Ten Surprisingly Muscular Actors

Ten Chinese celebrities who impressed us with their sculpted bodies.

Eddie Peng (彭于晏) and Tony Yang (楊祐寧) are well-known for their masculine physiques, but there are many male celebrities who appear slim but are surprisingly muscular. Here are 10 actors who look great with and without their shirts on:

Vin Zhang (張彬彬)

The 26-year actor, who charmed many a female viewers in I Will Never Let You Go <小女花不棄>, appears trim and tall but has a fit physique. The gym enthusiast marked his 6 million Weibo fans milestone in October 2017 with a photo which showed off his muscular back during a swimming session.

Deng Lun

Despite his relatively small build, Deng Lun (鄧倫) impressed fans in a publicity photo in which his toned, muscular arms stole the spotlight. The popular 26-year-old actor is also the ambassador of sports brand Addidas.

Zhi Wei

Youth-themed drama Le Coup De Foudre <我只喜歡你> saw actor Zhao Zhiwei’s (趙志偉) popularity rising. The actor has an impressive physique, which he was not shy to show off in another work Take Your Mark <蔚藍50米> in which he played a swimming coach.

Leo Luo

Leo Luo’s (羅雲熙) role in Ashes of Love  <香蜜> may have given everyone the impression that he is gentle and “soft”, but the Shanghai theater academy graduate trains regularly and has thick, muscular arms!

Yang Yang

Revealing his muscular arms in a recent social media update, Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang (楊洋) showed off his toned physique in idol drama  Love O2O <微微一笑很傾城>. The A-lister is also Puma’s brand ambassador for China.

Xu Kaicheng

28-year-old Xu Kaicheng (徐開騁) is the accidental breakout star of low-budget web drama Well-intended Love <奈何BOSS要娶我>. Photos on the set of another work, sports-themed fencing drama Boys To Men <拜託啦師兄>, saw the actor flex his fine silhouette – neither too slim nor too muscular.

Lay Zhang

Appearing slim and lanky, the 5-feet-11-inch EXO member Lay Zhang (張藝興) boasts impressive abs, and a very fair skin tone.

Jackson Wang

A member of South Korean band GOT7, the athletically built Jackson Wang (張藝興) has impressive V-shaped back muscles. A former member of Hong Kong’s national fencing team before he entered the entertainment industry, Jackson boasts a 13.8 million following on Instagram (as of June 2019).

Bai Jingting

25-year-old actor Bai Jingting (白敬亭), who made his debut in web series Back In Time <匆匆那年>, started out looking slim but successfully transformed himself into a muscular star. The actor was one of eight celebrities who took part in a 16-day adventure in the forests of Guizhou, Southwest China, as part of the reality program Survivor Games with Bear Grylls <跟着贝尔去冒险>.

Jing Chao

At 6-feet tall, 32 year-old actor Jing Chao (經超) cuts an imposing stature. He appeared in an ultra-fitting sports top in the drama Here to Heart <溫暖的弦>, which revealed impressively toned abs. The Aries actor also has four years of Latin dance training.

Source: beauty321

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Is this a prank? Someone replaced the “muscular actors” with skinny fresh meat photos in this news article.

  2. This is the easily the worst article I’ve ever read. Anyone who exercises for a few weeks with a high protein diet can gain muscles. It’s even easier for thin, bony guy to make it look like they have muscles due to lack of fat mass. It’s not a feat to achieve this…

    1. @jimmyszeto if it’s so easily achieved, why don’t more men look like this? Being fit, toned and definition takes discipline, hard work and perseverance. I wonder if this article were about 10 surprisingly toned, fit and curvaceous women if it would be criticized as the worst article ever.

      1. @dramafan not a new thing many people on this site loves to criticise like they are the best. I have been to few sites and the audiences are the most toxic. But I appreciate the news here

      2. @joojin yes, I believe credit should given where credit is due. Speaking from experience, I know how hard it is to persevere and stay motivated. Achievements and hard work should be appreciated.

      3. @joojin Totally agree with what you said! I don’t know why some people love being so judgemental as if they are the best.

        As for the article :
        Deng Lun oh Deng Lun my love.. I’ve known him since Princess Agent (he’s already muscular back then) and I’ve loved him since then.

        The most susprising is Leo.. wow.

    2. @jimmyszeto
      not as easy as you put it. yes, high protein/carb, low fat and heavy weights is the magic bullet but there are other factors too. it’s not easy being a celeb, going to the gym for an hour everyday just to workout. plus, in china, they need to go out and get biz too despite however big of a star you’re, so it’s harder to stick to the diet.

      1. @m0m0
        Being a celeb they will be more motivated to get in shape. Look at how motivated Andy Lau has been to stay in shape over the decades. I don’t think people understand what big and muscular is. Being extremely thin like most of the above are, it would take less than a month in gym and stay on a high protein diet to display give us a fake smokescreen in pictures that they are strong. Gaining in weight to get bigger while building muscles is called building muscles.

  3. Wow didn’t know Leo Luo was so buff! All this time I thought he was anorexic! Who knew he was hiding those big guns underneath that slim physique. Omg he needs to stop wearing clothes that hides his muscles; they do him no justice.

    Vin Zhang is perfect. Not too big or too small. Even if he didn’t have any muscles at all, you could never accuse him of being skinny. His body shape is built.

    I’m usually very anti-pale guys, but Deng Lun has captured my heart. He’s at least medium build…but good to know he also has muscles.

    Jackson Wang is no sissypants, which I already knew from the start. It surprises me that people thinks he’s skinny. If you look at all his previous works, he never came off as tiny.

    I was trying to figure out why this Jing Chao (經超) guy looks so familiar; then I remember he’s in Princess Silver. The man looks good whether it’s in ancient or modern-attire.

    Man, this list is good! So much eye-candy. And Leo Luo still surprises me.

  4. Zhao Zhiwei and Lay are just lean not muscular. some others have big guns but hardly any chest. i think for men in general, chest is the hardest area to get gain just like women struggle with an ever flabby belly.

  5. Why many people surprised at Leo Luo’s tone muscles??? He is a professional ballet dancer, of course he is muscular and lean….

    1. @niangniang a lot of professional ballet dancers are lean & toned, but not buff. being buff can actually hinder their movements and flexibility. my male cousin was a ballet dancer for many years and he has never been bulky. but ever since he quit ballet, he hasn’t maintained that physique and is now putting on weight to bulk up. he still participates in dances every once in a while, though.

    2. @niangniang same with Jing Chao, Latin dancer are tone, but his buff upper body suggested he does a lot of work out! I love how in princess silver, it looks like the clothes could barely contain him lol! He looks very much a General! Can’t wait for his new series with Tiffany Tang, where even though he’s only second lead, and die, but at least, he will not be evil xD out of this lot, I only like Jing Chao!

  6. It reminded me of one Korean singer called Jay Park. From his looks, u cannot imagine he is actually muscular with well-built body. He has a very fair and nice complexion as well.

  7. I beg to differ. Some are just thin, no muscle definition, so fair and quite scary looking. I gotta hand it to the k pop stars. It’s like they are born with those arms and flat stomachs of steel. Nah, not muscular.

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