光), Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), and Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠)—should make their own version of “Bar Bar Bar” and share it online.

“Bar Bar Bar” Parody

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    1. I had to stop the video straight away lmao. It’s nice they did something to promote their series though, but extremely cringe worthy for my liking haha.

    2. hahhhahhahaha exaclty what i was thinking……………….. OMG……… i need to wash my eyes and flush my ears

  1. Funny!
    All the four girls did a great job in the series.
    Great idea for the mentors to have their own mature version lol

  2. This isn’t a bad drama. Nice way to have newer actress on the spotlight. To me Jeannie and Stephanie did the best when it came to acting. Stephanie had a very cute role and it was easy to fall in love with her character. Jeannie’s acting as a rich girl wasn’t bad, but her voice is kind of…high pitch sometimes? Grace is still sort of stiff…and it’s not her fault but she’s overly skinny and doesn’t look as great as she does compare to photo. Definitely see a bright future for her though since she seems confident on what she does. Still think she’ll be a better Mc than actress but I could see her becoming better in the future. And Moon, this is her first drama I believe and acting compare to the other three is the worst but she still isn’t “thaaat” bad and she’s pretty too.

    Hopefully tvb will have newer actress/actors leading ’cause I’m kinda tired of the same old pairings…

    But I’m still waiting for Nancy Wu to become the main. Seriously this girl has the looks and acting skills…wth tvb….

  3. Did TVB produce this for them? Talk about playing favorites…perhaps the future 4 dong ka fadans.

  4. Why would the “mentors” do anything to promote? They hardly have any scenes in the whole series. Natalie is like MIA. Elaine has more scenes with that Don guy (who IS the actor btw?) than with Ben, who’s her husband in the series. I’m sick of Steph’s annoying acting…ugh…

    1. The actor is Sam Tsang.  He was a singer back in the late 80s/early 90s – had a few hits, but his singing career pretty much went nowhere.  Did some acting back then too, but not a whole lot.  Can’t remember which year exactly he returned to TVB, but looks like he is focused more on acting now than singing (though I do see him pop up on some of the music shows every so often).  Also, someone mentioned about his complexion – not sure what happened, but Sam was actually pretty good-looking back in the day…I guess he didn’t age well….

  5. Watched the drama i’m quite impress with it, it’s actually good.

  6. Out of the four i like Stephanie Ho the most. Jeannie chan was the most annoying n can’t stand watching.

    1. me too, i acutally think her role is quite annoying. i also think she’s got the easiest role out of all four.

  7. Yeah, this drama is good, they all did a good job, grace acting is so natural, still can’t believe their chinese are so good, even though they grew up elsewhere, need more drama like this, no more stupid old custom dramas or stupid funny dramas.

  8. UnfOrTunately as usual the focus Now is on cheating wife clueless husband. I want the four girls but niwhere in sight.

    1. Ps thanks tvb for dumbing things down. The parody is neither cute nor helpful. It just shows a bunch of girls in shorts singing about solicitor and barrisitor. No spelling mistake there. Surely these girls deserve more dignified way in promoting the series. Another misfire from tvb for me like the t.i.t.s movie.

      1. oh you watched the tits movie already ?? was it really that bad? I’m planning to go watch it in the cinemas but I’m hearing more negative criticism than I expected …so I don’t know if it’d be worth the money to watch lol

      2. Its worth the money to see tits on the street then a TVB’s T.I.T.S. movie.

  9. For newcomers I guess it’s acceptable standard though Moon’s character probably had a slightly smaller role (except for the getting hitched part) compared to the others. In terms of acting she is also the one I like the least. She could and should have put in a lot more when given the spotlight. That’s just my two-cents worth

    1. Moon Lau is such a hottie. She looks so elegant in the wedding part. This is a far cry from her role in information shows.

      I am liking Grace more and more. I admit I was in the “she looks so weird” camp last year. Now I would like her to have more chances because she can become a very versatile actress.

      All three of the 2013 Ms HK winners are showing promise. This can prove to be a very good crop of future stars.

    1. yes, stephanie all the way !!! … jeannie and moon is pleasing to watch too.

  10. Wow, so cheesy….puke

    They all speak English, why did they have to pronounce solicitor and barrister with an accent?

  11. OMG!!! They are all pretty, but the parody is just….. too much to handle!!!!! They looked uncomfortable doing it too, especially grace. She wished she was transparent. Lol

  12. Actually, the ingredient is rotten in the first place… It is a dumb kimchi doing. Can’t fault tvb that much.

  13. I think I just lost 5 years of my life watching that lol…

    … poor Grace… she looked like she wanted to die while filming that hahaha

  14. I think this series is watched by mostly ppl in the teens and early 20’s I didnt watch one eps of this even if Ram Chaing and Elaine Yiu is in it….these 4 girls annoy me!!!

    I guest TVB promote them is because they have not enough ppl and all the other fadans such are busy with some other projects….I rather watch Kate Tsui then to watch these 4 noobs!!!

    1. Watch it. Any of the 4 noobs are much better actress than Kate. For once we have young girls playing… young girls! Oh god forbid that should be the case eh?

      1. I’ve seen there acting and i still dont like the ones they are promoting nowadays I cringe whenever Sisley and Grace is on the tube

        I miss the fadans in the 90’s such as Ada Flora Jessica Esther and Kenix

      2. Also the current fadans that is still in tvb too bad that most of them already have left TVB smh…….

      3. Have you guys watched Ada, Flora, and Jessica when they first came out? No one is born a good actress. TVB is actually doing a good job pairing these new actresses with the veterans. That’s how the last crop of fa dan/siu sangs got their training wheels.

        If you want to see an example of TVB promoting a person too fast and without much guidance, look at Linda Chung. *cough*

    2. @joojaibao,
      Totally agree!!

      I haven’t watched “any” TBB series lately. But, at least, Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) has talent and doesn’t hurt my eyes (this I cannot say for the other three), which is why her popularity is rising.

      1. I can see why people will say the other three has no acting skills, but hurting your eyes? You must have some weird standard of beauty.

  15. I had to stop midway through…

    I would like my 50 seconds back please…

    This parody was silly and did not help promote the series or the girls at all. (But I guess it did its job as a parody)

    On a side note, I’m watching the series now… I enjoy some of the cases they talk about. I don’t understand all of it… (particularly the one concerning of the “forced back exit” – I know you guys know which case I’m talking about) I didn’t understand the “date” reference… (it happened in February or October..?)
    Any clarity is greatly appreciated.

    1. Because the charge specified it happened on XX date and if doubt is cast on whether it did happen on XX date, benefit of the doubt is for the defendant that it didn’t. If it didn’t then it means the charge is faulty/wrong and you can’t convict. Beauty of such crime is you can amend the charge or charge again for each and every sodomy done.

  16. i remembered in the ’90 there is such similar serie about barristers called “file of justice” which was immensely popular in hk those days with ratings exceed 40 points.what a difference with this serie that only receive 21 points rating now.

    1. Agree with ur point, but the situations are very very much different from then till now. TVB used to domain over Asia, even to western countries. But look at the choices now, the younger and older generations mostly go for k dramas!!! How many of u all here also chasing k dramas??

      1. I’m born in the early 80’s and I don’t chase kdramas only like tvb but it seems like series nowadays are soso promoting too much noobs

  17. This series is totally not convincing. The 4 girls act too naïve & childish to be called professionals in the field of law. Their so called mentors too, acts abnormally dumb especially Ben. I would consider this a poor kelefe series. And. Why can’t TVB get guys with better complexion. Louis’s & that kelefe (Elaine’s extra-marital lover)- their face is like the surface of the moon.

    1. If HKTV can get good actors/actresses and make quality dramas, why can’t TBB? Hmmm…

    2. Totally DISAGREE with you. I’m a newbie lawyer and this was pretty much my life when I started out. Minus the romance.

      1. I am 100% Chinese & I am utterly disgusted by the way TVB is portraying the Chinese race. Law interns. How old would you say they are? Common, they have to behave more professionally & act mature to gain the confidence of others.

  18. “Bar Bar Bar So Leet C tar’


    Would you trust your cases to these soleetcitars?

  19. I like the dark complexioned girl, on the bottom right. Is she Grace Chan? She seems interesting.

  20. just finish watching the last episode of this drama … overall i feel it is a nice and good show, the contents are interesting, entertaining and also informative … i love watching every single character in this drama except for the irritating Giselle character that ruins the whole drama, Giselle is such an annoying character that i terribly dislike watching especially in the last few episodes, furthermore she has to appear so often for so many minutes in the last episode … at the beginning of the drama i quite like this Giselle character as she is quite cute and lovable, but towards the end this Giselle character is totally a pain to watch … but of course, a good show should not be criticized just because of one character … besides Giselle … I Totally Enjoyed Watching This Drama =) !!!

    1. I think the first 20 eps of the series was enjoyable but it sucked big time in the last 5 eps. It is a typical rushed TVB ending where all the drama is crammed together.

      Giselle started of as likeable but I really hated how Giselle turned out in the end. She really showed that she was another emotional, selfish, stubborn and immature girl who was not suited to become an impartial lawyer. And Grace does not do well in angry scenes whereas she is natural in playful or normal scenes. This is her 2nd series so I accept that she needs more time.

      And Quinton is disappointing as well. I wished he and Giselle had a fight over Marcus’s case rather than act like a lovesick puppy dog. Louis is OK but his role is really simple and bland, easily overshadowed by the other males.

      I never really like Ben and Elaine as a couple. I liked Marcus a lot but disliked his wife and son. Ending is disappointing.

      My favs are Brittany. Ashley and Duncan. I love the chemistry between the 3, especially the odd pairing of Natalie and Timothy who actually look good together despite their age difference.

      Lee Shing Cheung stole the spotlight in his fab crying scene, probably the best actor in the whole series.

      I enjoyed Elena and Kenneth’s brief performance. William Chak was a surprise guest appearance as well.

      Overall, I think RTB is a good series and the four female leads did quite well for newbies. But they still need more time to mature as artistes. And TVB could improve on the ending.

      1. yeah, i agree that Quinton is disappointing as well … like you, i felt that the drama would have been better if Quinton did stood up for Marcus and argued with Giselle … it will make Quinton look more like a man of principles … and if possible, don’t put Giselle and Quinton together with a silly UFO hugging scene … Quinton with Holly would have been much better.

    2. Yeah. I don’t understand y they made Gisele to be so irritating and unrational the last few episodes……

      But the ufo and her kissing scene with Louis is unbearable. I will chop my TV into half if I’m rich enough…..

      1. Totally agree… the ufo scene looks stupid! and the kissing scene is yuck!

      2. yeah, i really couldn’t tolerate watching Giselle anymore throughout the last few scenes after she return the diary to the family members … i really felt like banging the tv screen =P

  21. ugh… want to un-see that video -.-

    I think I’ll go watch the real “Bar Bar Bar” to help flush it =P

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