Dada Chan Announces Comeback After 3-Month Disappearance

Three months after her sudden decision to retire from the entertainment industry, Dada Chan (陳靜) announced on November 5 that she is ready to resume all activities.

Breaking into the industry as a model, Dada excelled at selling her sexy image and did so solely until she was given the chance to shine on the big screen. After winning Best Supporting Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards for Vulgaria <低俗喜劇>, Dada seemed all set for a rising film career, even landing a starring role in the latest iteration of Wilson Chin’s (錢國偉)popular Lan Kwai Fong <喜愛夜蒲> film franchise. Instead of enjoying her quick success, Dada was haunted by the pressure that came along with it. Just two days after attending Lan Kwai Fong 3’s <喜愛夜蒲 3>blessing ceremony, Dada suddenly announced on Weibo that she is retiring and disappeared from the public overnight.

Her shocking decision generated much speculation; some believe that she was throwing her career away for a wealthy man, while others claimed that she was hiding an unexpected pregnancy. Dada also angered many of her collaborators, some threatening to sue for breach of contract. She eventually explained that she was suffering from emotional distress and could no longer tolerate the stresses hiding beneath a seemingly glamorous career. Fans thought that it was the last time they would hear from Dada, and wrote her off as yet another star burned out by her own hunger for fame.

She proved them wrong however. During a brief press conference on November 5, Dada revealed her intent to return to show business, crying as she bowed several times in apology. She explained once again that she was dealing with complex family issues and had succumbed to depression, though has since recovered. She expressed regret over her poorly thought out escape plan, and vowed to work harder than before: “After this ordeal, I have learned what it means to not take things for granted. I also understand that being able to do what I love is a blessing. I will try my best from now on to treasure every opportunity and face them with a positive attitude.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. I agree. Regardless fo the reason the way she handled her short “retirement” stunt shows how young and immature she is. I actually suspect this may also be some sort of publicity stunt.

      1. Maybe the LKF movie will make her look like a sex toy even more so that her management team will pawn her off more often as a prostitute for hire behind the scenes. There’s a lot of shadows behind the HK film industry and most of it is funded by triad money.

      2. In the past it was triads who rule the HK films but after 90’s the triads have went lower profile. Some insider told me that to make it in HK film industry now the most important things you need are not looks or talents, but:

        1. Connection
        2. Connection
        3. Connection….

        That’s why HK film industry never grow up since the 80’s

  1. All the producers and directors and film bosses won’t trust her anymore.

  2. Her career is over since she disappear suddenly. No one will trust her unless she could really prove herself.

  3. I think she can still continue but needs to work really hard in order to prove herself and to gain everyone’s trust again.

  4. I agree it is sort of immature for her to do this. If she is going to sell her sexy body to win her fame and attention, then she shouldn’t be expecting much respect from the public and praises from the directors.Her depression is a path that she chose, whether she liked it or not.

    1. Depression is not a choice. However how to go about one’s life after diagnosed with depression is a choice.

      1. Depression is definitely not a choice. People who are not depressed or are educated in that area will not understand how hard it can be for those who are depressed.

  5. We see it as immaturity. Sure. But will she be as willing to continue sleeping with “bosses” like Twins and Joey Wong under EEG orders. She has said in the past that she is tired to portray sexy ditsy roles and she wants to have a more proper image going forward. I guess her people are not giving her this opportunity and she will be continuously exploited to be forced to turn tricks, like all those sexy models are required to do these days.

  6. the apology video didn’t seem sincere it was more like a hey im back and im forced to do this kind of thing. but still glad she is back.

  7. Who is she? I have never heard of or seen her or her name before.

    1. Because you don’t even watch Cat II or III movies or other celeb functions

      1. “Because you don’t even watch Cat II or III movies or other celeb functions”

        And what’s wrong with that?

  8. Why would a popular pseudo actress disappear all of a sudden?! It’s definitely not a public stunt as directors don’t trust her anymore.

    I DEFINETLY SUSPECT she’s been solicited/forced out of her own will to do something she doesn’t want to. Afterall, the industry is very dangerous an dark if you get what I mean.

  9. Who is Dada Chan? Another psuedo model wannabe actress? I suspect this is as a publicity stunt to bring her name up in tabloids since she’s practically a nobody.

    1. She’s definitely not a nobody. In fact, she just made herself into a nobody after being a somebody.

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