Donnie Yen’s Hot Mother-in-Law

Despite an 18-year age gap between them, 60 year-old actor Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and 42-year-old model Cissy Wang (汪詩詩) have been happily married for two decades, and have a son and daughter, Jasmine and James, who are already grown-up. Recently, netizens dug up old photos of Cissy’s mother, Jennifer Wang whose well-kept looks make her appear much younger than her age of 66!

Jennifer with her 2 daughters.

Only 6 years older than her son-in-law, Jennifer maintains an enviable figure and looks, and was easily mistaken for Cissy’s elder sister when the mother-daughter pair pose together!

A recently shared Instagram photo by Jennifer shows her dressed in a body-hugging white mermaid gown, which had netizens gasping in awe at her beauty, while Cissy also commented, “My gorgeous mama”.



Cissy Brings Donnie Good Luck

Sharing about his career after marriage, Donnie once said, “All my good luck comes from my wife, after we got married, basically my career has been pretty good, when my daughter was born, I won my first Hong Kong Film Awards, and then another award when my son was born, basically I started to receive awards year after year,”

Donnie had proposed to Cissy after just two years of dating, when the two were still unaware of the 18-year age gap between them— which Cissy attributed to Donnie looking younger than his actual age, whereas her “thoughts and behaviours” were more mature than her looks.









Source: WorldJournal, HK01

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  1. I’d say she just looks her age for nowadays. My mum is a bit younger but looks similar. People typically don’t look like the 60-70 year olds did back a few decades ago. Even 30-40 year olds look way younger than they do now than back then.

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