“Gf*Bf” and “Mystery” Lead 7 Nominations in 49th Golden Horse Awards

Above: “Gf*Bf” earns seven nominations in the 49th Golden Horse Film Awards.

The nominations for Taiwan’s 49th Golden Horse Film Awards were announced on October 2. Taiwanese film, Gf*Bf <女朋友。男朋友> and controversial mainland Chinese film, Mystery <浮城谜事>, led with seven nominations. Hong Kong’s Life Without Principle <奪命金> and Vulgaria <低俗喜劇> earned six and three nominations respectively.

Gf*Bf and Mystery will compete in the Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Leading Actress, and Best Original Screenplay categories.

Set amidst thirty years of Taiwan’s rapid social change, Gf*Bf traces a complex love relationship among three friends who discover deception, betrayal and finally the true value of their friendship. As Taiwan’s strongest film to emerge this year, Gf*Bf also earned Golden Horse nominations for Director, Yang Ya Che (楊雅喆); leading actor Joseph Chang (張孝全); leading actress Gwei Lun Mei (桂綸鎂); and supporting actor Chang Shu Hao (張書豪).

Suspense thriller, Mystery, which upset mainland Chinese censors for touching upon police corruption and the portrayal of its wealthy class,  also snagged nominations for Lou Ye (婁燁) as Best Director, Hao Lei (郝蕾) as Best Actress, and Qi Xi (齊溪) as Best New Performer.

Hong Kong films had a strong presence in this year’s Golden Horse Film Awards nominations. Johnnie To’s (杜琪峯) Life Without Principle had six nominations, including Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Sean Lau (劉青雲) for Best Actor, and Denise Ho (何韻詩) for Best Actress.

Pang Ho Cheung’s (彭浩翔) Category III sex comedy, Vulgaria, won three nominations, including Chapman To (杜汶澤) for Best Actor, Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) for Best Supporting Actor, and Dada Chan (陳靜) for Best Supporting Actress.

The 49th Golden Horse Film Awards will be held on Saturday, November 24 in Taipei.

Below is a list of nominations in the major awards categories:

Best Feature Film

Beijing Blues <神探亨特張>
Gf * Bf <女朋友。男朋友>
Life Without Principle <奪命金>
Mystery <浮城謎事>
The Bullet Vanishes <消失的子彈>

Best Director

Gao Qun Shu (高群書) – Beijing Blues
Lou Ye (婁燁) – Mystery
Johnnie To (杜琪峯) – Life Without Principle
Yang Ya Che (楊雅喆) – Gf * Bf
Doze Niu (鈕承澤) – Love <愛LOVE>

Best Actor

Nick Cheung (張家輝) – Nightfall
Sean Lau (劉青雲) – Life Without Principle
Joseph Chang (張孝全) – Gf * Bf
Chapman To (杜汶澤) – Vulgaria
Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) – The Viral Factor

Best Actress

Bai Baihe (白百何) – Love Is Not Blind
Hao Lei (郝蕾) – Mystery
Denise Ho (何韻詩) – Life Without Principle
Gwei Lun Mei (桂綸鎂) – Gf * Bf
Sandrine Pinna (張榕容) – Touch of the Light

Best Supporting Actor

Wu Gang (吳剛) – White Deer Plain
Chang Shu Hao (張書豪) – Gf * Bf
Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) – Vulgaria
Zhuang Kai Xun (莊凱勛) – Stilt
Chapman To (杜汶澤) – Diva

Best Supporting Actress

Dada Chan (陳靜) – Vulgaria
Amber Kuo (郭采潔) – Love
Ivy Chen (陳意涵) – Love
Liang Jing (梁靜)- Design of Death
Mavis Fan (范曉萱)  – The Silent War

Best New Performer

Peijia Huang (黃姵嘉)- Cha Cha for Twins
Guo Chun Mei (郭春美)- Flying Dragon, Dancing Phoenix
Zhang Zixuan (張子萱) – Love Is Not Blind
Qi Xi (齊溪) – Mystery
Eric Lin (林暉閔) – Starry Starry Night

Source: QQ.com 

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