Michelle Yeoh Joins International Olympic Committee

Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) was recently elected as a member of the International Olympic Committee. She shared, “I remember someone once asked me, how did you become an actress? I’ve always responded with, ‘I never dreamed of being an actress, but as a child I always dreamed of being an Olympian.’”

Before the votes were counted, Princess Anne, Honorary President of the British Olympic Association, introduced Michelle as a former junior squash champion of Malaysia. “Regretfully, her other talents led her away from her career in sports. However, she had a very fulfilling career and is still extremely passionate about sports.”

Michelle joins eight other newcomers including Israel’s first Olympic medalist Yael Arad; Hungarian businessman and sports administrator Balazs Furjes; former Olympic volleyball medalist and politician from Peru, Cecilia Roxana Tait Villacorta; German sports entrepreneur, Michael Mronz; head of the International Table Tennis Federation, Sweden’s Petra Sorling; president of the International Skating Union, South Korean Kim Jae Youl; and Tunisian lawyer Mehrez Boussayene. After this vote, the committee has now grown to 107 members where females make up 41.1 percent.

Michelle is also the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Program. Sports has always been a part of her life while growing up. While Michelle loves track, swimming, and diving, squash is her favorite sport but she is unable to play too much after two knee surgeries and an injured back. “Now, I do a lot of shadow boxing because I still do martial arts in my movies. I also keep up with hiking and swimming, which are more gentle sports.”

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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