Alec Su and Ariel Lin Buddy Up for Police Film “Sweet Alibis”

Alec Su (蘇有朋) and Ariel Lin (林依晨) find themselves as an unlikely cop team in the upcoming Taiwanese police romantic comedy Sweet Alibis <甜蜜殺機>, which will open in theaters on March 7.

In Sweet Alibis, Alec plays Wang Zhiyi, a cowardly policeman who always manages to find an excuse to dodge danger on the job. He gets saddled with looking after the new trainee investigator, Gao Yiping (Ariel Lin), a hot-headed beauty fresh out of police academy. Yiping actually turns out to be the daughter of the police chief, who hand-picked Zhiyi to be her partner so the two would not get into any trouble.

Unfortunately for Zhiyi, trouble finds them when the two are selected to investigate a seemingly small-time case: the death of a dog, who appears to have been fed poisoned chocolate. As the unnamed killer continues to unleash poisoned sweets on people in the city, it is up to Zhiyi and Yiping to uncover the identity of the killer.

Sweet Alibis will be the first time Alec and Ariel have worked together, though both have enjoyed successful television careers in mainland China and their native Taiwan. The movie also marks Alec’s first return to Taiwanese film since the 2009 romance film L-O-V-E <愛到底>, as he has been focusing on his mainland Chinese movie career in recent years.

Sweet Alibis is helmed by Taiwanese director Patio Lien (連奕琦), whose last work was the 2011 mystery thriller Make Up <命運化妝師>. The film will also feature appearances by popular Taiwanese actor Matt Wu (吳中天), veteran actor and Golden Bell Best Actor winner Lei Hong (雷洪), and well-known Taiwanese stage actress Lang Tsu-yun (郎祖筠).

“Sweet Alibis” Trailer

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