Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng to Split 3.5 Billion Yuan Fortune

Confirming their divorce on October 23, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and singer Wang Feng (汪峰) now face a new headache–how will they split combined assets reportedly worth over 3.5 billion Chinese yuan? Divorce proceedings for rich couples are typically messier and lengthier, where many complex decisions need to be made over the division of their assets.

Married in 2015, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng welcomed their daughter in the same year and their son in 2020. Since they gave an impression of a happy family with their variety show appearances, the divorce news took the industry by storm. Adding to the confusion was speculation of the custody of their children and some rumors claiming the divorce was due to cheating and gambling reasons.

After initial divorce rumors dominated Chinese social media discussions for four hours yesterday, Zhang Ziyi finally issued a statement on Weibo confirming the divorce and joint custody of their children. She emphasized, “There’s no right or wrong between us – separation doesn’t mean betrayal. This was a decision made by two grown adults. We hope to continue having everyone’s support.”

Early Signs of Marital Troubles

Netizens did some further digging and discovered evidence Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng were already beginning to part ways before their official announcement. The actress’ Weibo was set to only show up to six months’ activity and her recent posts contained nothing about her family. Wang Feng also failed to post anything to wish Zhang Ziyi a happy birthday in February.

Since last year, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng had stopped wearing their wedding bands. In a family photo shared on Wang Feng’s social media in June 2022, Zhang Ziyi was still seen with her wedding ring. However, Wang Feng did not wear his ring starting in November 2022. He was also seen without the ring again when he received his award at the Macau International Movie Festival last December.

Industry insiders already knew of Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng’s drift. In September, Chinese veteran actor Zhao Benshan (趙本山) did a live broadcast where he claimed the power couple was getting a divorce and they were figuring out how to split their assets totally 3.5 billion Chinese yuan.

Enormous Fortune to Slice

One of the hurdles now facing Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng is fair division of their fortune, which will require meticulous attention. Their combined worth is allegedly CNY 3.5 billion (approximately US$479 million). Zhang Ziyi owns 23 companies and has shares in over 80 different companies, while Wang Feng has 20 companies and investments in over 80 companies. The pair also established a 50-50 joint venture in 2014 and had invested in a media company together.

Wang Feng is a Serial Dater?

As this is Wang Feng’s third divorce, the singer’s past relationships resurfaced in the media again. His first marriage with Qi Dan (齊丹) only lasted one year when they split in 2004. He then dated model Ge Huijie (葛薈婕), who gave birth to Wang Feng’s first daughter Apple Wang. After the two broke up, Wang married his second wife, Kang Zuoru (康作如) and welcomed his second daughter. Unfortunately, they filed for divorce three years later.

Above: Zhang Ziyi, Apple Wang, and Wang Feng

Due to Wang Feng’s apparent inability to commit in long-term, his initial relationship with Zhang Ziyi was not highly regarded. When they first got married, Zhang Ziyi’s parents disapproved. The actress once shared, “It’s because he was married before. He already has children from his previous two marriages. Back then, I didn’t get along with my family and I didn’t dare to mention his name.” It took Wang Feng’s continued efforts before Zhang Ziyi’s parents finally accepted him.

While many regret to see Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng’s split after eight years of marriage, his ex-girlfriend Ge Huijie vocally supported the divorce. Blasting Wang Feng, she exclaimed, “Wang Feng and I have been separated for so long and our daughter [Apple] has already grown up.  As long as this doesn’t affect her, then it doesn’t matter. Their relationship doesn’t cause me to feel anything.” She added, “Honestly, I feel a sigh of relief. He’s a serial dater–he finds the next woman before I even have a chance to reprimand him. I’m glad Zhang Ziyi finally opened her eyes.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am sure they had a prenup to protect their assets before marriage…what comes after which they did together and years of marriage will be then divided accordingly… I hope that is so… Anyway, money is not the worst issue, it is always the kids and any hurt party..

  2. It does not surprise me Zhang Ziyi is keen to get back into International limelight watching the success Michelle Yeoh is experiencing. Ziyi has always been a very competitive person, I bet she is waiting for good scripts to start filming overseas again. She wants to be in the spotlight again.

  3. Just listened to Spencer’s talk show. He said something which really make sense-first of all the couple has been very lovey dovey for the past 8 years and there is no scandalous news about them. Hence there is no reason for their divorce. On the other hand, Wang Feng is being investigated for bribery in Sing China! show. If found guilty their joint asset will be confiscated. So both is very smart. They came out with this divorce idea in order to protect their wealth!

    1. I heard Na Ying is also investigated. Going back to this couple, they have not been very close for over a year, the timing of the investigation only happened this year. I dont think it is the main cause, maybe the reason for this rush divorce but this couple must be separated over 1 year already.

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