Donnie Yen Says Western Media Only Shows China’s Negative Side

Set to premiere on March 23, John Wick: Chapter 4 will see Hong Kong action star Donnie Yen (甄子丹) join the cast that includes Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada, as a blind killer in boundary-pushing fight sequences!

Calls Out Lack of Press Report on China’s Strengths
Interviewed by the press, the 59-year-old shared how he has visited many countries, which allowed him to make comparisons of these with China. He then pointed out how China’s modern image is never picked up in reports by Western press, “Whether (it is) the development of highways or buildings, or the convenience of daily living, these countries are not as advanced as China, but media outlets like BBC, CNN do not ever report on these,” Having given up his US citizenship, the action star said that he is currently in China.

Initiated Changes to His Character’s Name, Clothes

As one of the most sought-after Chinese film stars in Hollywood in the recent decade, Donnie expressed how he has received numerous Hollywood movie offers and has turned out films the likes of Expendables and the Superhero-themed Aquaman, on a few considerations including whether his character is too stereotyped, on whether the film respects Chinese culture, and importantly, whether the project allows him to showcase his creativity. Summing up his reasons for turning the two mega productions, Donnie shared that he would rather spend time with his family, and bluntly puts, “Not worth (me spending) my time”.

On the fourth John Wick installment, Donnie affirmed that the movie accorded him the creative space he wanted. Voicing objection to his character’s original name of “Shang” or “Chang” in the script, Donnie voiced, “Why does it have to be these kinds of names? Even the costumes are the boring Tang suits, (when) everyone in the film should be very stylish,” Eventually, Donnie’s character had his name changed to “Caine” and is seen in the trailer in a modern suit.

Asked about his once-acting partner Michelle Yeo unlocking ceilings for Asian artistes in Hollywood with her sweep of prominent acting awards, Donnie expressed that he is elated and said, as “There will be many others like Michelle Yeoh, who regardless of obstacles or challenges, continue to keep thinking, and continue moving forward.”

Catch Trailer for “John Wick: Chapter 4”

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. Wasn’t this movie not to be screened in China? I thought I read something about it…due to a interview with Donnie before that Mainland did not like? I may be mistaken…

    Anyway, praising PRC is definitely the right thing to do now if he wants more support for his projects selling well in all of China….

  2. Wake up dude!! We see what’s on Weibo, we watch news, and Cdrama… they have nothing good to say about the Western either. It will never be good enough for you 1% Alister privilege. Now let us hear what bad things you can say about your country. Oh wait? You can’t, because that will be the end of your career.

  3. Well, to be fair and I mentioned this in Jackson Wang’s ode to China, it’s real BS that the US never mentions the great things about China – aside from inciting fear of its huge population, cheap production tactics and tacky behavior.

    I recall the US feeding the same negative news about Japan as well, when it was in its prime and fear of supplantation was looming. China is the U.S.’s #1 competitor at this point – so it’s in their best interest to feed negative news about other countries especially about China.

    The issue stems both ways; U.S. has no interest in promoting its competitor or giving them face and China has no interest in mellowing the relationship between them in light on constant antagonization.

    1. I don’t see anything good about the Chinese govt which is the face of China now. I won’t say I like China because I’m ethically Chinese. I’ve never lived in China, lived in HK when it was a British Crown Colony but now China says HK was never a colony. Really, I was there and saw it as a colony with my own eyes. Now tell me which country lies to me?

      1. Aren’t you discrediting yourself by saying there’s nothing good about Chinese gov’t…and at the same time say you’ve never lived there?

        The govt isn’t great, but it has done a lot in the past 100 years (maybe not really due to their credit, but they had a helping hand in it.) There is more prosperity in the country than ever.

        To say it’s always bad sounds like an immature accusation. There are nuances to everything.

    2. @Coralie, Don’t have to live there to know what’s happening. Remember I lived just over the border and I saw hundreds of refugees escaping communism to HK? I had a front row seat. Why weren’t people going from HK to China at the time? Why were Chinese leaving China if it is so great? When you said society has improved so much, but compared to what? Whose fault is it that China was so poor 100 years ago whereas the western countries were doing so much better at the same time?

      1. @afan202 From when? Back in 1997 handover?

        Hey I didn’t say communism is great, but I’m saying there’s nothing good reported at all about China. This is the same as any other developing countries, like India, Brazil, etc. Is it so unbelievable that there are GOOD things being done in the country? If so, why aren’t they reported?

      2. What we are witnessing now is the perpetual cycle of rising and falling empires that continue throughout history. China was powerful and rich at the start of each dynasty but eventually hit bottom. The Qing Dynasty’s decay accelerated with gunboat diplomacy of rising European colonial powers. The consequences of civil turmoil, invasions, civil war, revolution had a long lasting effect into the 21st century on a broken China. US power saw its meteoric rise after WW2. But the US is now struggling for survival with a chaotic violent society, homelessness, drugs, decrepit infra-structure, inflation, polarized citizens and toxic politics. But they will do anything in its power, including an appocolyptic war to protect their #1 superpower status from a rising China that has since rebuilt its society and cities.

    3. @msxie0714 okay while the US is struggling, the rest of the world is struggling along with it. For what it’s worth, the US economy is much more robust than people give it credit for. It will hold out at least for another century before it starts dwindling in economic power, assuming that Chinese population implode, much like Japanese population.

      @afan202 that’s decades ago. The china from the 50s is not the china today. Which goes to show the immense growth it’s undergone to be at its status today. People leave usually due to 2 things 1) economic potential and 2) risk of persecution/violence. People in the 50s and 60s left because China was still economically underdeveloped and backwards. It has changed a lot since then

  4. I am not entirely in agreement with him, as other nationalities are portrayed as bad people. But then is this him who appeared in a few Hollywood movies when action movies were in fashion and now they are out of fashion the doors are not being knocked on?? Chow Yun Fat portrayed hero’s in Hollywood, a King even, so I think its just him sucking up to the Pro China movement that is in Hong Kong society to make money, as many of them are very two faced for their own gain.

    1. Nah…Asians/Asian-Americans, in general, have been stereotyped throughout Hollywood history. Just Google Yellowface.

      1. Honestly what race hasn’t been stereotyped? Whites and hispanics have it just as bad. Cracker jacks? Beaners? Redneck? Wetbacks? You act like Asians are the only ones.

      2. @Abcd Although other races have been stereotyped, it doesn’t negate the damage of stereotyping Asians. Donnie Yen wants to speak about his race and advocate for better representation, that’s great. That’s not a political statement and politics between the 2 countries shouldn’t be brought in. I want every race to not be demeaned.

        And I disagree that white people have it bad in the US. They are still the dominant race, still the ones in charge of the government, judicial system, police, real estate, healthcare, and banks. Their decisions affects all of us. Being called a “cracker” one in a while (which I can’t think of an example of this happening in TV or movies in a derogatory way and not a self-deprecating joke) does not affect their livelihood. But other minoritized races, being insulted, being profiled, being “othered” , does endanger their mental health and safety.

  5. @Coralie: latest news: two American bank failures today, signaling a domino effect for more collapses and bank runs. Another news flash: dumping of US dollars by the global south is accelerating. Feel bad for those who will be facing very tough times ahead.

    1. I read about this too… Silicon Valley Bank collapse did send a huge shock to many and Country. First Republic Bank is next…

    2. @msxie0714 meh. We’ve had many failures in the past 3 decades, nothing new about that. Other countries have been wanting to decouple from the US currency for a long time, and in times of crisis, the U.S. dollar can’t give them as much value. But when things look up, back to the U.S. currency they go. Tale as old as time…

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