Ariel Lin’s Impression of Vin Zhang During Filming of “Legend of Hua Buqi”

Ariel Lin (林依晨) has always been known for her cute and cheerful personality. Fans are excited to see her back in period drama, Legend of Hua Buqi <小女花不棄>. Although Ariel is 11 years older than her co-star, Mainland Chinese actor Vin Zhang (張彬彬), the pair look compatible as an onscreen couple. But what is Ariel’s impression of Vin behind the scenes?

In the drama, Ariel must conceal her identity by playing a hobo. However, Ariel’s character is intelligent and quirky, lighting up the screen with humor. She must beg Vin’s character to take her to Beijing and from their interactions, love begins to blossom.

Regardless of their age difference, Vin views Ariel as a goddess, but she laughed, “We’ve been working together for some time now; he just thinks I’m a harmonious person!” In reality, before the drama even aired, the two have already become friends and were even spotted in a picture together at an awards ceremony two years ago. Vin posted with the caption, “Hello goddess!” while Ariel responded with “Hello Vin!”

When asked about their cooperation for Legend of Hua Buqi, Ariel said, “He thinks I am a harmonious person because sometimes I make funny mistakes when I recite lines. He usually bursts into laughter and we could be laughing nonstop for days! He is very hard working and he is great overall! He definitely has a bright future!”

Getting married four years ago to Charles Lin (林于超), Ariel is often asked when they plan to have to children. The 36-year-old actress just responded, “My husband and I are just going to wait for nature to take its course. We have time and we don’t have pressure from the family, so we will see!”

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