Frankie Lam Produces and Stars in “Let Us Stop the War!”

Frankie Lam (林文龍) has invested a seven-figure sum in a new Hong Kong romantic film, Let Us Stop the War! <我們停戰吧!>, which stars Patrick Tam (譚耀文), Kathy Yuen (湯怡), and Frankie himself.

At the film’s blessing ceremony held on August 14, Frankie said Let Us Stop the War! is his first film investment. Over $10 million HKD was invested into the film. Pinky Cheung (張文慈), Al Wai (艾威), Kwok Fung (郭峰), and Wong Mei Kei (黃美棋) also star.

The screenplay is written by Rachel Lam (林熹瞳), a graduate at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, who has starred in a few dramas by RTHK, ATV, and HKTV. It was Rachel who approached Frankie about working on a new movie together. After reading her script, Frankie immediately agreed to invest in the project.

“I would never think someone as young as Rachel could write such a deep script,” said Frankie. “I was also young before, so I really want to use the little ability I have to help other young people. It’s also very rare to see my wife Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) agreeing to the project right away. We are aiming for a late end of year release.”

Let Us Stop the War! tells a love story between a teacher (Patrick Tam) and his student (Kathy Yuen), who also gets pregnant. Patrick and Kathy will not be sharing any intimate or kissing scenes. Pinky will be portraying Kathy’s mother.

In related news, Wong Mei Kei was recently reported to have spent the night over at Ray Chung (鍾健威)’s home. Mei Kei clarified that Ray was just being a gentleman and taking her home late at night. She said she is not dating Ray, insisting that they are only friends and have just gotten to know each other.  She said her parents do not like the idea of cohabiting. Out of respect for her parents, she will not live with her boyfriend before marriage.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I like Pinky Cheung and Patrick Tam but where could i watch this series once it’s set to air??

  2. “Let Us Stop the War! tells a love story between a teacher (Patrick Tam) and his student (Kathy Yuen), who also gets pregnant. ”

    Assuming high school student and a teacher, the storyline is also sick. I am sorry to say where is the love story of a teacher having a sexual relationship with a student?

      1. Well maybe you can see multiple dimensions but it is what it is. I am sure this movie will make a hell of a love story out of it if it is the same as the synopsis in the article but in real life this teacher would have been arrested or at least fired from his job. I don’t think you need multiple dimensions to see that.

  3. Who are these girls?

    Based on the outfit of the girls in the picture, it does look like they’re in high school. If that’s true, then I agree with @Funn, EW! Pedophile! It’s considered rape in the US for a teacher to have sexual relationship with student under 18. That’s disgusting. I really hope that’s not what’s going to happen here… There’s gut to be different, but it’s a fine line before you cross into inappropriate area.

    Maybe she’s pregnant by another student, and the love relationship between her and the teacher are just through admiration from afar kind of ordeal. At least I hope so. Or maybe it’s similar to the anime “The Garden of Words,” which is about the love-but-cannot-love between a teacher and HS student. As much as I like Shinkai-san and his beautiful artwork in the anime, I still feel icky after watching it.

    Oh and by the way, what’s so deep about this script? It’s been done and explored before…

    1. I agree that this is nothing new, but a reused storyline that have been used billions of times. There is really no depth to this kind of plot. Frankie dressed like chairman mo

    2. “The Garden of Words,”
      My god, that anime is taboo kind of love also but the graphics of that animation is beyond amazing. It’s just so beautiful the way everything played out on screen. So 3-D, so real, so beautiful. haha LOL…. Japanese animators rock literally.
      The story itself lacks a bit of detail thou since it’s too short @45mins or so but it was a beautiful story.
      The story might be at least 12 years older but the 15 year old boy might just be the most matured, good & dependable boy you will ever meet on screen.
      Yes, it’s not a kind of love story that ppl might be used to seeing onscreen but who’s to say right or wrong I mean it is just a cartoon.
      For it to be live action, I can see it probably will be quite a controversial topic still for any country I think you have to admit it is also very common for kids to fall in love/crush on their teachers thou.

      1. @ windy: I agree the graphic and animation of “the garden of words” are great. No arguement there. I would have enjoy it more if they could age Takao by 3 or 4 years; maybe a freshman in college; then of course they’ll hav eto age Yukai too, maybe in her late 30s. I just can’t get over the “icky-ness” off a grown person “loving” a kid. For me, his best is still 5 CMs per Second -I love the manga much more though.

        On another point, agree that it is common for kids to have a crush for their teachers. However, the teacher, who supposedly to be older and “wiser,” should know beter than to fall in love with a young kiddo student.

      2. @jj
        Of course, I agree. If it’s LIVE action and the guy who is 10 years younger or something is just kind of sick to watch but it does happen in real life too. Of course, I love cartoons so for it being a cartoon make it less of an impact for me? haha LOL… It’s cute still and does not make me want to vomit thinking of the age gap b/c cartoons makes it sweeter and cute for me. Garden of Words is just beautiful so I somewhat neglect the taboo love story. Haha LOL….
        But it does happen in real life too and it’s really hard seeing it esp if the woman is 20+ years older and the guy is good looking while the woman is OLD and UGLY but RICH. She must have that attraction or else just like OLD UGLY MEN dating young and beautiful women, gotta be a catch or some sort…..
        I know but there are many sick real life situations where the teacher had affairs w/a minor or at least from the news all the time. Take that woman who had a husband and 3 grown children and she had affair w/this THAI kid while he was 12 as his teacher and she was in her mid 30’s and she went to jail and she fathered a couple of kids w/this 12 year old and then when she got out of prison, ppl paid to televised their marriage????? Man so many sick stories like that and that wasn’t the only one.
        Another example: ACTOR;_ylt=AmMhor2nHQjcYOgAGNRzzgubvZx4?fr=yfp-t-224-s&toggle=1&fp=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&p=aaron%20johnson%20and%20sam%20taylor%20wood
        This dude is good looking, young and of course probably he’s golddigging for fame and her money but basically the same situation.
        He’s like 24 right now or something but technically he is still a MINOR when he got together w/this old cougar woman who is now his wife when he was 16-17 years old. Tell me that’s not sick but heck it happended. I mean the woman who has daughter almost his age?????? He was still a minor when she casted him in that film they did together???? SICK no matter how you see it. GROSS she is practically like 24 YEARS OLDER? Man, that’s probably his moms or she might be older hahaha LOL

      3. @ windy: I still get pretty gross out whether it’s cartoon or live action; that’s just me. I know it happens in real life too. I’ve heard and seen many of those stories in the news. It’s disgusting and despicable. I mean, can an 13 years old really know the true many of love? They might be “infatuated” of the teacher, and probably only acted on hormones. So in a way, I blame the teacher a little more, not saying the student is free of guilt; but the teacher should know better.

        Anyways, now I want to re-read 5 CMs while listen to the OST lol.

      4. @jj,

        I know exactly what you mean but there are many kinds of sickos in this world. If they have morals and knowing what’s bet right and wrong, they would never have done so, give it to lust/love whatever. I find it ok for cartoons b/c I love cartoons so if it’s live action it’s a major no no for me. That’s why I never particularly like the OLDER SIS/YOUNGER BRO theme kind of dramas.

        I have heard great stuff about the 5CM but never really got around to it?
        Is it that good?

      5. @windy, As I mentioned, 5 Centimeters Per Second is my favorite of Shinkai-san. Even though he made the anime before turned into a manga, I recommend read the manga first. It provides more details and development between the relationships. Then watch the anime for the beautiful artwork. It’s about childhood friendship turned into something much deeper. Time and distance test the youngins bonds. I really like it because it’s realistic and heart wrenching. I also suggest some tissue for the ending 😉 Enjoy!

  4. If the teacher made his student pregnant, that’s just gross and sick. Happens in real life though.

    1. Yes, we hear many cases of that in real life. There was actually an American movie starring Elizabeth Berkeley about a student falling in love with a teacher. There was a mini story about that in the Taiwanese series Gloomy Salad Days too. I heard it was based on a true story.

  5. Regardless of the story line, I wouldn’t part with my $$$ to watch Frankie Lam in any movie! He’s boring as a pea in a soup. I’m not surprise he doesn’t see anything wrong with teacher/student relationship as the cheater in his relationship with Kenix clearly shows he has no moral and ethics.
    Plus the $$$ is probably Kenix coz I can’t recall him ever earn much money from TVB.

  6. he desperate just finding different ways to make some cash… he so called #1 studio HKTV is gone

  7. 10 Millin HKD is a lot of money. Wonder does it really need such money for a movie like that? I thought it was not the first time I heard of teacher & student relationship?

    There are man living under his girlfriend’s or wife’s money. I don’t know if they feel shameful or not, I really had no idea, I guess it really depends on the situation. I would like to think that big chunk of that money is from Kenix as she makes more monies than her husband.

    Anyhow, I hope the movie will be a success else it’s like throwing away the money into the drain.

  8. When Frankie was with tvb he was poor now his got money to invest in movies to make more money

  9. Some of you guys’ assumptions can be wrong. Kenix stopped acting for a long time. HKTV paid more than TVB and I’m sure that they paid Frankie well. Frankie had some memorable TV series and leading roles (or share leading roles) at TVB too so I’m not surprised that he has some savings.

    By the way, if Frankie is so poor and can’t make a living, will Kenix stop acting and be a housewife?

    1. Maybe they’re spokesperson for some products? And they have their own business perhaps?

    2. HKTV has less artists that why they pay more, if they have thousands of employees like TVB, I believe they will be cheaper than TVB

  10. Frankie has had many if not mostly leading roles in his dramas with TVB and he had made a lot. He strikes me as someone who knows how to save money, make investments and generally has steady work so I don’t know why anyone is surprised that he had that much money to invest. Also he has quite a few high end commercials/endorsements like Porsche Panamera commercial and watch companies Mido and another I don’t remember the name etc. Sorry haters but he is doing pretty well for himself.

    Now the storyline of student teacher romance is a little icky as well as unoriginal. I’ll reserve judgement until I see the movie because maybe the script is really good and deep. I love Frankie and I’m excited that we get something from him in the meantime bc don’t know when we’ll ever get to see his work at HKTV.

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