Is Zhu Xudan Not Favored by Management Agency?

After starring as Zhou Zhiruo in 2019’s Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre <倚天屠龍記>, Chinese actress Zhu Xudan (祝緒丹) had her breakout role. Despite this, the 28-year-old actress has not followed up with any notable works on the same level of success, and is even rumored to be not highly favored by her management company, Jay Walk Studio.

Partially owned by Yang Mi (楊冪), Jay Walk Studio has produced many big stars including Dilraba Dilmurat (迪丽热巴), Vin Zhang Binbin (張彬彬), and Vengo Gao Weiguang (高伟光) and is putting more resources to propel their careers.

Zhu Xudan, however, seems to have fallen to the wayside. Though Miss The Dragon <遇龙> is currently airing, she only filmed one drama for four months 2020 and has not filmed any projects in 2021 so far. Most of her free time is spent resting at home.

Seemingly dissatisfied with the lack of work, Zhu Xudan posted a cryptic message on Weibo, “Just destroy it.” Though she removed the post shortly after, the ambiguous message led to heated discussions among netizens. One of the more popular theories is that Zhu Xudan was voicing her discontent with the company and the way they are handling her career.

In contrast, her colleague Dilraba has abundant work. After 2020’s Eternal Love of Dream <三生三世枕上書> and Love Designer <幸福,觸手可及>,  Diliraba continues her winning streak with the broadcast of The Long Ballad <長歌行> and You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> in 2021. It seems as though Jay Walk immensely favors Dilraba over Zhu Xudan, causing displeasure from the latter’s fans.

Seeing the heated discussion among fans following her deleted post, Zhu Xudan finally responded, “Don’t make random guesses. Everyone has moments when they are feeling down.” Though intended to dispel the rumors, Zhu Xudan’s response instead triggered even more debate over the reason behind her discontent.

Source: HK01

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  1. I find her to be the least pretty of the female stars in Heavenly Sword. Doesn’t have the charm.

    1. @bubbles23 I didn’t watch this Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying but I did see clips on utube. She’s not extremely attractive but I still think she is tiny bit cuter than the main girl who’s paired up w/the guy? Both cute but not memorable and won’t leave much of an impression for sure.

    2. @bubbles23
      I agree. Just doesn’t have the “charm”.
      Dilraba was once at her status, Dilraba worked her way to top status.

  2. When Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre was released, her character had the most buzz versus the leading lady (at least from the weibo post I saw). I’m quite surprise she has been quiet.

  3. I have watched all the dramas she starred in…and I still dont warm to her. She can be a supporting actress but she is not good enough to lead… There is a reason she is not getting jobs. In Jay Walk, she already have more opportunity then many others newbies from other agencies who started out the same time. This industry is hash..

    1. @hohliu Same thoughts here – can be a supporting cast but not main lead material. I feel she has ‘villain’ look and don’t seem to make lasting impression on viewers.

  4. I’m watching miss the dragon currently and she’s not pretty to look at (she’s ok), but the main killer is her role, so bland, so boring, so uninteresting. Even the main male lead was boring as well, and his look also bleh >_> lol their love story just put me to sleep so I kinda just FF them. I only watch the second couple because as much as the second female lead ain’t that outstanding in term of beauty (she’s ok), her role, character, storyline and how she acts is quite good. And the second male lead is just hot, and his acting is so much better than the main male lead.

    She’s also not as pretty and as cute as DD, also her acting is pretty meh, so expecting her to get jobs is a bit of dreaming

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