Michelle Yeoh Wins Best Actress at 2023 Oscars

After Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) swept the Best Actress Awards at the 94th National Board of Review Awards and Golden Globes for her outstanding performance in absurdist comedy film Everything Everywhere All at Once, she made history again with her Best Actress win at the Oscars 2023!

Beating out Tár’s Cate Blanchett, Blonde’s Ana de Armas, The Fabelmans’s Michelle Williams, and To Leslie’s Andrea Riseborough, Michelle became the first Asian woman and second woman of color to accept the Best Actress Award in Oscars’ entirety of 95 years!

Receiving the trophy from a happily tearful Halle Berry who was the first woman of color to win the award, Michelle also shed tears of joy as she started her speech, “Thank you, thank you. For all the little boys and girls who look like me watching tonight, this is a beacon of hope and possibilities. This is proof that…dream big, and dreams do come true.”

Michelle also sought to motivate all females, “And ladies, don’t anybody tell you that you are ever past your prime. Never give up.” Not forgetting to thank her mother, she continued, “I have to dedicate this award to my mom, all the moms in the world, because they are really the superheroes and without them, none of us would be here tonight. She’s 84 and I’m taking this home to her. She’s watching right now in Malaysia, with my family and friends. I love you guys, I’m bringing this home to you. And also, to my extended family in Hong Kong, where I started my career. Thank you for letting me stand on your shoulders, giving me a leg up so that I can be here today.”

In Everything Everywhere All at Once, Michelle portrays a Chinese immigrant mother who ]suddenly plunged into a multiverse. Challenged to illustrate a chaotic mix of emotions as she deals with family and career crises, Michelle also showcased her amazing martial art skills..

Michelle’s performance earned her multiple awards including the Best Lead Performance at the 38th Independent Spirit Awards and the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role at the 29th Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Michelle in a feather-embroidered Dior Couture dress by Maria Grazia Chiuri

Source: [1]

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Too many of these types of Korean style movies. Didnt think much of it, happy she won, but questionable that she was the right person to have won and the right movie to have got so many awards as there were many equally as good and may even be better. Oscars is not as prestige as it use to be as it tends to bow to audience or actors pressures to award them to what is being spoken about now, or as they call it the woke speech. Before it was about blacks, then gays, then women and now Asians because the popularity of the Korean market but even that is starting to stale.

    1. Or perhaps the judges and audience was rewarding work that was innovative? You forgot the word “people” when you were categorizing characteristics. These are human stories and relationships that others have not seen and appreciate the introduction to a new world. For every minoritized work that gets some acclaim, numerous other conventional white pieces will be placed on the pedestal.

    2. Name one Korean movie or drama that is similar to this please? And to make your claim even more credible, name 3!

    3. When has she ever made a Korean style movie? Most of her films were of the Kung fu genre and then followed by Hollywood style films.

    4. I know not everyone will enjoy the same movie but I absolutely did not see any Korean influence in this movie. It was a great depiction of an Asian-AMERICAN family. The granddaughter spoke broken Mandarin and the grandfather had traditional views that did not align with his children. The movie revolved around filing taxes, small businesses, & multiverses. Are those really trends in Korean movies bc I’m totally not getting it. The movie took risks and all its accolades are well-deserved. Michelle Yeoh gave one of the strongest performances of the year along with Ke Huy Quan. We can argue Cate Blanchett or Banshees deserved wins, but the award can only go to one.

      I don’t see anything being woke about the movie besides *maybe* a character being queer. The movie speaks of nihilism, generational trauma, and absurdism. Funny how one year the Oscars decided to award a movie with some shock value that thinks outside the box and it’s considered “woke.” Yeah, let’s go back to the Oscar baits, povery porns, and biopics that win each year.

      1. Very well said. When it’s first revealed in the movie that the daughter was les, I was a bit worried it might turn woke, luckily it actually did very well! And I’m glad it show what Asian parents are like. It’s not about how they don’t accept LGBT+, but how they worried the world won’t accept their children for being who they are. This goes for everything, not just for being LGBT+

    5. Did we watch the same movie? In what way was this movie similar at all to Korean movies? If anything, this felt more like an Asian American interpretation and homage to golden era 80’s HK flicks.

      It annoys me that we finally get some deserving Asian winners, and there is always someone wanting to discredit the wins.

      I get it, not everyone will enjoy the movie, as that is subjective to personal tastes. But that doesn’t make the film less deserving of the accolades, just because you personally didn’t enjoy a film that a lot of others did.

  2. One of my good friend enjoys this movie immensely, one fell asleep midway… I have yet to watch… Happy Michelle Yeoh won.

    1. Well I went in not knowing anything about it except it has Michelle Yeoh, and kungfu, and my friends swore it’s the best movie ever (whenever ppl say that, I’m like super skeptical lol).

      I have to say the movie bring me back to the golden age of Hk modern kungfu movies by Jackie chan. The story is weird n super wacky, and after 15mins, you learn to just roll with it, and it got even more fun lol. I came out, agree with my friends how it’s the best movie since awhile!

      It’s exciting, intriguing, yet emotionally driven and does hit almost everyone lol (except for the psychopath lol, to no fault of themselves :P)

      1. I will take your advise…Will sit back and roll with it. I feel this is one of those movies one best not have expectations…just enjoy and have fun and scream every now and then. ..

  3. Congratulations! I wasn’t sure what to make of the movie for the first 15-20 mins or so, but then I got into it and really enjoyed it. So unique, clever, funny and heart warming. I loved Stephanie Hsu too. She was also amazing. The team did a great job!

  4. As much as this article is about Michele, it should have listed what other awards the movie won! And man, it’s well deserving it!

    No longer the best movie award goes to a movie that only a minority find it’s great! (No offend but so many best picture was so boring!) finally a movie that is action packed (actually action packed that isn’t war movie!), exciting, intriguing, yet emotional, best of all, a full cast of Asians, showing the dreams and struggles of our father/mother/aunties/uncles/grandparents’s generations!

    Does she deserve it? Hell yea, for a 50+yo (idk her age lol, obviously not a hardcore enough fan of her lawl!), she can do the actions! She can deliver the impactful emotions. If she can not make the audiences feel for her, the movie would fall apart. And what look like a cliche mother daughter conflict, and cliche coming out story, it does make you feel so relevant, because Asian parents are still very guarded. No, they (most of them) can accept you a rainbow (too many silly letters), they will constantly worry about other’s thinking of you (super Asian lol). The story is ultimately very Asian, has all that inside but can’t speak out. Clever script, clever storytelling, while immensely engaging and action packed lol.

    Ps: I love the pinkies lol!

    1. I feel every actress that are nominated are equally very good but there are also other factors to consider… Michelle Yeoh does deserve her award. I have respect for her hardwork and dedication…

  5. I actually really liked this film too – brings back a lot of the mixmash wacky plots of the 70s-80s that had plenty of slapstick humor (y’know movies like BeetleJuice, Edward Scissorhand, Flubber, The Mask and all those weird ones that shouldn’t be so popular but yet made such an impact.) It’s also reminiscent of Matrix, with that dash of sci-fi and reality turning upside down and around.
    Like many, the plot was coherent for me if a little dizzying at times, but the fact that it was capable of doing that, made it remarkable. More commentary to be cont’d

  6. I felt the movie was eh haha…probably cause i watched dr strange 2 right before this, and when i saw this thought it was a rip off of that and a bunch of other movies that were similar. But that’s just the storyline. Loved the acting from everyone .

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