Isabella Leong Makes Comeback in Sylvia Chang’s “Nian Nian”

Isabella Leong (梁洛施) officially announced her comeback this week and is set to star in famed director Sylvia Chang (張艾嘉)’s upcoming movie Nian Nian <念念>.

The former EEG artist first stepped foot into the entertainment industry when she just 12 years old. At 15, Isabella debuted as a singer and released five albums. She also participated in several films, winning acclaim for her performance in 2006’s Isabella <伊莎貝拉>. In 2007, Isabella was given a supporting role in Hollywood film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. While on-set, co-star Michelle Yeoh (楊紫瓊) introduced 19-year-old Isabella to 41-year-old Richard Li (李澤楷), son of billionaire businessman Li Ka Shing (李嘉誠). Isabella and Richard quickly fell in love and began dating.

During this time, Isabella claimed that her 10-year contract with EEG was no longer enforceable and demanded release. As a response, EEG filed a lawsuit against her for breach of contract. Both parties eventually settled out of court. Isabella retreated from the limelight, but not before making one last headline: she was pregnant with Richard’s child. In 2009, Isabella gave birth to son Ethan Lee (李 長治). A set of twin boys followed the very next year. Despite the happy image projected by their family photos, Isabella and Richard announced their breakup in early 2011 and agreed to share custody of their three children.

There have been many rumors and speculation on whether Isabella will one day return to the industry. Although her spokesperson repeatedly denied any intent to return to the big screen, Isabella is still passionate about acting and has been waiting for the right time and the right script.

On September 3, Isabella attended the Taiwan press conference for upcoming film Nian Nian. Directed by Sylvia Chang, the film stars Isabella as an artist who is insecure about her own talent, Lawrence Ko (柯宇綸) as a tour guide who works hard to make ends meet, and Joseph Chang (張 孝全) as a struggling boxer who can only sit and watch from the sidelines. The story will revolve around the lives of these three young people and how one event changes their lives forever. The film will begin principle photography this month and is set to be released next year.

To prepare for her comeback, Isabella has moved to Taiwan to better understand the locals’ way of living. She is also studying drawing and working hard to lose weight. Isabella expressed excitement over her new project, saying that she quickly accepted the offer because of its director, cast, and great script. When asked to describe how she feels about her comeback, Isabella was at a loss for words, saying simply “Very happy”. Since Isabella will be busy filming over the next few months, her mother and her former love Richard will take turns caring for her children.

Speaking about Isabella, director Chang feels that they are destined to work with each other. When asked about Isabella’s salary, Sylvia said that the price is reasonable for the type of film they are making. She also added words of encouragement for her 25-year-old star. “Her past is of no importance. What matters is her future. She is a good mother who loves her children, and she also loves films. It takes courage to step out [to the public] once again.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Love Sylvia Chang! Don’t remember much of Isabella’s work ..

  2. WOW, Michelle Yeoh was the matchmaking for this successful golddigging? who knew? haha LOL
    19 yo to a 41 yo ugly dude who is old enough to be her father. Wow, just wow…

    1. Are you lamenting and grumbling on Richard Li for not choosing you instead?
      Hahahaha, fat chance.

      Isabella definitely has got something you don’t. And Michelle Yeoh being the matchmaker is old story, you are certainly slow on news, and not in the loop…

      1. sure, jealous over a gold digger and an ugly rich dude.
        your parents sure raised you well…. haha

      2. hahaha, windy, your reply reinforces that you are jealous over Isabella (your gold digger)and Richard Li (your ugly rich dude).

        Your mother father sure know how to bring up a spoilt kid like you who cant stand other people’s good fortune.

      3. sophia,
        she is probably looking up to golddigging since she’s idoling her so called ‘ GOOD FORTUNE ‘ haha… most pp n parents should be ashamed but she takes it as someone is jealous just b/c i pointed out she is an obvious gold digger. haha let it be, you can’t change the way people feel. It’s a good thing to know since that’s how the world balances out, most prefer to be hardworking to the top i/o golddigging to the top.

    2. @@@@windy,
      I guess she is more obvious being a golddigger since she was so young and the dude was so old, homely and a father figure but alot of showbiz women are, some are just less obvious.

      @@@@22 years,
      I guess you are hoping for your fat chance some day soon huh?

  3. I think can’t blame her alone for being a gold digger. Both are adults and willing parties. If not mistaken, she has a tough childhood with a gambler of a mother who exploited her for her own selfish gains. Without a proper and normal upbringing what else can she do to get out of her mother’s clutches? Just like Gigi Lai who has to stop school to come out to act at 15 to help her family, hence you can’t really blame her for marrying a wealthy handicapped hubby since he can provide for her a stability which she never had as a child. Sometimes before we start putting labels and judging others please spare a thought on their past

    1. Gigi Lai prob married her handicapped husband partly because of her brother. We all know how much she loves her younger bro. In a way,I do admire how she loves and takes care of her bro selflessly ( perhaps from the news and impression that i get). Just a pity that she didn’t marry someone who she truly loves. But I could be wrong, maybe gigi does love her husband 🙂

      1. I also feel Gigi Lai’s marriage is partly due to her brother. But I’m sure that even though she may not have loved her husband passionately before making the decision to marry him, there is still some feelings towards him in order for her to commit herself. And after all these while, I think those feelings would grow especially if her husband is caring towards her, her children and her family.
        Ultimately, those are the qualities a woman requires (in addition to the financial stability). Only those immature ones would go for handsome looks as the main criteria.

      2. Doh I was naive to think that Gigi actually married her husband for love. I thought I read somewhere that they had dated for a long time?

    2. @Nigel – true. We’re not walking in their shoes so we shouldn’t be so judgemental on the choices they made or have to make.
      At 19 years old, maybe she believed in happy ever after and thought the old man would love her truly, not dump her after getting his heirs.

    1. In olden days, they believe that the older partner will ‘suck’ the youth and vitality of a younger person (esp. a virgin). That’s why we hear of old geezers wanting to ‘buy’ little virgins and poor family selling their child 🙁
      Anyway, maybe the photo was taken at the wrong angle/time when Isabella is especially tired or just had a restless night.

  4. So happy for her to be back! She is still soo young, she has alot of years ahead of her to progress in her career!

  5. Isabella has matured, more womanly now. hmmm, definitely my kind of woman, yeah.

    Does that mean i have same taste as Richard LI, hahaha

  6. I also can’t believe she is only 25. She’s had such a complicated life already! I hope that her future will be bright and successful.

  7. I always thought she was one of the younger idols with acting talent until the whole baby-maching debacle. Curious to see where she goes from here.

  8. Sugar Daddy probably gave an ultimatum, “Get to work or I’ll stop alimony and child support $”

  9. While I’m very glad for her comeback,
    This thread is full of BS comments

  10. That’s what happens when your churning out babies every so often. I find these comments

  11. Talking about Sylvia Chang, I was watching this very old movie, Red Chamber? Anyway she was so young and pretty, there was Michelle Yim who I swear looks EXACTLY the same, except more mustache shadow back then and darker and one more I was sorta confused for a while; one look I thought Cecilia Cheung? It was a very very young Bridgitte Lin who looks EXACTLY like Cecilia Cheung. Now I see why people say they resemble one another.

    1. I have this disk. 😀

      Sylvia Chang – Lin Dai Yu
      Michelle Yim – Xue Bao Cai
      Bridgette Lin – Jia Bao Yu

      Bridgette Lin always get casted as a crossdresser or a guy.

      1. It is so funny because I always thought Bridgette Lin as a very very beautiful woman, much more than Sylvia and yet there she was, as a he. Really does look like Cecilia Cheung when she first acted.

  12. I do not believe she is a gold digger, I bet she had serious issues concerning father absence. One thing is noticeable: kids growing in a family without father guidance tend to lead a life where marriage does not seem to be so imperative, some tend to have other more “alternative” desires on that matter. I see her as a sensitive person longing for some sort of integration, imagine that after many lacking years someone come to secure her and to be loved by her. But of course life showed the reality.

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