Yang Mi Protects Her Nation in “Storm Eye”

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Yang Mi Protects Her Nation in “Storm Eye”

Storm Eye <暴风眼> marks Yang Mi‘s (杨幂) first project relating to national security, so it was a total eye-opener for the 34-year-old actress. Since her own father was a police officer, filming Storm Eye enlightened Yang Mi and made her feel touched in many unexpected ways.

Storm Eye opens with national security agent Ma Shang (Zhang Binbin 张彬彬) arriving at Shuangqing to investigate the dark crimes of an underground organization. He unexpectedly meets high school classmate, An Jing (Yang Mi), and is surprised to discover that she is the local lead investigator he will be working with under their special investigation’s codename Storm Eye. Together, they tread in uncertain waters while investigating the truth to uphold justice and protect the nation’s resources from being exploited by corrupt individuals.

Connected With Father’s Experiences

An Jing is the type of character who lives her life very earnestly with strong family and work values. Calm and observant, she suppresses and guards her emotions with a tough exterior, so such contrast is not easy to fully grasp. It was quite challenging for Yang Mi to portray this character because she needs to balance between expressing both soft and tough qualities.

Though, it became slightly easier for Yang Mi after connecting with her own impressions of her father being a police officer. Since young, Yang Mi has always seen her father working tirelessly to hold up the family.

With this image in mind, she expressed, “I really enjoyed reading Storm Eye’s script, as the storyline was tight and the twist and turns were thrilling.”

On top of the compelling narrative, Yang Mi also felt deeply touched by the courage and dedication of national security agents. she is grateful and thankful for the silent contribution of every unsung hero involved in the safekeeping of the nation.

“Storm Eye” Trailer

Source: Sina

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