Donnie Yen Asked to Lose 30 Pounds for “Ip Man 3”

As one of the most bankable action stars, 51-year-old action star Donnie Yen (甄子丹) has been filming movies back-to-back. After more than three years since it was announced that Donnie will return for Ip Man 3 <葉問 3>, the project is finally ready to start principal photography.

As the Derby Ambassador for the third year, Donnie attended a racehorse event yesterday. Donnie expressed his desire to become a horse owner. Although he does not own a horse, reporters teased whether he will instead buy a new car. Donnie said, “I do love nice cars, but I rarely buy luxurious things. I will have to ask my wife first!”

With the filming of the popular franchise Ip Man 3 in a few weeks, Donnie revealed that director Wilson Yip (葉偉信) asked him to lose 30 pounds for the role. Donnie laughed and said, “I am around 145 pounds right now, so it’s impossible to lose 30 pounds. Not only will I go to the hospital, I might die!”

Standing at 5 feet 9 inches, Donnie weighed approximately 120 pounds at his lightest. Donnie revealed that he was at his heaviest around 160 pounds and was nicknamed “Fat Boy Don.” When asked whether his wife Cecilia Wang (汪詩詩) monitors his weight, Donnie smiled, “When we were first married, Cecilia said she wanted me to have a belly because it is better to squeeze!”


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  1. I thought he’s has six packs, no? What is there to lose? He’s nothing but muscles!

  2. 5 feet 9? Get out from here..I think he probably 5’5″ or 5’6″ Lol

    1. He’s about as tall as Aaron Kwok, I don’t know if any of the numbers given here are real.At 5 foot 7 I weigh more than him (around 174 pounds) and am still small, so if he’s 145 pounds now and going to have to lsoe 30 more pounds, he’ll look like he lives in a third world country.

    2. Well, his wife confirmed that he’s as tall as her, who is 5’9 (175 cm) as well without heels. Otherwise, he’s 5’8 (173 cm) at best according to most sites. He’s known to be a some inches taller than Jet Li (5’6)

    3. Donnie Yen is 5 feet 9. Why are you even surprised. Donnie Yen has the height of a average Chinese male. But with huge muscles and 6 pack abs. If he was 5’5 or 5’6 he would be made fun of by reporters like Wong cho lam. Cause that’s the height of wong cho lam or a inch shorter.

      1. At 5 feet 7,weighing 174 pounds, my arms aren’t even 15 inches (they’re a mere 14.7 inches), my quads aren’t 27 inches (barely manage to stretch the tape at 26 inches). In what parallel universe does a 5 foot 9 man weighing 160 pounds at his heaviest have huge muscles?

      2. But do you got abs? Do you do other workout beside lifting? Like yoga or kung fu , soccer or basketball etc? Maybe your just fat and don’t really know it. Pecs and 6pack abs makes a big difference, compare to only big arms and big thins and lean stomach.

      3. And I never understood why we Asian Chinese men are so short. Why can’t be taller. Our average height is 5 feet 9 inches. We range from 5’6 to like 6’3 the most unless your some kind professional basketball player.

      4. If any human being did not have abs,he/she would be unable to stand upright.There is no such thing as “building abs”, we are all born with them. Visible abs indicate that an individual has low levels of bodyfat, which all humans can physically do.So yes I got abs, and they’re visible practically all year round if that’s what you’re asking. I do this for a living. Want an instagram?

        I train people to achieve their fitness,strength, physique goals and athletical goals for a living darling.

        I am the 2012 Australian National Wushu champion (Forms and weaponary).I stopped competing in Wushu thereafter to focus on powerlifting, bodybuilding and I fight in Muay Thai fights.
        Clips of me competing can be viewed at, remember to give them a like too if you don’t mind:

        Pecs and abs don’t make people look big, shoulders, lats and quad sweeps do.

      5. If you don’t mind, leave your email, and I will email you my book which I am releasing within the next two weeks which is all about myths related to fitness, stuff like “you can tone muscles”, basically a book where I lay out the myths and explain why they are false.

        I don’t mean to get up in your face, I just genuinely would like to help reduce misunderstandings pertaining to fitness. Celebrities like to mislead the public and well, I just genuinely want to rectify the situation.

    4. The book is absolutely free by the way, and will always be after release.

    5. No way he’s 5’9..I’ve seen him in real life..I’d give him 5’6″ the most….

  3. I don’t believe he’s 5’9. He probably is with those special shoes that gives you more height. I think he’s probably 5’7-8. Anyway, he still kicks ass. I’m a fan!

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