Viewers Prefer Natalie Tong Over Sire Ma in “Bullet Brain”

After two weeks of broadcast, Bullet Brain’s <神探高倫布> lackluster plot bored viewers. Average ratings remained stagnant at 26 points in the second week, with approximately 1.7 million viewers. Netizens commented, “It’s very boring and meaningless. I don’t know what it’s trying to say! It has to be cut!”

Both Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and producer Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) had guaranteed that Bullet Brain would be a good watch, but this only set up high expectations that failed to be met. Viewers not only found the series to be dull, they also filed 39 complaints over its illogical and non-refreshing plot, apparent plagiarism, lack of authentic historical details, and unethical content. Bullet Brain was also criticized to be disrespectful towards Christianity and negatively affecting the Hong Kong police department’s image.

The finale of A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II> generated lukewarm response, pulling in average ratings of 29 points. The finale peaked at 31 points, but 18 complaints were filed over its gory scenes. It was clear that A Great Way to Care 2 was much more popular than Bullet Brain, which continued to plod along and fell into fifth place in MyTV online viewings behind variety shows and sitcom Come Home Love <愛•回家>.

Sire Ma Versus Natalie Tong

Tim Gor took a risk when casting Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Sire Ma (馬賽) as female leads in Bullet Brain. Natalie’s character, who possesses schizophrenia-like symptoms, has been largely praised, but viewers complained loudly about Sire’s acting.

Sire’s beauty was complimented, but her stiff acting and Cantonese accent annoyed viewers. In episode 9, Sire was found to cry out “Columbo” (Wayne Lai’s character) over 35 times within 21 minutes of screen time.

Netizens praised Natalie, “Her acting is great. Compared to Sire Ma, it’s obvious who’s better.” In an online poll comparing Natalie versus Sire’s looks, acting, and likability,  Natalie won by a large margin.


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  1. Really? I dislike Natalie’s voice a lot a lot. I think she speaks clear and good Cantonese but in a way that is almost too “Hong-kong-er” if ya know what I mean…very “chang kai” I like Sire Ma, she’s beautiful and her acting in SSSS is quite natural, and much better than any of the new people like Christine.

    1. Sire Ma definitely is poor in acting, and even the way she speaks has a problem. I can’t even understand what she trying to say. Nat is definitely better than her

      1. I totally agreed. I dun know what Sire Ma talking about. But when Natalie showcase, I m paying attention on her acting.

    2. I had high expectation on this storyline cause TVB dun have a good storyboard since early of the year till now. But again TVB disappointed me again. I missed those prevoius drama which acting by Wayne and Steven Ma…those are really good drama. Really missed it.

    1. Agree, the storyline is retarded and the acting is bad

      1. There’s absolutely no place for that word, it may show your degree of education but please refrain from using that slur.

      2. Grow up & grow a pair, the story is whacked. Save your personal educational judgement for yourself and blow me.

      3. Agree – this show is horrible. Sire is terrible. She is just so irritating. I dunno how she can manage to make that role so annoying

  2. Didn’t notice Sire’s accent much until I watched an episode of DC without subtitles. I’m ok with it though. She has way too much screen time though, which is never a good thing if you’re not a great actress yet. She’s got even more screen time than Wayne!

    Loving Natalie Tong in this!

  3. Yes, Sire Ma is single-handedly ruining the show. The last few eps has only been about her crying over “Po Po”. OMG!!!

  4. Her scenes are completely boring and its so annoying hearing her when she shouts, especially when shes shouting at ‘9527’ , sounds like shes about to break down in tears than anything!!

  5. LOL how is this giving a bad image to the Hong Kong police department…

  6. It might be because Natalie’s character is more interesting and less annoying to Sires character. I don’t think its acting but more of the roles wise.

  7. I have a burning question.

    Is Sire”s name pronounces See ray or Saai Er

    1. I miss the old classic dramas like Journey to the West and something Threshold Era…forgot what it was called lol

  8. Come Home Love without a doubt win over BB and AGWTC2 >.<!!
    Really hope Richard will end up with Har Jie
    And Jung Piu with Amanda 🙁
    Why they cut Jung Piu role?!!! 🙁

    1. Ha Jie and richard are already together !!!!

      Jung Piu may come back later with money but i don’t think Amanda is wanting the money from him 🙁 I wasn’t a fan of jung biu but I liked amanda.

      best storyline is still ha jie and richard. I’m bored with ching ching and ah jong’s storyline though

      1. Thanks so much Pandamao ^^v
        Because I don’t have Astro, so I only get to watch Come Home Love every 2 weeks – 10 episodes 😉
        The last episode I watched was Ha Jie crying outside the court 🙁 Pity Richard 🙁
        Yaya, I too love Ha Jie and Richard a lot!
        And yesshhh!! So happy to know Ah Piu comes back!!
        Before John Ma and Ching Ching back together, I really look forward for them but now have to agree that they are boring >.<||
        I really love this drama a lot!
        Everyone got the chance to shine!
        Even "mou gor

      2. *
        Even mou gor the despatch and all the uncles rock in this drama except “sing gor – the other LE”
        Watched him since the first episode and now episode 240, his acting just ==!!!
        Even “Ji Yan” is much better than him 😉

  9. I watched first episode only 20 mins and see it is boring and unreality.
    Bored drama isn’t it?

  10. Sire Ma is so annoying. I just want to punch her everytime she says BO BO. It also doesn’t make sense how someone that is so immature can possibly be in charge.

    1. so agree… does not make sense. It is just so stupid how she can behave like that. I agree – Sire made a bad show even worst

    2. Excactly. How can someone so stupid, blinded and self centered be in charge? Sire cares too much how her face looks when she talks.She is soooo annoying. I don’t understand how she gets most screen time so far (upto ep 15).

  11. 12 episodes and we did not see the genius Detective Colombo solve any exciting case, such a waste for this character. And I don’t mean the one case that was shown in episode 1 and 2. I understand why Natalie’s character is more likable because her character’s craziness is most interesting part compare to Wayne & Pierre’s bromance and Sire’s character as an incompetent detective inspector. The last 2-3 episode of Sire’s non stopping talking and her calling Columbo as Po Po was…..OMG!

  12. i dont know whether if its Sire’s acting i dont like or if its her role i dont like…

    Po Po….*vomits* how is she even a detective inspector! shes always in a mood and shouting..or in better terms, always 發小姐婢氣!!

  13. dear god! i think both of them are terrible, especially sire ma. how in the world did she even get that award last year is beyond me. at least, natalie tong is decent compare to sire ma.

    1. Natalie Tong and Edwin Siu is the only likable people in the show.

  14. agree. dunno why I really dont’t like Sire Ma at all

    1. me too..Now i cannot even stand looking at 😀

  15. Sire has obviously been given a role that she couldn’t handle big time. You can find her frowning in all her shots and yes, in photos too. To have someone who is incompetent, immature with princess attiude to carry out the role of head inspector, really?? Feel like putting a tape on her whenever she squeals for popo! Gees!

  16. I have not watch this Bullet brain series, is it that bad?? lots of people said this series very boring, ehmmmm should I watch??? any advise?

    1. Do not watch it at all. Unless you are a risk taker.

    2. It is that Bad – and probably 1000X worst even you are actually watching it.

  17. Natalie acting good, her act as insane excellence ..her eyes scary.

    After episode 12, still draggy and boring.What happen to you Lee Tim Shing ?

    You not going to screw up again on Rosy Business 3 ? Don’t silly the script like what you did on this ” Boring Brain”… Oh ! typing error, should be “Bullet Brain”

    1. It’s not Tim gor’s fault, but the scriptwriter, who is definitely ruining this drama,and he’s about to ruin the so call Rosy business 3

      1. Lee Tim Sing should have notice the problems unless he is REALLY blindsided.

        I agree with you on the scriptwriter, that guy should never come back to TVB.

      2. Scripts are dead, but acting is life. A good artiste can always change the tone of the script and its dialogues. If Wayne Lai did not yell and scream all the time and acted as a smart, cool, brainy, rather quiet and confident detective, the storyline would have been a lot better and not as lousy as it is now.

      3. But Columbo isn’t ” smart, cool, brainy, rather quiet and confident detective” but he is a man so broken, so over the top arrogant. He can’t be quiet. that is against Columbo’s arrogant show off bombastic nature.

        Blame the script.

      4. And script is very important. It is perhaps more important than actors because they set the tone, they tell the actors where to start. The actors then interprete according to the director’s instruction.

  18. Omg ! This movie is totally boring ! 2 news actress become the main character , shyt man there acting is suck especially sire ! Doesn’t she even know how to act ?? Sigh… Old drama story line much make sense n old ppl act much more educated!! Tvb !! What’s happen ?? Lack of ppl!

  19. I really like Natalie Tong in this series. Sire Ma disappointed me a lot because I am looking forward to her because her first apperance in this drama is very good. But, her character is very irritating especially in ep12 when she forced Natalie to admit that she is the one who threw the acid on her.

  20. Natalie’s acting is not great but her character is so crazy, so insane, that she is interesting.

    1. Funn Lim, I always read from your review of Natalie’s acting and your answers are always giving negative on her acting. Why?? It seems that ppl will think you dun like her at all.

      1. Just because Funn doesn’t think highly of Natalie’s acting doesn’t mean Funn dislikes her.

    2. It is true that Natalie’s character is interesting but its only interesting because she can act so crazily insane. Not everyone can play her character.

      1. Kate Tsui can. She already has that innate crazy woman in denial look, which is probably that sort of characters she does best.

  21. If this were 8 years ago, Sire Ma’s Eva would go to Charmaine Sheh since she went through with per period of bratty whiny spoiled rich girls (which highly annoyed me) – I think I became her fan after Four Phoenix and the Charlie’s Angel parody.

    That said – Sire Ma is terrible. I flinch at every single “Bo Bo” and want to go screaming for the hills at every “Wa Wa”.

    1. Charmaine Sheh made her roles of “bratty whiny spoiled girls interesting. She did well.

      Unfortunately Sire did the opposite

  22. where is that commenter vann who like this series? lol.

  23. Sire Ma cannot act at all, why she is taking up, almost all the screen time? Her accent is darn annoying. I don’t know why she can become Inspector when she is afraid and scare of everything? Just like in Epi 10, she scared the sh*t out of herself when she saw so many people injured in the acid attack and stood there did nothing. Nonsense story line 😀

  24. Just go to show it is not easy being a main lead (female or male) where the spotlight is totally on them illuminating their weaknesses esp. when compare with their more seasoned co-stars.

  25. Replace Sire with better actresses like Charmaine the show will defo turnaround. I used to think Sire is a potential star but as the show continues I don’t think so… She’s just too annoying. Her role isn’t supposed to be annoying init?

    1. Charmaine is too old to cast on Sire Ma’s character and then the questions on Charmaine acting ability follows….

    2. Charmaine will be equally annoying in the role because the character itself is annoying.

      The fact that you thought Sire Ma is a potential star before seeing her in this role shows that the main problem is the character.

      You didn’t find her wooden, overact or fake, right? You just found annoying, and Eva Kim is annoying.

  26. Can’t tolerate Sire Ma’s acting (like a spoilt brat) – how she managed to be in a senior position w such a childish attitude. The way she talks & behaves…worst show ever in 2013 (spoils the whole show), prefer watching Natalie Tong & Edwin Siu.

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