[STYLE] 8th Asian Film Awards Red Carpet Fashions

The 2014 Asian Film Awards were held on March 27, 2014 in Macau. The Grandmaster <一代宗師> won Best Picture, Best Director, and five other honors, continuing its awards sweep across the Greater China Region.


Asian Film Awards 2014 Carina Lau 3Asian Film Awards 2014 Carina Lau 4

Although husband Tony Leung Chiu Wah was unable to attend and celebrate The Grandmaster’s victory, Carina Lau dominated the red carpet in a Ralph & Russo lace dress. The oversized rosebud added new interest to a classic leg-baring silhouette.


Asian Film Awards 2014 Maggie Jiang 2Asian Film Awards 2014 Maggie Jiang

Best New Performer Maggie Jiang‘s pearl-studded gown with pink silk skirt was stunning. It was as fresh as a cherry blossom and had just the right amount of shimmer.

Asian Film Awards 2014 Karena NgAsian Film Awards 2014 Ankie Beilke

Was it a last minute wardrobe choice for Karena Ng, who wore the same pink floral dress as Eliza Sam at the 2013 TVB Anniversary Gala? Eliza pulled off the gown better with a sideswept ponytail and tasteful diamond jewelry, while Karena’s unruly hair and makeup made her appear washed out.

It’s easy to see where Ankie Beilke inherited her goods looks from. With her mother beside her at the Asian Film Awards, Ankie wore a tasteful blue and yellow one-shoulder dress that also showed off her shapely legs.

Puff sleeves add romantic flair to Dada Chen’s body-hugging sequined gown. Kelly Fu’s Moiselle gown suffers in its two-tiered skirt. Pairing it with the heavy platform heels made the ensemble even more awkward.


Asian Film Festival 2014 Donnie Yen Cecilia WangAsian Film Awards 2014 Irene Wan

Donnie Yen‘s wife Cecilia Wang rocked a transparent gown that would have made Beyonce jealous! The dress’ overt sexiness is balanced by the nude color and generous appliques. Former screen siren, Irene Wan, ditched her bra for an au naturel look, but shocked more with an apparent overdose of botox injections.

Asian Film Awards 2014 Zhang Ziyi 2Asian Film Awards 2014 Kara Hui Simon Yam

Best Actress winner Zhang Ziyi opted for a conservative Armani Prive gray-black gown. Perhaps Ziyi wished the press to focus on her critically-acclaimed career rather than her fashion accomplishments. On the other hand, Kara Hui, looks youthful in a classic white dress and gold belt ensemble.


Asian Film Awards 2014 Jessica C

While Jessica C. earned nods from JayneStars for her sexy pantsuit at last year’s Asian Film Awards, her choice of a yellow floral dress this year was a flop. One wonders if she chose the dress exclusively for the plunging neckline.

This fashion review is written by Jayne  for JayneStars.com.

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    1. I think it will be better without a big rose . :)) But i don’t appreciate this dress.

    2. Now I know why Tony Leung wasn’t going to attend with her…lol

    3. Maybe she is the best dressed out of this bunch?? I would say so since most of the other dresses are not so great. What is up with Jessica C’s dress?? How ugly…

  2. Zhang Ziyi must have left in a hurry and worn her drapes for a dress. It’s pretty in a drapery way…

    1. Is it just me or is zhang ziyi cross-eyed? I recently stumbled upon some of her more recent photo and something about her eyes always caught my attention.

    2. Agree. Zhang Ziyi opt for dark ugly drapes, while Karena Ng chose 80’s decor drapes.

  3. i loved it when eliza was in the miss beauty international beauty padgent eliza is my #1 most favourite celebrity!

  4. eliza should get back together with bosco wong eliza loves bosco so much

  5. I can’t believe Carina Lau’s rosebud is best dressed

  6. if you gonna critize dresses that are worn before, at least do it for every artiste who wore same dress as someone else. instead of picking on karena. obv. the writer doesnt like karena

    1. The writer pointed out that Karena wore the same dress as someone for a different event. Karena was criticized because her hair and makeup didn’t go with the dress.

      Reading conprehension much? Eh

      1. @hannah: was it necesary to bring that up? Why not bring what some of the former beauty pageant wore since they wore identical dresses that was wore by prev. winners? why only on karena?

      2. eliza= playful look
        karena= not going for playful look
        why compare the two?

    2. But I have to admitt Eliza wore it so better..she looks more fresh and vibrant.. Karena just looked washed out and boring

    3. It’s very common in Hollywood to compare star(lets) who wear the same dress so I don’t see the problem… and the writer wasn’t even picking on Karena.

  7. all the dresses are funny looking, most of them dress uglier than tvb stars

  8. Ewwww red against red is never a good contrast Carina Lau!!!!!!

  9. I hope Carina Lau’s dress didn’t attract too many bees. That rose is way too big.

  10. None looks good.
    Irene Wan looks scary with her new face.

  11. Kara Hui is always elegance personified in such events. Carina’s dress, the top part, I am sure some western blogger will say it reminds them of some lady bits.

  12. Jessica C,’s dress… Wow, what was she thinking? Those patterns, the color combination, they all clash. It’s now on top of my list for the ugliest dress ever.

  13. Wow. Did not recognize Irene until I read her name…

  14. wow……………i love the movie actors dresses
    but i quite like karena’s dress it is a bit similar to
    the one that eliza sam wear it to the tvb gala

    1. I dont like her dress either but I have to say she looks good and fresh here compared to normal.

  15. Donnie Yen’s wife Cecilia Wang’s dress would make Beyoncé jealous?? Please! Beyoncé wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress. Awful

  16. Kara Hui is very appropriately dressed, love her chic white outfit. Best dressed for me!

  17. All of their dresses are weirdly designed. lack of taste, fashion.

  18. I like Kara Hui’s style and dress. She looks beautiful and super young for her age. Usually I like Irene Wang, but she chose a wrong dress. Karena Ng looks nice here.

  19. Ankie’s mom seems to be everywhere her daughter is these days. Both are equally attention seeking and behave like high society wannabes. Guys without deep pockets, pls keep away, Ankie’s mom will personally see to that.

  20. I actally like Ankie Beilke’s. Simple but nice. Kelly Fu, she’s a pretty girl but whole thing is a mess esp those shoes??? OMG

  21. Ray must have picked out the dress for Karena after he saw Eliza wear it at the awards and liked it.

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