Joe Chen, Huang Xiaoming’s “Breaking the Waves” to Open in Theaters in June

After starring in several record-breaking Taiwanese idol dramas, Joe Chen (陳喬恩) is transitioning to films. In 2010, she was cast in the romantic comedy film Breaking the Waves <激浪青春>, directed by Patrick Leung (梁柏堅) and produced by John Woo (吳宇森). The youthful film, which also featured a special appearance by Huang Xiaoming(黄晓明), was Joe’s feature film debut. Breaking the Waves was originally set to open in mainland China on December 3, 2010, but due to reasons that were never clarified by producers and distributors, the premiere date was canceled.
It was finally announced earlier this week that Breaking the Waves will premiere in Chinese cinemas in June 2014, after four years of being left in the air. Promoting the film as “2014’s first romance film”, two character posters were unveiled this week– Joe as the rowboat champion Ruan Xiaoyue, and Huang Xiaoming as He Tianhua, Xiaoyue’s dragon boat trainer boyfriend. The supporting cast includes Huang Xuan (黄轩), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Dong Xuan (董璇), Shao Bing (邵兵), Yu Xiaowei (于小伟), and Xie Jingjing (谢晶晶).
Breaking the Waves is described as a youthful, light-hearted, and romantic story about Xiaoyue, a fiery and irritable dragon boat trainer who learns patience from her sunny boyfriend, Tianhua.  With dragon boat racing as its theme, the movie is a perfect movie to kick start the hot summer.
“Breaking the Waves” Trailer
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  1. Wow. I remember this was filmed 4 years ago. I’m looking forward to this for Joe Chen.. though I’m not too interested in the plot itself.

    1. You should never watch any series or movie just for the cast only. You usually get disappointed if you do.

      1. Well, I don’t hold any hopes for the movie. I’m just merely watching it because Joe Chen is my favorite celebrity. I feel the need to watch every movie/drama she’s in.

      2. Regardless of how much I like any artist, I will not watch a series or movie that I know for sure will be a flop. But I guess a movie is a lot shorter and easier to swallow than a whole long series.

    2. Yeah I’m wondering too..This supposed to be QE first ever film debut! But better late then not at all!

      The trailer looks promising.. I like the youthful, sporty, fighting spirit. And HXM-QE chemistry looks sizzling.. At least before we wait for their drama “Cruel Romance”

  2. Personally I am more looking forward to seeing Eddie Peng’s “Breaking the Wind”.

    1. I was thinking of something else when you said Breaking the Wind.

    2. I hope Eddie Peng could pairing with QE in somewhat good movie!

    1. Themes with depth and philosophy are usually ‘boring’ to those who expect action or 3D.

  3. me too i think this one will super boring that pic
    when i just looked at it before it looks so weird
    and don’t even know what they’re doing anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………………….LOL

  4. WOW I’m looking forward for this movie for a long long time!!

    Qiao En looks cool in sweating sporty outfit.. And looking forward to her and Xiao Ming chemistry

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