Huang Xiaoming Journeys 5 Hours in Wheelchair for “The Last Tycoon” Premiere

Above: Chow Yun Fat signs Huang Xiaoming’s cast.

Huang Xiaoming’s (黄晓明) two epic Chinese period films, The Guillotines <血滴子> and The Last Tycoon <大上海> will be released on December 20 and December 22 respectively. Suffering from a leg injury, Xiaoming missed earlier promotions for The Last Tycoon. Last night, Xiaoming braved the odds by journeying 5 hours in his wheelchair to attend the film premiere in Shanghai.

Wheelchair Bound for 3 Months

On November 19, Huang Xiaoming suffered a serious leg fracture while on the film set of The Bride With White Hair <白发魔女传之明月天国>. This left him with four iron rods and two iron needles in his body. It will be another 3 months before Xiaoming can stand up and resume his daily activities.

Throughout his rest period, Xiaoming has been interacting online with his fans through Weibo. Calling himself the “Iron Rod Man” he is still full of optimism and often cracked jokes to show his fans he is well.

An Iron Rod Man’s Journey

Three weeks after his surgery, the restless Huang Xiaoming got the doctors to give him a thorough examination to determine he is fine. Despite doctors’ advice for complete bed rest for 6 weeks, Huang Xiaoming decided to wheel himself to Shanghai for the premiere of The Last Tycoon.

Xiaoming endured a 5-hour journey on the high speed rail to travel to the premiere location. During his rail trip, Xiaoming had to use the accessibility elevator due to his temporary disability. Xiaoming and his manager, Huang Bin (黃斌) downplayed his plight by making fun of the situation. Huang Bin took many photographs of Xiaoming and titled it “Iron Rod Man’s First Journey on the High Speed Rail” and posted them on his Weibo.

Great Chemisty with Fat Gor

At The Last Tycoon in Shanghai yesterday, Xiaoming was given special treatment by costar and veteran actor, Chow Yun Fat (周潤發). Fat Gor wheeled Xiaoming on stage while simultaneously, fanning him. On stage, both actors were flirting with each other, prompting the compere to call them lovers.

Xiaoming confessed he was still not used to be in the wheelchair. Following that, Fat Gor, in his gentlest voice, thanked Xiaoming for travelling all the way to be with him but turned to the audience and exclaimed, “Luckily he’s not dead!” causing the audience to roar in laughter.

It is no wonder the two actors have great chemistry. Xiaoming plays the younger version of Fat Gor in The Last Tycoon. Not only did they work well together in The Last Tycoon, they also dubbed each other’s characters. For Cantonese version, Fat Gor dubbed both Huang Xiaoming and his conversations, and for the Mandarin version, Huang Xiaoming dubbed for both of them.

Heart is With “The Guillotines”

Huang Xiaoming’s other movie, The Guillotines, will be released two days after The Last Tycoon in China. Xiaoming expressed his regret in being unable to attend the event personally. Later on, he lamented in his Weibo, “How I wish the journey from Beijing to Shanghai takes only 2 hours! Then I will be able to make it to Taipei too! My heart is there although my feet can’t be there!”

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