Zhang Binbin Wants to Be Known as a Serious Actor

Knowing there will always be younger actors, Zhang Binbin is keen to level up in his acting.

Given the intense competition in the entertainment industry, Chinese actor Vin Zhang Binbin (张彬彬) admits that he has been lucky. While Rattan <司藤> has boosted his fame and he currently has 14 million followers on Weibo, Binbin believes “luck and fame are unrelated. It’s just life– everyone has their own luck, and I think everything boils down to fate.”

Grateful to Management Company

He recalls how he was chosen by his management company, Jay Walk Studio. “Maybe Yang Mi’s (杨幂) foresight is better! We were in school and after the performance class, we took a break on the grass. Maybe Yang Mi saw a very mature and sophisticated aura in me. I had been described this way since I was young. They would ask if I was 30 when I was just 16. Now that I’m 28, I saw someone online saying, ‘I thought he was almost 40’. Wait until I get to 35 or 45–I would still be like this and I would be evergreen.”

Jay Walk Studio also accelerated Binbin’s career. As he puts it, he started from the middle, and played second or third tier supporting roles right from the beginning, which allowed him to “sidestep tiresome paths.” Binbin reminds himself to work doubly hard when he finds Lady Luck shining on him, to repay his company, and also as a response to critical social opinions of him.

Keen to Try Diverse Roles

An old soul, the 28-year-old wants to amass experience step by step, and prefers that the roles he plays make a lasting impression on viewers rather than giving him just greater fame, so he can “feel prouder” about his works.

Listing what he felt are the three must-have qualities of a good actor – love for the craft, character and maturity, he said passion in acting is very important. “After you film for four or five years, you’ll start to get into a fixed routine. This is when you’ve to pull yourself back. Secondly, I think you have to learn to be down-to-earth. This is pretty important, and next is never to be proud, and to grow stably step by step. Watch more films, and learn from the performances of established actors. Acting is a learning journey that never ends. Then you can get better year after year.”

As for his future aspirations, Binbin hopes to act in military tourism or e-sports themed dramas, and to level up with roles that would challenge his acting skills as he enters his 30s. Making fun of his own age, the actor said in a half-joking manner, “You can’t keep competing with young actors born in the 2000s, so it’s time to progress to serious acting.”

Source: Netease

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. You know, I had my doubts whether he was a veritable actor because I knew his looks definitely helped him a lot in getting roles. I already liked him in Eternal Love, but didn’t find him all that great in The King’s Woman or The Flame’s Daughter. Didn’t wow me anymore. But in Rattan, just this ONE scene – the beginning scene when he was horrified by Jing Tian – convinced me he has the acting chops. It was so vividly done – not pretentious or rehearsed or recycled look at all. That sealed the deal for me.

    1. @coralie First saw him in Love O2O as KO. I actually hated his self-pitieous face in Eternal Love and sorry to say, ever since then stayed away from his dramas.

      1. @bizzybody His role did him no favors in Eternal Love lol. But his acting was par for course. Try him again in Rattan, you might find him easier to watch.

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