Dylan Wang’s “AI-Style” Acting in “Miss the Dragon”

Actor Dylan Wang Hedi (王鹤棣) is making viewers sit up in period fantasy romance Miss the Dragon <遇龙>, where he brings across the haughtiness of his character with “AI-style” acting and a seemingly effortlessly expressionless look.

An Immortal Who Falls in Love

In the drama, Dylan plays a 2000-year-old dragon prince who does not comprehend earthly emotions, but eventually develops feelings for a human girl (Zhu Xudan 祝绪丹) who saves him. The story is similar to a male version of Legend of the White Snake <白蛇传>.

Making his appearance with a rebellious expression, Dylan appears thus throughout various scenes in the drama, such as during a fierce fighting scene, when he wears the same proudly nonchalant look amid the commotion around him. Appearing in human form for the first time in front of female lead Liu Ying, his cool, expressionless look is spot-on.

Even when getting more romantically inclined with the female lead, such as when he lifts his top for her to apply medicine on him, he maintains his deadpan, straight-faced look.

Showing his celestial character’s slow awareness of his growing feelings for Liu Ying, Dylan added slight nuances in his otherwise straight face. Later, at her wedding to his love rival, he maintains that immaculately restrained expression despite feeling heartbroken inside.

Viewers who have expressed disappointment at the actor’s blonde-haired imaging would be pleased when Dylan’s dragon prince character appears as a scholar with dark hair look in one romantic scene where he enacts a rainy scene for Liu Ying, and shares an umbrella with her.

Besides the Dylan’s spot-on performance, Miss the Dragon uses lighting to good effect – a blue-tinting onscreen effect when antagonists appear creates a sense of mystery, on top of other innovative surprises.

“Miss the Dragon” Episode 1 Clip

Source: Sina

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Did you guys get paid to advertise for this drama lol. I watched 2 episodes because I like the trailer, but gosh, the main actor looks terrible: white or black hair >_> his acting is terrible as well. Yea, it’s deadpan, and boring. I feel nothing for his character. And literally it’s a copy of ten miles of peach blossom: when BQ first met YH >_> just a white “snake” instead of a black “snake”. But uh, the plot line atm is just unoriginal, it’s sad to say I feel more interested in the 2nd lead, more mysteries and her character is hilarious xD the actress also more natural. The main female lead – a bit bland atm. I’ll keep watching but so far, the male lead is ticking me off lol

    1. @kidd The video is quite humorous and really illustrates the extent of Dylan’s “AI” eyes, which the director may have gone overboard in the interpretation.

      1. @jayne
        Sorry off topic, but when is the edit button ever getting fixed? I make typos a lot but get so frustrated when I cannot edit. Thanks!

  2. sigh. no doubt he is striking. but he also looks like he’s had too much botox in his forehead.

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