Vin Zhang Ends Contract With Yang Mi’s Studio

After a 10-year working relationship, Vin Zhang Binbin (張彬彬) announced that he will not be renewing his artiste management contract with Jay Walk Studio. The company is partly owned by Yang Mi (楊冪) and manages many of China’s biggest stars, including Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴) and Gao Weiguang (高偉光).

Starring in many popular dramas during his time with Jay Walk Studio, Zhang Binbin expressed his desire to seek out other opportunities. The Rattan <司藤> star posted on social media announcing his departure and expressed his thanks to the company. Promising to never forget his roots and his intentions for starting a career in the entertainment industry, he hopes to continue working on quality projects.

“We’ve been together and walked this road together for 10 years. I am grateful for Jay Walk Studio for their love and faith in cultivating me. I also thank the company for understanding, supporting, and respecting that I am a boy that has grown up and wants to venture out now. In the future, I will come back and visit often. I believe that the both of us will become better and better,” the actor wrote.

Will Dilraba Be the Next to Leave?

With Zhang Binbin’s recent departure announcement, speculations over Dilraba’s contract with Jay Walk Studio is again brought to the forefront. Since 2019, there have been numerous reports that Dilraba will be parting ways with the company. Many fans hope the 30-year-old actress will spread her wings and leave the company, as they feel that her career has been neglected.

Despite her popularity and star potential, Dilraba was not given any acting work for nearly eight months, between 2018 and 2020. During that time, she had doubted herself, “I have not had any filming projects for seven or eight months. I began to think about how I really don’t have a lot of choices.”

Despite earlier reports claiming that Dilraba will be leaving Jay Walk Studio, it was also alleged that she signed a 15-year contract with the company, which will not end until 2028.

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  1. I thought dilreba didn’t have any jobs in 2018 due to winning the Golden Eagle award. Everybody thought she didn’t deserve to win and got a lot of hate, so of course directors were afraid to use her.

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