Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng Confirm Divorce

Married in 2015, Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) and her husband Wang Feng (汪峰) always appeared to have an affectionate marriage. They even peeled back layers of their marriage for all to see in reality show Viva La Romance <妻子的浪漫旅行>. Besides caring for their two children, Ziyi was also an involved stepmother to Wang Feng’s teenage daughter from a previous marriage. Despite the image of the perfect family, Ziyi and Wang Feng announced their divorce today.

A Chinese media outlet dropped the explosive news that “Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi got divorced. Wang Feng will keep custody of their daughter while Zhang Ziyi will keep their son.” The headline quickly became a hot search topic and amassed 220 million views within two hours on Weibo.

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng issued simultaneous divorce statements at the same time, confirming their marriage has indeed ended. They wrote, “Thank you everyone for your continued concern and support for Brother Feng and I. After eight years of marriage, we decided to dissolve our marriage after careful consideration and discussion. We will treat each other as family in raising our children together and accompanying them while growing up. We will remain as the most trusted parents of our children.”

The ex-couple said the divorce was reached as “a mutual decision by two adults” under amicable terms, without any wrongdoing or “betrayal” from either party.

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This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. How can one parent keep one child and the other parent keep the other child. That sounds ridiculous and fabricated.

    1. Totally agree. If it is under amicable terms, both children should stay with either one parent. Why separate the kids?

  2. I told you all to expect several divorces, marriage announcements and shocking news of things being exposed. I told you all these things before things became so heated. There are more bombshell separations to come. There is one that will shock the Asian community if they announce a separation. It will not shock the wife’s fans, who think she was made by God for her costar, who happens to be gay, and is married to his very long term *girlfriend*. So much more tea and drama to come.

      1. Taiwan. You know who I mean. While fans were hurting themselves when his costar got married, he was in a long term relationship with his *wife* who somewhat looks a bit like a girl, but we know she is really his husband. These fans are still waiting and pining in a delusional state for JS and JS to marry. His costar is a best buddy and always knew about his se*ual orientation.

    1. To be honest, we really dont get gays out of closet reviews from China much as that will likely blacklist them or kill their rice bowl. Of course the obvious hat have been around then to get away with it..

  3. Their relationship was very ostentatious and high profile. Sad.. it’s sad that the showiest relationships don’t last. Relationships are hard

    1. Just like Huang Xiaoming & Angelababy, Fan Bingbing & Li Chen almost got married but had a high profile relationship, Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei are just afew couples.

  4. I think what it is, that the dad keeps the daughter from the previous relationship, while Z keeps her son from there’s. Only makes sense, she has no blood ties to the daughter. Hilarious.

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