A Lot Happened in the Final Episode of Ariel Lin’s “I Will Never Let You Go”

All 50 episodes of Ariel Lin’s (林依晨) comeback television drama I Will Never Let You Go <小女花不弃>, her first period drama in five years, has ended, and fans are still trying to digest of what exactly happened in that last episode.

The finale, which aired on Tuesday, March 5th, was a roller coaster ride of events. Ariel, who plays the beggar Hua Buqi, is facing enemies from all corners, as her secret identity of being the granddaughter of the influential Zhu Family, was leaked. She is the key figure in unleashing a code that unlocks a legendary treasure.

In the final episode, Hua Buqi and Chen Yu (Vin Zhang 张彬彬) work together to lure out Xiao Jiufeng (Zhang Yan 张岩), the grandfather of Hua Buqi’s betrothed Dongfang Shi (Austin Lin 林柏宏), who had wanted to capture Hua Buqi so she could lead him to the treasure. On Hua Buqi and Dongfang Shi’s wedding day, Xiao Jiufeng attempts to capture Hua Buqi, only to be stopped by his own grandson. Dongfang Shi and Hua Buqi’s older half sister Mo Ruofei (Xing En 邢恩) enter a conflict, resulting in Mo Ruofei’s death. Yuan Chong (Xiao Xiangfei 肖向飞), Chen Yu’s close friend, jumps out to save Hua Buqi, only to be killed in the end. Meanwhile, all four of Dongfang Shi’s close friends dies to protect him.

In a craze, Xiao Jiufeng fatally injures his grandson. Dying, Dongfang Shi’s last words to his grandfather was to let Hua Buqi go. In a last stand, Chen Yu falls into a well, bringing Xiao Jiufeng with him. Hua Buqi manages to hold onto Chen Yu—but only barely. He tells her to let go and live her life well.

After Chen Yu’s death, Hua Buqi dedicates the rest of her life to Chen Yu’s cause, which is to become a masked hero (Lian Yi Ke) to protect those who need it the most. It wasn’t until the last minute of the episode, when it revealed that Chen Yu had actually survived his fall. In their meeting, he tells Hua Buqi, “What a coincidence! You’re also the Lian Yi Ke.”

It was a happy ending, but many viewers felt overwhelmed with the dramatic changes of events and the sudden deaths. “What a bad ending,” said one netizen. “All the supporting characters died off, leaving only the main two.”

What are you thoughts on Ariel’s comeback drama?

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Yup, the drama was a catastrophe from the start. Vin Zhang & the novelty of Xing En can’t save the drama any more than Ariel can. Just all around baaaaaaaad.

    1. @coralie
      Yes the storyline bad but the directing isn’t all that bad. It’s a lot better than most dramas today with both bad storyline PLUS bad directing. At the very minimum in this drama, at least they did well on the romance and the sibling interactions was fun to watch.

      No storylines are new. They are all made of tropes. Male lead always save female lead a thousand times. It’s just stupid how fans argue a storyline is so much better than the other, those arguments are not even valid at all. Same stories are just same stories. The differences are only in the directing and acting. Is the pace reasonable? Are the actors good at acting their parts?
      This drama is actually good because of the things that are always happening. Things might not happen in the most sensical ways but it’s not as if there are any super sensical dramas too. Might as well go at a fast pace than a turtle pace.
      This drama is shorter. They did not waste all that much time, yet people find this draggy. So that made it very very very very very very questionable how in the world people are able to find 70 episodes dramas with fat 0 interactions any better than this? Dramas that are way below standard with no quality story, no plot, no acting, no action like Fu Yao and Ming Lan are considered good just because the actresses fans are very childish.
      At least Ariel Lin’s fans are not childish to call this average drama the “best thing on earth”. However saying it’s a bad drama everywhere isn’t true either because it’s still more quality than many highly reputable big TV dramas.

  2. Of course there will be good and bad comments on the drama. Everyone is different.

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