Zhang Ziyi Holds Expensive Party for Two Year Old

By on December 30, 2017 in NEWS

Zhang Ziyi Holds Expensive Party for Two Year Old

Two years ago, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and her husband, rock musician Wang Feng (汪峰) welcomed their daughter Xingxing. On December 27, Ziyi held a birthday party for her little angel, and shared some pictures on social media.

“On the same day in 2015, this little one was born, and a rich and colorful stroke of calligraphy was painted on my life,” wrote Ziyi.

Ziyi definitely gave her daughter a rich and colorful birthday party. Xingxing had a three-layered cake, endless flavors of macarons, and more deserts that are unicorn-themed. Netizens reacted to the party with both positive and negative comments. While others expressed their congratulations, many netizens reacted bitterly. One said, “So that’s how the rich people do it. Ours finish after the fifty yuan cake!”

The mixed reactions did not affect Ziyi and Wang Feng’s mood, however. Ziyi also wrote on Weibo, “I know I will love her. In the 730 days that she has been with me, she’s helping me understand how dim my days would be without her, how weak and uninteresting. Her arrival has made me soft but strong, with satisfaction and happiness.”

Ziyi also has a stepdaughter, 12-year-old Xiaopinguo, Wang Feng’s daughter with ex-wife, Gu Huijie (葛荟婕).

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Zhang Ziyi Holds Expensive Party for Two Year Old

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  • 5 comments to Zhang Ziyi Holds Expensive Party for Two Year Old

    1. nomad822 says:

      A party for a 1 – 2 yr old is really more a party for the adults. And photo op.

      Juz sayin’. A party for a 3 yr – now they would have fun with Frozen or Disney Princesses, or Dinosaur/Space theme or whatever.

      And it does NOT even have to be lavish – dollar store gift bags with themed stuff sourced and put together with a whole lot of thought and effort; IS a lot more fun than a $100 gift bag more suited for adults. Or put together impersoanlly by a paid professional party-planner.

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    2. mangotango says:

      Oh wow… the decoration is too pretty to eat! I can imagine what her 21st birthday will be like? Probably grander than many weddings. Lucky girl. I wouldn’t mind such a pretty birthday but it is just that I am too poor to afford such a pretty and fanciful one.

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    3. passingby says:

      The decorations are so pretty. Love the unicorns and rainbow coloured deco. But why are the bottom 2 trays of the macaron displays empty lol? Would look better if all the trays were filled. Surely it won’t cost a lot more for that lol.

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    4. elizabeth says:

      Baby is cute.

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    5. alvenlow says:

      not a fan of zhangziyi..

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