Zhang Binbin Responds to Marriage Rumors

Chinese actor Zhang Binbin (張彬彬) is trending often on social media because of the currently airing fantasy romance Rattan <司藤>. Facing speculations of secretly marrying his manager, the actor indirectly expressed his annoyance as this is not the first time this happened.

While he laughed off this matter, it was a different story when netizens speculated him to be the popular web drama actor who secretly obtained a marriage certificate with his manager. There was apparently also some photo evidence of Binbin behaving very closely to his manager.

On Weibo, Binbin was quick to address the matter as he shared a cold joke, “Someone had nothing to do and went swimming in the sea just to drink some seawater (how salty).”

This is not the first time that the actor faced such marriage speculations. A person who self-proclaimed to be his neighbor exposed that Binbin already has a one year-old child. In addition, there were also rumors that he invested in a club this year, but made no profits as business was poor and sluggish.

Aside from gossip over his personal life, Binbin’s appearance in Rattan is also fueling hot discussions. Binbin was pointed out for his huge face in comparison to costar Jing Tian‘s (景甜) small face and hands. As the topic trended heavily, Binbin responded later with a photo of his head being measured and commented that everyone should stop guessing his head size, as he really likes his big and intelligent heads.

Source: World Journal

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Last time. Li Wenhan also laughed at the ‘rumour’ of him dating but later, pictures and video showed up proving the ‘rumour’ to be true.

    So, Vin Zhang most probably did marry his manager. When the rumor is so persistent there might be some truth in it.

    The guy is already 28 years old. Nothing’s wrong with getting married. Nowadays, with social media and IT technology so strong, you really can’t hide anything for long. Hua Chenyu realised this after Zheng Shuang’s case. So, he immediately came out admitting he has a child with Zhang Bichen. Better he admit himself than getting found out later.

    1. @kidd I am with you there. There is some truth, or the whole truth to these rumors when they keep persisting. And when we have photo or videos with questionable behavior, that makes the rumors even more believable.
      What is it with these managers and their clients. A certain Taiwanese manager has a husband, but apparently, he is the beard as she is bedding her young boss, and broke up him and his beautiful boyfriend, do that she can have him for herself. Sounds like a drama, lol.

      1. @renren

        Let me get this straight.

        Taiwanese manager – female
        Young boss – male
        Young boss has had a beautiful boyfriend.

        So, that means this Taiwanese female manager managed to break up her young boss gay relationship and turned him straight?

      2. @kidd don’t know if young stud is the boss. This woman is. This fifty something year old is teaching her son a thing or two. He was always into women, but his life changed when he met that young actor in 2018. He went nuts and fell madly in love. Granny decided she doesn’t like that and turned the evil up to break them up. I don’t agree with her actions as a human or manager, but it looks like these managers want to bed their young bosses nowadays. This particular one has women and men drooling over him, do monster decided she wants to manage him in every, and I mean everyway

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