Angelababy Joins Huang Xiaoming in Cast of “Feng Shen Bang”

Executive producer Wilson Yip’s (葉偉信) mythological film, Feng Shen Bang 3D <3D封神榜>, began filming on January 21. Following the news that the male lead would be portrayed by Jacky Heung (向佐), son of film producer Charles Heung (向華強), the Feng Shen Bang team also revealed that Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) and girlfriend Angelababy (楊穎) would be part of the cast as well, though they likely would not have any scenes together.

Huang Xiaoming had already been sought out for the role of Erlang Shen last year, according to his production team, but it is not known when he will join the rest of the cast on set. Currently, the actor is filming the movie adaptation of Silent Separation <何以笙簫默>, which will not wrap until after the Lunar New Year, so filming for Feng Shen Bang will need to wait until then.

When asked about Angelababy’s participation as a mermaid character in Feng Shen Bang, a representative of Huang Xiaoming’s production team commented, “I have not yet seen the screenplay, but the two of them should not have any scenes together.”

It was originally reported that the role of the vixen spirit Daji would be portrayed by Shu Qi (舒淇), but the actress has since been changed to Fan Bingbing (范冰冰). Actor Wen Zhang (文章) also dropped out of the film; his role of Nezha will be filled in by Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝). Feng Shen Bang will also feature appearances by Jet Li (李連杰), Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家輝), Louis Koo (古天樂), and various other movie stars.

Despite the big-name actors attached to the movie, some netizens suspect that Feng Shen Bang is simply a way for Charles Heung and his wife to boost the career of their son, Jacky Heung, who is playing the male lead, Leizhenzi. At a recent event, Charles indeed revealed that he and his wife wished to create a fantasy-martial-arts movie for Jacky, who has been studying kung fu for five years in preparation.

Though Charles recognizes the difficulty of being a martial arts actor, he also thinks that it is easier for such actors to make a breakthrough in the entertainment industry. “Most martial arts actors these days are more than 50 years old,” he remarked. “But Jacky is only 30.”


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  1. Wow! Must be nice to have rich & powerful parents to push you straight up to stardom.

  2. Feng Shen bang is a great and long story that cannot be successfully made/adapted with a short film. It would not do the novel justice. Also, Jiang ZiYa is supposed to be the lead,not LeizhenZi. That already sounds disasterous just like the Tvb version where they made Na Zha the lead with a made up love interest. This sounds like a production with big name stars it that is pretty much it.

      1. If you compare the Tvb version to this movie version then maybe the Tvb version is better. However,if you compare the Tvb version to other series adaption,then the Tvb version is very bad.

    1. They can use a small part of the storyline to make the movie, no need to follow from head to toe. Why cant Leizhen zi become lead? He has his own storyline of being adapted son, being hated for weird look and then a hero. Can go from that side.

      How do you know this movie is worst than the TVB version when it hasnt been filmed? Moreover TVB version is a series. Personally I dont think the TVB version is the worst adaption of FSB. The worst is the one with Fan Bing Bing as Daji.

      1. Hey Alluka! You should watch the new FSB series with Sammul Chan as Jiang Ziya and Viann Zhang as Daji. It would beat any adaption by miles for being the worst adaption.

  3. yes! been waiting for a movie adaptation of this for aaaages. was going to look forward to NeZha blowing fire or his mother manipulating 7 flying swords.. but then realised those parts were only specially added to the actual story by TVB. will watch anyway :p

  4. I wonder if Jacky’s dad will pay people to act as props to go watch his son’s movie, kinda like Juno Mak’s dad. LOL

    1. Good point. Jacky’s dad can also hire hundreds of social media or online forum enthusiasts to praise Jacky and the movie online. Many riches had done so 😀

  5. I really liked the Chinese drama version of Feng Shen Bang with Liu De Kai and Fan Bing Bing was really great in her role.
    However, watching it a second time with Fan Bing playing the exact same role… on top of her starring as mostly Empresses in her previous dramas (with over dramatic and extravagant costumes) and acting all regal…it’s nothing new or exciting.

    1. FBB is a yawn and typecasted beyond belief. But this vain creature enjoys looking like a vase so this is why she gets all the majestic and pretty roles. Anything with her in it already makes me feel the drama doesnt know what’s the real focus, so I usually don’t watch them.

  6. Would any stars dare decline to take part in this drama without fearing repercussions from the rich and powerful Mr and Mrs Heung?

    1. Oh what happened to that man woth the mesmerizing acting?

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