“Inferno 3D”: Louis Koo and Natalie Tong’s 4-Hour Kiss

The Pang Brothers’ upcoming film Inferno 3D <逃出生天3D> offers a thrilling ride. From explosions in the sky to crashes in the water, Sean Lau (劉青雲) and Louis Koo (古天樂) nearly risked their lives to shoot the fire disaster film. But aside from its exciting action, the story itself has elements of love, brotherhood, and family.

In one action sequence, Louis and his fiancé, portrayed by Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), are separated while running from a disaster. Louis returns her, injured but safe, and she runs into his embrace and kisses him.

Their bittersweet kiss in the rain is not as romantic as it seems. It took four hours to complete the take perfectly, and the crew worked from night to morning. Behind the scenes, there were 15 fire trucks, 60 real-life firefighters, and over a hundred background actors waiting for their cue. The weather was inconsistent, and at one point, the temperature dropped to under 10 degrees Celsius. Louis and Natalie, both soaked in rain water and wearing thin layers, were freezing.

Natalie sighed in relief and mused about the difficulties of filming. “I was already very nervous when I had to kiss my idol (Louis). The weather was cold and my costume was thin. I was nervous and cold. My teeth were chattering.” Natalie admitted, “It was such a physically demanding scene.”

When Natalie was called back in months later to do post-production dubbing for the film, Natalie burst into tears when she was recording for the kissing scene. “I couldn’t help myself but to cry when I watched the scene. I could feel the emotions and hardships that our characters went through when they faced danger. It is very human. I’m very sure that this is the message that the directors are trying to send.”

Though Louis professed that he is more physically fit than Natalie, having to film in the rain for four hours did take a toll to his body. Louis joked, “When I was filming in Thailand, Sean had to film wearing that thick fire fighter costume. It was very difficult for him. When he noticed that I only had to wear thin clothes, he got jealous. He said, ‘You’ll know how I feel when you go to Guangzhou!’ I had to do three weeks of outdoor location shooting in Guangzhou. The weather is freezing and the many cups of ginger tea did not make me any warmer. Now it’s my turn to envy Sean for wearing such thick clothes! Every dog has his day.”

Inferno 3D is scheduled for an October 2013 release in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Singapore.

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Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Haha…I know right? LOL OK, I will be lining up behind you. ;0)

  1. Woah, what has Natalie been doing behind the scenes? Haven’t heard of her since Bullet Brain and now she’s onto films with big names. Is she still with TVB?

    1. That’s what I was thinking too. Usually, don’t they start w/equally unfamous ppl from TV world i/o of the big names when they do get a step into films? Hummm, perhaps she’s got some good connections.

    2. Shrimpboat,
      In the video clip, Louis Koo mentioned that he chose Natalie Tong as his costar in “Inferno 3D”. He was watching her perform in a TV series and noticed that she fit the role due to her dramatic style of acting.

    3. Shrimpboat,
      Angelica Lee is the female lead in “Inferno 3D”. Since it’s a firefighter film, the action scenes will take up most of the running time. Natalie’s screentime will likely be small, to add dimension to the love angle only.

      1. Thank you Jayne! I only read the article and did not watch the clip. That’s very wonderful of Louis.

        Small or not, she still made it onto the news for her scene with Louis. Hopefully she’ll shine in this role and be given more opportunities!

  2. hmm.. natalie tong’s fat arms, looks like them belonging to washing ladies/aunties in the olden days when washing machine was not invented

    1. It’s exactly because of people like you who thinks everyone is too fat unless they are anorexic, girls in HK are looking more unhealthy than the zombies in The Walking Dead (and almost as unattractive).

      1. Agree with you! I can’t stand seeing people being too thin. The ideal should be healthy fitness.

    2. Are you serious?? Her arm is pressed against her body, naturally it will look bigger. Even so, her right arm doesn’t even look big in the above photo.

      Hippo: Agree with you. I actually want Natalie to gain some weight since she looks too skinny. Same with other actresses. I think being way underweight makes them look older. Good think Natalie still looks her age.

    3. I’m sure her arms can’t compare to your skeletal body.

    4. maybe okay in hong kong but if were to work in japan, then it’s considered flabby and i agree else rosamund kwan wouldn’t seek help at marie france bodyline, not only for her hips and tummy but arms also

  3. Natalie is very attractive in this scene. She looks like a movies star. I think there will have more movies producer looking for her after watching this film.

  4. Wow, bet many girls willing to die for the same chance to kiss Louis!! LOL

  5. So glad Natalie is in this movie.
    So lucky to be kissing Louis non-stop….lol…

  6. why does louis eyes look so small and his face look so tite? i remember he looked better in da sequel where he was paired wif ada choi. wat happen? dd he get botox??? sumhow sean lau looks better in tge clip cuz at least he looks more natural

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